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  1. MSR

    Iraq, The most sucessful war in US history!

    If one looks at the statistics how can anyone label the Iraq operation anything but a success? If you look at other operations of similar size and scope the Iraq operation still is the most successful operation of its kind in history. A few examples as compared to the Liberation of Italy during...
  2. MSR

    Election Results - Comments

    Thought it would be interesting to talk about the returns.
  3. MSR

    Put the War in Prospective.

    I thought it might be interesting to ask ourselves the question of how bad things are really going in Iraq. I have attached a file that shows the death rates for homicides in major US cities. Take a look at New York and Chicago. The argument that Iraq is a mess doesn't really hold water...
  4. MSR

    Forged documents...Lies... CBS is doing it again!!!

    Using forged documents to wrongly accuse George W should not surprise anyone.... CBS has done this type of smear before: January 1982. When CBS dedicated an entire news special called “Uncounted Enemy; A Vietnam Deception. The program was based on information that had been found to be baseless...
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