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  1. Trippy Trekker

    Down goes Cocky McGregor; Poirier wins Rubber Match

    Bravo to Team Poirier! Win came via TKO when a doctor stopped the fight immediately at the conclusion of the 1st five minute round. McGregor's left ankle snapped, as in a serious fracture where McGregor immediately fell back on his ass, writhing in pain, covered his head for the inevitable...
  2. Trippy Trekker

    Corn Beef & Pastrami sandwich

    No place, IMO, better than a NYC Jewish deli to eat a corn beef & pastrami sandwich! I loved the main Carnegie Deli in Manhattan.... and didn't mind waiting in line! It closed about 5 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnegie_Deli Yesterday, my buddy Steve took off from a flat near...
  3. Trippy Trekker

    Let's revisit a prior thread about the prospect of ProTrump violence in DC on 1/6/21

    https://debatepolitics.com/threads/do-you-expect-protrump-violence-in-dc-on-jan-6.434584/#post-1073235514 @tacomancer posed a question and poll thread on Thursday, 12/30/2020. Not many of us participated. Duly note, two of us, me and @Checkerboard Strangler, anticipated the prospect of today's...
  4. Trippy Trekker

    Historically, as Presidential Political Races go relative to Fraud, how do you rate Trump v. Biden?

    Historically, as Presidential Political Races go relative to Fraud, how do you rate Trump v. Biden? Choices: 1. Worst case ever! 2. Almost as Bad as Bush v. Gore. 3. Fake News! 4. Other. Discuss if you want. I consider Bush v. Gore the worst in my lifetime. IMO, the process produced less...
  5. Trippy Trekker

    If the Presidential candidate you voted for lost, how long did it take you to congratulate the winner in 2016 or 2020?

    As an avid Anti-Trumper, in 2016, I congratulated Team Trump in at least two posts the day after the election. I congratulated Team Trump again two days after the election.
  6. Trippy Trekker

    Coming soon! TSG near You!

    This afternoon heading from my home to Clearwater Beach, I found myself driving in a 'Stop the Steal' Trump Motorcade. I immediately put my windows down and blasted my favorite FDT song (featuring the late Nipsey). When I parked, I hastily retrieved a Biden/Harris sign from my trunk. I shouted...
  7. Trippy Trekker

    Sam Alito Delivers Grievance-Laden, Ultra-Partisan Speech to the Federalist Society

    The Federalist Society and partisanship go hand-in-hand. Justice Sam Alito feels very secure in his job, too secure in my mind! He recklessly abandoned the Judicial Code of Ethics when addressing the Federalist Society...
  8. Trippy Trekker

    Trump woos Anti-LeBron James Voters; Crowd chants "LeBron James sucks!"

    Trump, a self-proclaimed stable genius, revved up a PA crowd by berating LeBron James. Yo Black Folk, Li'l Wayne came out in support of Trump! "Shut up and dribble" LeBron. Black NBA players, particularly popular players, needs to know their place in society. I can understand how this might...
  9. Trippy Trekker

    Yo Trumpers, what kind of odds would it take for you to make a bet Trump wins re-election?

    In the waning days of the 2016 General Election, oddsmakers, across the board, placed Trump as a HUGE Underdog. On average, $100 bet on Trump earned you $450; $900 bet on Hillary would have earned you $200 if she won. This time around, oddsmakers still place Trump as an Underdog, just not...
  10. Trippy Trekker

    For Trump to win, his campaign manager thinks he has to carry a state where he’s down 7 points

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/10/16/trump-win-his-campaign-manager-thinks-he-has-carry-state-where-hes-down-7-points/ All paths besides a Rigged USSC to Trump winning re-election continue to chart increasingly unlikely. This bodes well for the Anti-Trumper Movement! Can you...
  11. Trippy Trekker

    Trump calls Kamala Harris a Monster

    After the Harris v. Pence debate, King Chump, spiraling downward, referred to Senator Harris as a Monster. I understand King Chump's fear! My advice to Senator Harris: Wear that pejorative like a Crown Jewel! Viva the Anti-Trumper Movement! Feel our momentum! Smile with me.... and submit a...
  12. Trippy Trekker

    Jaime Harrison mops the floor with Lindsey Graham - South Carolina Debate

    The debate ran almost an hour. I watched a replay this morning. Graham spent much of the debate detouring away from questions to warn about impending doom if DEMs take over the House, Senate and White House. At the conclusion of the replay, I asked my wife to make a $100 donation to Harrison's...
  13. Trippy Trekker

    Take the 2020 Electoral College Interactive Map Challenge

    Some Basic Information: In 2016 Trump won 30 states; Hillary won 20, plus DC. Two states allow for an EV split- NE and ME. Trump took all 5 in NE and Hillary took 3 out of 4 in ME. Our courts sorted out the 7 Faithless Electors who tried to break their pledge...
  14. Trippy Trekker

    Hoping the VEEP debate comes off as scheduled: Wednesday, Oct. 7, 9 pm (ET)

    https://www.marieclaire.com/politics/a33584594/2020-vice-presidential-debate-news-dates/ Besides familiarity with Pence, Buttigieg brings a very high degree of skill and intelligence to any debate setting. IMO, he often shined in the primary debates. Unless either Pence or Harris...
  15. Trippy Trekker

    Report: Florida Dems Allege ‘Toxic’ Work Environment, Worry Team Biden ‘Suppressing’ Hispanic Vote

    Report: Florida Dems Allege ‘Toxic’ Work Environment, Worry Team Biden ‘Suppressing’ Hispanic Vote | News Break In 2016, my father bulled me into volunteering for the Hillary Campaign in Pinellas County, Florida. College age staff from out-of-state commandeered the office. It sucked! Like I...
  16. Trippy Trekker

    NASCAR's Bubba Wallace hits back at Trump, calls out "HATE from the POTUS"

    Yay! Right on! Way to hit back! Bubba Wallace's response schooled Trump.... and inspired me! Let Love reign Supreme. NASCAR's Bubba Wallace hits back at Trump, calls out "HATE from the POTUS" - CBS News Maybe Don Jr, Eric and Bubba could arrange some kind of charity-focused grudge match in a...
  17. Trippy Trekker

    Trump was briefed on Russian bounties earlier than thought, reports say

    Trump was briefed on Russian bounties earlier than thought Who believes Kayleigh McEnany?
  18. Trippy Trekker

    Trump’s Re-Election Hopes Grow Shaky With Biden Gains

    Uh oh Trumpers! Biden continues to gain on Trump! Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Check out an Interactive Map. Generate your own predictions. Viva the Anti-Trumper Movement! 2020 Presidential Election Interactive Map
  19. Trippy Trekker

    Attempt at a 'Citizen's Arrest' in Georgia by 3 White Vigilantes results in death for 1 Black Man

    On the left, the two white vigilante killers of Ahmaud Arbery. They still remain free. VIGILANTE KILLERS OF BLACK MAN IN GEORGIA ARE FREE BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE | Black Star News Mom of Ahmaud Arbery says he was chased and shot to death while jogging: "An arrest should have been made" - CBS...
  20. Trippy Trekker

    A State Senator Wore A Mask That Looked Like A Confederate Flag. He Said He "Did Not Intend To Offen

    A State Senator Wore A Mask That Looked Like A Confederate Flag. He Said He "Did Not Intend To Offen Michigan State Senator Apologizes For Mask Resembling Confederate Flag Some thoughts and a further explanation from State Senator Zorn's wife would interest me! Dale Zorn - Wikipedia
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