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    CNN: "The songs are good; the irony is incredible!"

    CNN went over the playlist for Donald J. Trump's recent political rally in Charlotte, NC and it's pretty funny. The commentators touched on a few interesting tidbits from each song pointing out things most people would overlook. When you hear their analysis (partisan or not), it is rather...
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    Supreme Court wrestles the question of tribal power during arrests

    An interesting case is before the Supreme Court concerning policing powers of Native American LE over non-Indians who are detained on tribal lands. For me, the decision is an easy one. If you're travelling through Indian territory even in a state and you've violated the law OR you're suspected...
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    Former MNPD Derek Chauvin goes on trial, charged with murder of George Floyd

    The question: What caused George Floyd's death on May 25, 2020? Was it the continued pressure upon his neck by MNPD Chauvin or was it George Floyd pre-existing medical conditions along with traces of fentanyl and methamphetamine in Floyd's system? Typically, law enforcement turn to drug usage...
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    No Reverse Loyalty from Trump...Go Figure

    Seems while Donald Trump demands loyalty from Republicans to back him, he's unwilling to commit not to attack any Republicans or support a primary challenger to a Republican incumbent for the 2022 midterms or in 2024. Rep McCarthy had this to say about it: Source: TheHill.com In short, he...
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    The most Beautiful Democrat Female in Congress is...?

    Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL, 2nd Dist). I found her purely by accident. While looking for another Democrat member of Congress whom I believe has retired, I came across images of Democrat members of Congress from both the House and Senate. Figuring it was quicker and easier to scroll through the...
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    Should the U.S. military ever be used as a police force?

    In light of the riots, vandalism and looting that has taken place throughout the country as a result of what have otherwise been peaceful protests for racial justice and equality, do you believe the U.S. Armed Forces should ever be used a police force to half violence in the streets? (Keep in...
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    Dow wipes out gains under Trump’s presidency

    From the linked CNBC.com article: *The Dow’s drop pushed the 30-stock index below the level where it closed on Jan. 19, 2017, the day before Trump took office. *The sell-off may prove a tough blow to Trump, who has used the Dow as a proxy for the success of his economic agenda. *Trump tweeted...
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    George Zimmerman sues Martin Family for $100 MILLION

    Why, dude, why? Why can't you just leave well-enough alone and go off into that good night? You won! You beat the wrap. Take your freedom and do something good with your life, but no. Every time you think the George Zimmerman story is done, he pops back up with something that makes you...
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    The Clock Tower at Trump International Hotel is STILL open for tourism

    Despite federal museums and national parks being closed during this government shutdown, the federally owned building that houses the Trump International Hotel remains open - for tourism that is. Source: https://apnews.com/a92b044703354064a34217492c5a0923 All I can say is, "Things that make...
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    When will Jim Acosta/CNN be allowed to ask WH/POTUS question(s) at press conference?

    In light of the new rules put in place by the White House governing press conferences, how long do you think it will take before Jim Acosta/CNN to ask another question?
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    Does the Mueller Russia Report ever gets released to the public?

    Given what these high ranking, influential members of the Senate have said concerning their support for the Mueller investigation continuing until its conclusion, do you think the Russia investigative report will ever see the light of day in the public square even if the bill to protect Mueller...
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    Team Trump dusts off race-trigger ad of old

    In an effort to increase GOP voter enthusiasm and sway voter attention away from...well, everything else except illegal immigration...Pres. Trump puts his stamp of approval on a political ad featuring Luis Bracamontes, a cop-killing illegal alien from Mexico. In the ad featured on Pres. Trump's...
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    The Pros and Cons of 3 Anti-Trump Books and 1 Scathing NYT Op-Ed

    "Fire and Fury", "Unhinged", ""Fear" and anonymous author of the NYT Op-Ed yesterday has both pros and cons depending on one's point of view. If you're a Trump supporter, none of what's been said negatively about him will change your opinion of him or how he operates. All these stories do is...
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    Back-channel Communications: The Common Threads between The Trump Four

    The more information that comes out of Mueller probe on Russian meddling and/or collusion in the 2016 presidential election, the more Pres. Trump and members from his Administration try to convince the American citizens that no one from his campaign actively colluded with Russian government...
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    Trump required staff to sign nondisclosure agreements that last past his presidency

    The word "unprecedented" has been used alot since Donald J. Trump, Sr. became POTUS but this truly meets the definition. According to theHill.com as reported by MSN.com, Pres. Trump has had his staff sign non-disclosure agreements that extend past his presidency with penalties that allegedly...
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    Was the right to bear arms originally meant to be an individual right or a collective right?

    Did our Founding Fathers intend for "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" to be an individual right or a collective right? The courts moved back and forth on this issue until 2008. Exhibit A: DC vs Heller, 6/26/2008 However, Alexander Hamilton had a completely different take on the...
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    When the stock market falls and loses value, does the (U.S.) economy actually lose money?

    A few days ago, I had an interesting discussion with some friends about the stock market and the economy when the question was asked: Thoughts?
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    When the stock market loses its value, does the (U.S.) economy actually lose money?

    A few days ago, I had an interesting discussion with some friends about the stock market and the economy when the question was asked: Thoughts?
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    Protection Bureau battle with Trump administration heads to court

    I heard about this over the weekend. Apparently the Dir., CFPB has resigned and has assigned an Acting Dir. in his place. However, Pres. Trump wants to appoint his own Director for the Bureau. That's fine, except Trump doesn't like the fact that an Acting Dir is currently serving. According...
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    How Trump both stokes and obscures his supporters’ racial resentment

    Only those who are complete Trump loyalest won't acknowledge his actions as true, but Pres. Trump's every action has been to 1) undermine or eliminate everything his Black predecessor did; and 2) cater to his predominately angry White rural conservative anti-government base. Source...
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