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    Immigrants speaking English: Why do you care, anyway?

    Why do people care so much if an immigrant is speaking English or their native language? I hear people piss and moan all the time about having to "press 1 for English", for example, as though they are somehow victimized by having to press a button. What the **** difference does it make to you...
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    Observation about Obamacare

    After looking at this thread: http://www.debatepolitics.com/off-topic-discussion/175028-sense-does-make.html I decided to check to see what a 25 year old male smoker in Illinois would pay for the same Health Insurance coverage I had when I was a self-employed 25 year old smoker back in 2002 and...
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    DP fantasy football league 2013

    Open to all, 9 slots remaining.
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    SSM and the Full Faith and Credit Clause

    With parts of DOMA recently being struck down, I'm curious as to what people think about section 2: Defense of Marriage Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia To me, this seems to be in violation of the full Faith and Credit Clause of the US constitution Full Faith and Credit Clause -...
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    1985: the year of the sack artist.

    In an effort to help lessen my NFL withdrawal symptoms, I started looking up some career statistics in various football categories, when I noticed something that was very surprising to me: The top four career sack leaders all started playing in the NFL in 1985. Now, since stats didn't become...
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    Is it a good thing to be oblivious of racial stereotypes?

    I was reading through this thread: http://www.debatepolitics.com/off-topic-discussion/161456-okay-somebody-needs-ask-no-offence-intended.html and it occurred to me that many people are actually oblivious to some racial stereotypes which exist in this country and are often used to disparage...
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    "Criminal Immigrant" instead of "Illegal Immigrant"?

    An interesting idea occurred to me. The argument against the term "illegal immigrant" that has the most merit is that it is grammatically incorrect. I know that some people disagree, but their disagreement is irrelvent to this thread (so I am asking people to please refrain from ****ing up this...
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    Lack of diversity in NFL coaching choices, or lack of african-americans?

    I keep seeing stories like this one: NFL looking to expand Rooney Rule after 'lack of diversity' in head coaching, GM hirings - Yahoo! Sports lamenting the lack of "diversity" in the NFL coaching hires this season, but one thing struck me as odd: "The NFL plans to expand the league's Rooney...
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    Something doesn't add up about Paul Ryan.

    He voted for the bailouts of the auto industry (SOCIALISM!!!!!) and he voted for the $700 billion bailouts of the banks (SOCIALISM!!!!!), so why the hell are people calling him a fiscal conservative? Can someone explain this one to me, because it just doesn't make any ****ing sense. Thanks.
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    DP Fantasy Football league

    I set up the league. It's yahoo again. The league ID is 232681 The Password is: debatepolitics
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    Big ben to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth II

    Story here UPDATE 1-London's Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower | Reuters The reason I post it is because I immediately thought "Was that so that they could save time by calling all of their big useless relics from a past era of greatness that have become iconic by simple virtue of being...
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    Ask me about asking questions!

    This is in response to Medusa's response to Jetboogieman's response to Winston's response to the Texas Secession thread. Ask me anything you want to know about asking questions.
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    Progressive national sales tax idea

    I don't really know much about the national sales tax movement, but I'm curious what people think about the idea of a progressive national sales tax. Basically, the tax rate for an item would be based on a combination of the price and "luxury-level" of the item. For example, a Ferrari, being...
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    Bears Trade two 3rd round picks for Brandon Marshall

    NFL.com news: Dolphins shipping WR Marshall to Bears in blockbuster trade Is it wrong that I'm almost as happy as I was when my son was born?
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    Which pending deal are you more interested in?

    The one that ends the NFL lockout or the one that fixes the debt ceiling stuff and why? Personally, I'm more excited about the NFL lockout being over because I think a global economic collapse would be slightly less of a disaster than a year without the NFL. I'm also just sick to death of the...
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    Glitchy thread

    http://www.debatepolitics.com/general-political-discussion/94161-pushing-gay-agenda-schools-33.html#post1059359113 For some reason, this thread is being glitchy and not showing the most recent posts for me.
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    "I shouldn't have to ask"

    This is something that seems to come up in almost every relationship I know. The woman wants the man to do something but doesn't ask. When he fails to do it, she gets mad at him and he'll inevitably say "If you wanted me to do it all you had to do was ask" to which she will respond: "I...
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    Article sums up US politics nicely

    Report: It Going To Take Way More Than An Inconceivable Act Of Violence For Country To Rise Above Politics | The Onion - America's Finest News Source From the article: Sadly, I find the fake news to be more intelligent and accurate than the real news these days.
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