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    What is a minimum wage for, if not a living wage?

    So, I often hear on these forums that a minimum wage was "never meant to be" a "living wage." (living wage always in scare quotes) It's not "supposed to be" able to support yourself. But I never really hear an answer to... what the **** is it for? If not a living wage, why do we have it at all?
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    Alabama police: Nearly two dozen shots fired into Democratic state senator's home

    https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/561387-alabama-police-nearly-two-dozen-shots-fired-into-democratic-state A bettin man would put his money on right wing terrorists.
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    Cop covers porch camera

    Should be instant termination and criminal charges of obstruction of justice, shows clear premeditation and intent to destroy evidence of whatever interaction he is about to engage in. Even if it ends up being a completely routine interaction with a citizen with no arrest or charges filed, this...
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    Proposed gun control law

    I read someone's idea for gun control. You have to stand in line, and there's only one place in your county you are allowed to buy them. You have to have a photo ID from a specific list, many government-issued photo IDs will not be eligible. This list may, in fact, be carefully targeted...
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    Panic buttons sabotaged before capitol attack?

    https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/01/13/nation/it-was-like-looking-evil-capitol-attack-through-eyes-massachusetts-delegation/ This speaks to premeditation and someone on the inside assisting in the coup attempt. There's absolutely no plausible explanation for removing every panic button from a...
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    Crossposting an anonymous story

    From a social media site with a throwaway account, using the "Confession Bear" meme. Not my story, but I thought it's worth talking about. In short, this person thinks their father committed a sort of soft suicide by not taking their medication, so they would die in a way that doesn't burden...
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    PSA: Elections have never been decided on election night

    It has never worked this way. Counting ballots has always taken weeks. Certification has always taken weeks. “Americans should know the results on election night” is an invalid argument. Elections are called on election night *by the media* Another PSA: Mail-in ballots cannot flip an election.
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    Exclusive: Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine as Rudy Giuliani Dug for Dirt There Last Year

    https://time.com/5902557/hunter-biden-rudy-giuliani-ukraine/ Shocker of shockers, Rudy lied about the source of all this. He went to Ukraine looking for dirt, and found people willing to invent some for him.
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    Republicans trying to prove election fraud is real by committing it?

    https://www.ocregister.com/2020/10/11/unofficial-ballot-drop-boxes-popping-up-throughout-the-state-worry-elections-officials/ I seriously do not understand what they're going for here. They claim it's legal because it's "ballot harvesting," which is legal in California. Except to make the vote...
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    Continuing with contact sports is untenable

    Penn State football: Team doctor says about a third of COVID-19-positive Big Ten athletes had myocarditis | Centre Daily Times PSU football doctor: 30-35 percent of COVID-19-positive Big Ten athletes had myocarditis A third of COVID cases causing heart issues. That can be a career ender for a...
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    Let's settle the "masks reduce my oxygen" nonsense right here

    reddit: the front page of the internet Short version: doctor hooked up to monitors puts on SIX SURGICAL MASKS AT ONCE. No drop in oxygen levels whatsoever.
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    Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody, Stripp

    Full title: Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody, Stripped Of Police Powers Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody, Stripped Of Police Powers – CBS Chicago This is what happens to...
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    Antimaskers are worse than antivaxxers

    I've remarked several times on these forums equating antimaskers to antivaxxers. We have forums poster apdst to thank for this, as he's the one who introduced me to the term "antimasker." Made the connection easy. But thinking over it some more, I've realized I was wrong. Antimaskers are...
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    Are conservatives really against vote-by-mail in a pandemic?

    Trump's opinion on the matter is obvious. He's happy to screech a bunch of nonsense all over twitter about it, but that's not what this thread is about. I'm wondering how much of it they are buying. The primaries recently have highlighted severe problems with in-person voting during a pandemic...
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    Trevor Noah panel on police reform

    There's a broad spread of ideas people have about what exactly "defund the police" actually means. Trevor Noah held a panel discussing the subject I think a lot of people could stand to listen to. It will perhaps give a better idea of where the starting point of this discussion actually is. Try...
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    Imagine being this clueless about a band you like

    So, yesterday a guy made a tweet aimed at the band Rage Against the Machine. It has since been deleted due to the volume of ridicule received. It took 25 years but this guy finally decided to identify with The Machine. I just have to ask: Did he think "**** YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME" was...
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    57 Buffalo officers resign from Emergency Response Team after two cops suspended

    57 Buffalo officers resign from Emergency Response Team after two cops suspended | TheHill Every last cop on that squad resigned. (from the squad, not the police force) They didn't resign in outrage over the treatment of that old man. They resigned because those two ****head cops got...
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    "Black on black crime" marching orders

    So the right wing spin is in. Fox News started talking about black on black crime statistics, and now every single right winger is parroting the narrative. "X% of blacks are killed by other blacks! How come this doesn't spark outrage?" So, here's some education for conservatives: The part...
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    Why so little outrage at police brutality and escalation?

    My city is on fire, and the police are fanning the flames. They're shooting tear gas and pepper spray at peaceful protestors. They're targeting journalists with rubber bullets. People on their own front steps get fired upon. NYPD is on video aggressively barreling through protestors with a car...
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    Trump threatens to crack down on social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets

    Trump threatens to crack down on social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets - CNNPolitics It all started a week ago with Trump's tweet: Now, there are things here objectively wrong. 1) Trump's original tweet claimed absentee ballots were sent. It was actually ballot...
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