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  1. Abbazorkzog

    Should South-Tyrol re-join Austria ?

    Very true. This of course doesn't prevent Americans, Russians or other from extending a helping hand, which I'm sure a breakaway/secessionist/separatist movement would happily accept if provided the opportunity...
  2. Abbazorkzog

    Should South-Tyrol re-join Austria ?

    Sounds like something a Russian or American political faction would exploit for imperialist/ultra-nationalist ulterior motives, so none of the above, far-wingnut political extremists just need to leave the rest of us alone.
  3. Abbazorkzog

    The bi-partisan effort to take down Nina Turner

    You say that and then go back to frothing rabid attack dog mode: Do you always enjoy being such an acerebral frothing mad hyper-partisan political extremist, or is this just you on one of your bad days or something? Oh my god See, THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT. This is I]EXACTLY[/I]...
  4. Abbazorkzog

    The bi-partisan effort to take down Nina Turner

    Which is what makes you the extremist and hypocrite here. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. '” If it does no harm then why you frothingbigbuttmad at Nina Turner-Sanders supporters right now? Neither of which your...
  5. Abbazorkzog

    The bi-partisan effort to take down Nina Turner

    The fact that you think the centre of the country is the extreme makes you the extremist here buddy. There is the rest of the planet outside of the United States who we all look like a seething mass of racists, imperialists, warmongers and ultra-capitalist nihilists too. It is important to think...
  6. Abbazorkzog

    The bi-partisan effort to take down Nina Turner

    So I guess Ohioans can go **** themselves then I guess, since the polls showed a 35-point lead for Turner before the Clintons and right-wing corporate carpetbaggers got involved: From THE PEOPLE OF OHIO, not Clinton's mega corporations and wall street billionaire businessman power elites...
  7. Abbazorkzog

    Proud Boys and Antifa clash outside of a Koreatown spa

    I never said the Nazis were left-wing. Do try and improve your reading comprehension if we ever interact again.
  8. Abbazorkzog

    Proud Boys and Antifa clash outside of a Koreatown spa

    Oh, you sweet summer child https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism#Position_in_the_political_spectrum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_syndicalism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widerstand_(magazine) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Bolshevik_Party Nazbols are fiscally far-left...
  9. Abbazorkzog

    Blue Origin

    There are how many billionaires now? And not a single one of those lazy bastards has decided to become Batman yet...
  10. Abbazorkzog

    Proud Boys and Antifa clash outside of a Koreatown spa

    Nazism is centre-right but they're both more authoritarian than anything else, which is what matters. Furthermore, no, fascism can be left-wing too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Bolshevism Liberals and leftists are not synonyms...
  11. Abbazorkzog

    Couple charged in California fire sparked by gender reveal

    As a libertarian, I'm not usually in favor of severe legal measures to fix problems, but people are literally dying from such vapid stupidity so in this case I am totally fine with this and would actually go further. This shit has got to stop.
  12. Abbazorkzog

    Are you a liberal?

    I'd say I lean more liberal than conservative, but I wouldn't consider myself a liberal. Wouldn't be accurate to say "no," because I am liberal in certain aspects but I am not in others. I suppose I'll go with "undecided" since it is the closest to "Sort of" in the poll options that are available.
  13. Abbazorkzog

    In your opinion is Ashli Babbit a traitor or a hero?

    Mentally ill people are not always as batshit ****ing stupid as she is however
  14. Abbazorkzog

    In your opinion is Ashli Babbit a traitor or a hero?

    Neither. She was what we here in the real world like to call an "idiot"
  15. Abbazorkzog

    Biden said we’d ‘find out’ whether Putin would act on ransomware. Now we have.

    I find it hilarious that one of the waypoint markers on that Time magazine cover is pointing to Florida...
  16. Abbazorkzog

    Escape from empire: Ukraine’s post-Soviet national awakening

    https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/ukrainealert/the-azov-regiment-has-not-depoliticized/ Why do you hate Ukraine, Roge Valley?
  17. Abbazorkzog

    Putin Says U.S., Allies 'Doomed to Failure' if They Try to Test Black Sea Borders

    Wait, this guy unironically would support the Taliban over Russia? What?
  18. Abbazorkzog

    When the shit hits the fan

    Well, looks like it's going to be a UFO invasion, in which case... Boooooob the Builder, can we fix it? Boooooob the builder... Nope, WE'RE ****ED.
  19. Abbazorkzog

    Grand Old Party in the 21st. Century (Thanks for nothing)

    Wrong, the Republican Party is right-wing, not left-wing. EDIT: And that was actually their proper colors until as recently as 2000.
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