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  1. PhotonicLaceration

    Guns, Drugs, and inconsistencies.

    So, here's something that I just don't quite get. Those on the left say we need to outlaw guns. Those on the right often like the war on drugs. Funny thing is, is that so called liberals defend drugs for many of the same reasons that so called conservatives defend guns. So, what's the deal...
  2. PhotonicLaceration

    Affirmative Action

    What do you think about Affirmative Action?
  3. PhotonicLaceration

    Philosophy on the definition of life. (And Robots?)

    I'm not afraid to offend people with this post. In short, I don't think there is "life" Basically, we are made of the same elements and chemicals of everything else around us. That puts us relatively in the same space as rocks. Okay, I think that basically all forms of recognized life, and...
  4. PhotonicLaceration


    What is your position on Gun Control?
  5. PhotonicLaceration

    Media Bias, what I think.

    Fox News always takes a big hit from the Dems as being biased but I think there is something that is being missed. I think that main reason that they can usually get away with saying how biased it is all of the time, is because Fox News itself says that it is biased conservatively... In my...
  6. PhotonicLaceration

    Uh.... hi?

    Hello. I'm here to argue with you all... I'm relatively inexperienced compared to many of you who probably may or may not have much practice in arguing politics, but am here to argue with a fairly open mind, and hopefully to get my points acrossed. I'm not of any specific political party, and...
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