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    The MyPillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy

    As a lifelong coward, I very much admire Mr. L.'s courage. He obviously believes strongly that the election was rigged. So he is willing to destroy his business by continuing his campaign. Now that he has boycotted FOX, he will find few if any outlets that will accept his commercials. I...
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    Trump faces another primary test in Ohio House race

    As a proud voter for The Donald (twice), I hope that his endorsements fall flat. It is time for him to concentrate on his businesses. And on his keeping out of jail, if Dem bigwigs have their way in indicting him for something (even jaywalking). Republicans have to accept the unbelievable...
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    A little sanity from the NYT

    Thanks for posting the article. Bottom line: We are in for a lot of surprises during what remains of this year.
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    Biden Weekends In Delaware

    I know that Philly is a Dem-friendly city (to say the least), but it is probably impossible for Mr. Biden to "slip" into the city without its being noticed and reported by someone.
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    Trump vs Hillary

    I voted for the Honorable Donald J. Trump because -- as usual-- it was a matter of the lesser evil. I disliked how the Honorable Hillary Clinton pandered to a certain group (that group did NOT reward her with a huge turnout as they did for the Democratic candidate in 2008 & 2012). During the...
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    Can we talk about life before/after the smart phone?

    I am 84. I do not have a smartphone. I have noticed that many people could not live without one. I think that it's a great invention. It helps workmen do their jobs. It helps people know when their food/rideshare car is going to arrive. People use it to pay their bills (that's why snail...
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    Mount Rushmore

    The Honorable Barack Obama. Regardless of what one may think about his policies, the election of President Obama was a watershed in American history. Things have never been the same since.
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    Murder case Leonie (13): 4th Afghan asylum seeker suspect arrested in London

    I did not know that. My deepest sympathies.
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    Murder case Leonie (13): 4th Afghan asylum seeker suspect arrested in London

    Deepest sympathies to your country. Hope that Austria can quickly (and humanely, of course) either return those interlopers to their homeland or sent them on to countries that welcome immigrants. I have read that Austria, the Czech Republic, & Hungary are working hard to maintain their...
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    Should the United States Supreme Court overturn the Roe vs Wade Decision of 1973?

    No. No. No. Every woman who wants an abortion should be able to get one and the government should pay the cost. Thanks to that Court decision, there are fewer robbers, sucker punchers, looters, rapists, & murderers stalking our mean streets today.
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    America. Worse than North Korea!

    Ms. P.'s personality or credibility aside, what she has said is simply a fact. Even woke activists will proudly admit the truth of her comments. At American universities, all professors and students must be in lockstep with what is considered politically correct. For example, students should...
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    Workers Beg Joe Manchin to Save West Virginia Pharma Plant as His Daughter Walks Away with $31M

    Wouldn't it be nice if Ms. H. used some of that $31,000,000 to help the people who have lost their jobs? I guess that's not how the real world is. I can understand why some people find the idea of socialism rather inviting. When communism fell in Europe, a lot of people, I read, missed the...
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    Biden Hater's Banners That Town Called Obscene Can Stay Up, Court Rules

    A classy lady does not act in that way. If she is really that dissatisfied with Mr. Biden's policies, she should spend her time helping Republicans win Congressional elections scheduled for next year. Besides, by having his name on those posters gives him too much importance,
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    Murder case Leonie (13): 4th Afghan asylum seeker suspect arrested in London

    Being deported back to Afghanistan will be the best punishment possible (since Austria apparently does not have capital punishment).
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    Should former German Samoa become a Bundesland of the Federal Republic of Germany?

    There are millions and millions of Africans who are dead today who would be alive today if the European nations had not left so fast after World War II. The Congo & Rwanda are just two examples. The dear people in Africa needed more tutoring from their European big brothers and sisters. (You...
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    Suspect arrested in ambush killing of Alabama police officer

    It is entities like the suspect who are ironically destroying the defund movement and propelling the fund the police movement. The mayor of Washington, D.C., a hotbed of violence, is asking for MORE money & MORE cops, for example. If next year's election is honest, the Republicans may be able...
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    Biden Goes Blank Multiple Times Yesterday

    All kind people are hoping that Mr. Biden is receiving psychological and physical help with his obvious brain health issues. Anyone who has dealt with people suffering from dementia knows how heartbreaking it is. I wish Dr. Biden the best of luck in caring for him. Hopefully, he will be able...
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    Should former German Samoa become a Bundesland of the Federal Republic of Germany?

    That was the exception to the rule. The British, for example, taught their colonies about democratic procedures and brought about railroads and roads and dams, etc. They encouraged the various tribes to live together harmoniously. After the British left, the new leaders were often ghastly...
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    Biden’s motorcade is met with jeers and middle fingers at his visit to Allentown, PA

    I am very disappointed that the federal government is in the clutches of the woke Dems. But people should not be rude to Mr. Biden. They should simply ignore him. Turning out to insult him like that only shows the protesters' weakness and inability to stop him from his "progressive" agenda...
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    Trump Losing his Grip?

    I voted twice for The Donald. But I realize that he is Mr. Yesterday. The Republicans should be respectful of him but spend their time finding attractive candidates for next year's elections (which, hopefully, will be honest). Law & order -- "thanks" to the thugs who are running amok in our...
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