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  1. LimeLight

    Demonstrators in Algeria Demand Democratic Reform.

    Algerian Riot Police Break Up Protest It would seem as if a chain reaction has been set off.
  2. LimeLight

    Are Christian Conservatives becoming Progressive?

    Due to recent events such as the New York Mosque, Tennessee Mosque, and the Koran burnings, do you believe that certain Christian based Conservatives seek to purge Islam from the U.S. in an attempt to progress towards a better society? Do you feel that these people are stepping away from their...
  3. LimeLight

    Tensions Continue to Rise in North and South Korea.

    Dozens of North Korean land mines wash ashore in South Korea, killing one man and injuring another US official in charge of sanctions meets with South Koreans to discuss penalties against North Korea I don't know if the landmines are linked to the joint military defense training last week, but...
  4. LimeLight

    The Daily Caller Acquires Keith Olbermann

    The Daily Caller Acquires Keith Olbermann This is actually very funny and I'm surprised a thread hasn't been started as of yet. I think this could be considered as bias. What are your thoughts?
  5. LimeLight

    Struttin that ass

    According to this man Clinton couldn't walk to Gunter 38 miles while 'struttin that ass', and neither could this reporter. He makes a great point.
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