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  1. NewfieMom

    They Waited, They Worried, They Stalled. This Week, They Got the Shot.

    President Biden failed to meet his (ambitious) goal of getting 70% of the American people vaccinated against covid-19 by July 4, but a surge of interest in the vaccine this week is bringing the country closer to that 70%. "On a single day this past week, more than half a million people across...
  2. NewfieMom

    Haitian Authorities Arrest Florida-Based Doctor They Depict as Central in Moïse Murder

    Léon Charles, the Haitian National Police Chief claims that a doctor, born in Haiti, who lives in Florida is behind the assassination of the President of Haiti. "A Haitian-born doctor based in Florida has been arrested as a 'central' suspect in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, and...
  3. NewfieMom

    Live Updates: Haitian Officials Request U.S. Forces

    As was prophesied in another Debate Politics thread about Haiti, the United States may once again be about to intervene in Haitian affairs. At least, the US was just asked to intervene "to stabilize" Haiti. Under the terms of The Monroe Doctrine, this would be in keeping with US values...
  4. NewfieMom

    Live Updates: Manchin, Sinema Implore Republicans to Support Creation of Jan. 6 Commission

    Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have recently been viewed as road blocks to President Biden's most daring initiatives for the country and, therefore, as potentially closer to the Republican Party than to the Democratic Party. It is therefore ironic that it is these two...
  5. NewfieMom

    Activists and Ex-Spy Said to Have Plotted to Discredit Trump ‘Enemies’ in Government

    Erik Prince, a close ally of Donald Trump and the brother of former Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos, recruited a former British spy, Richard Seddon, to run Project Veritas. Last year "The New York Times" reported on the actions of Project Veritas to infiltrate trade unions and Democratic...
  6. NewfieMom

    Israel Reveals New Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls

    On Tuesday (March 16) Israel revealed fragments of The Dead Sea Scrolls, the first to have been released in 60 years, from a recent archaeological dig in the Judean Desert. The linked article from "The New York Times" gives fascinating information about The Dead Sea Scrolls and where and how...
  7. NewfieMom

    Ronny Jackson Reported Problematic As White House Physician

    The Department of Defense Inspector General found numerous problems with the conduct of Dr. Ronny Jackson, now a Republican member of Congress from Texas, when he served as White House Physician. (He is the one who gave Trump the glowing report after conducting a physical, reporting Trump to be...
  8. NewfieMom

    Just For Fun

    Sometimes one receives an e-mail with something that is just fun. I thought this was fun and wanted to share it. I thought of @nota bene, actually, because she is one person who has e-mailed me when I throw a reference to grammar or spelling into a political or social posting. Grammar is...
  9. NewfieMom

    Polish Women Protest New Abortion Regulation

    There have been massive protests in Poland as a new law went into effect yesterday. Poland had already severely restricted abortion, but the new law prevents abortion in the case of fetal abnormalities. Polish women are very opposed to the new law. "A contentious near-total ban on abortion in...
  10. NewfieMom

    Can Trump Fire Christopher Wray?

    Can Trump get away with firing Chris Wray? We know that Joe Biden will keep him on if Trump leaves him in office. We also know that Trump would like to fire him. Does he dare? White House counsel's office warned Trump not to fire Chris Wray WASHINGTON — "President...
  11. NewfieMom

    Ann Reinking Died at 71

    The great dancer Ann Reinking has died at age 71. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/15/arts/dance/ann-reinking-appraisal.html?surface=most-popular&fellback=false&req_id=393718976&algo=bandit-all-surfaces&variant=0_bandit-all-surfaces&imp_id=476022520&action=click&module=Most%20Popular&pgtype=Homepage
  12. NewfieMom

    Improved Care Available, But Only For The Few

    While there have been repeated reports about how treatment for covid19 has greatly improved, the new treatments available to people since March and April of this year, the death rate from the disease has never been higher.. A conversation I had with a friend today revealed that he thought the...
  13. NewfieMom

    Trump's Balcony Scene is European, un-American

    A lot has been written about how Trump exposed others to covid 19 by ripping off his mask as soon as he returned to The White House. Less has been written about what a completely un-American scene he enacted by appearing on the balcony to to wave to his adoring crowds like a fascist dictator...
  14. NewfieMom

    Two Men Face Felony Charges in Michigan for Alleged Voter Suppression Calls

    Two men with a long history of what might be called "dirty tricks", but are actually crimes, now face felony charges in Michigan for making automated calls to registered voters in a largely black district that threatened them with various consequences if they voted by mail The men have been...
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