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    How was the election stolen?

    For those who have followed this issue and/or those who believe the 2020 election was stolen, has there been any overall theory advanced anywhere as to who did it and how? I have posted opinions that it would be extremely difficult, pretty labor intensive and hard to keep secret. There...
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    Well Trump did say he admired Saddam

    News today is that Trump is recorded as saying his one regret was not sending US active duty armed forces into cities where riots occurred. Apparently his people had to remind him how bad an idea that was. Holy George III, Batman! Police and national guard are not enough, you want to send our...
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    Climate skeptics conference

    A few days ago in a discussion on climate, I believe someone mentioned that there might be a climate skeptics conference, perhaps in Las Vegas ( I imagine a bad choice right now.) I have been unable to find out about it, nor the message that referenced it. Does anyone know about this and have a...
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    This outdoes anything seen yet on Debate Politics...

    ... that flatters the Donald? Top this, DP Trumpistas: https://legis.wisconsin.gov/senate/33/kapenga/news/press-releases/senator-kapenga-s-letter-to-president-trump/ https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/30/opinion/trump-letter-chris-kapenga.html The second link above has the letter annotated...
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    Question for Trump fans about his border visit

    Given that he is trying to affect policy, and for that he needs to be informed, should Trump interview some of the migrants seeking asylum and immigration advocates, as well as US immigration officials when he visits the border, much as Harris did?
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    Why would these states do this?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/28/upshot/medicaid-expansion-democrats-obamacare.html The article states that better outcomes have occurred since Medicaid expansion, and that some states have voted to expand, with legislatures and governments refusing to go along with the vote. One excuse...
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    As the GOP inches closer to the reality accepted by conservative parties around the world...

    Baby steps, but encouraging. Psst! Don't let Trump know. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/23/climate/climate-change-republicans.html
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    Lynching question

    I have read a couple of books on the topic of lynching, most recently "At the Hands of Persons Unknown" by Philip Dray, and have seen the tables of stats there and elsewhere. Tho I have gone on the website of the memorial museum in Alabama, I can't find a part of it to pose this question: while...
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    Trump agency on immigrant crime shut down

    Biden Admin dismantled the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office that Trump had set up, apparently to underscore the latter’s theme of Make America Hate Again. There is reportedly no truth to the rumor that it was modeled on Der Sturmer, which published Jewish crimes in the 1930s.
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    Top that, Nixon!

    Draining the swamp, Trumpian style. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/10/us/politics/justice-department-leaks-trump-administration.html
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    Incident last week made me proud of USA

    Driving north on 101 from Pismo Beach to Berkeley last month, i saw a crowd on an over pass just north of San Lius Obispo (SLO), waving flags American, blue striped flags, Mexican or Italian flags. Same on the next overpass, and the next. At the 5th or so of these I pulled off, drove up to the...
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    Hannity suggests census was fixed

    Just heard Sean complaining about a fix in the census. Just how skilled are the nefarious actors who managed to fix the 2016 popular vote, the 2020 election, and now the census? Is it the same over achievers doing all of this?
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    I saw this today and wept

    The picture at the top of the column linked below broke my heart, and I thought of the cruel folly of men. It reminded me of my thoughts when I discovered at a class reunion that a friend I hadn't heard about in 50 years had died in Vietnam decades before, that the war never ended. Some Pope...
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    What have we come to?

    Warning, as a lefty, what follows will reflect my own biases, but I will try to insert some exampkes folks on the right might appreciate. The purpose of the title of this thread was to highlight the following things past and present that seem to define our gotcha political culture: - Today FOX...
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    Is the GOP more than this?

    Paul Krugman a liberal NYTimes columnist who tends to write about economics from that perspective, said the following of the Republican Party, in a column on "the secret of Joe Biden's success": "Another factor working in Biden's favor is the closing of professional republicans minds. Even...
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    Jackie Robinson and his journeys

    Today commemorates the baseball debut of my childhood hero, Jackie Robinson. I got to watch him in his later years as a kid in Brooklyn. One memory was me coming home from school just in time to see him steal home in the 1955 World Series, in the first and only championship for Brooklyn...
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    Roots of the crisis on the border

    Here is an informative albeit quite long article on how we got to this point with respect to the Central American migrants on the border. It dates the problems there and with US involvement to the 1970s-80s, but one could say it goes back further decades to when FDR supposedly said of...
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    Gotta love it

    The Citizens United decision said corporations could donate to campaigns, much to the delight of some conservatives. Now some of them are upset that corporations are objecting to voter laws passed by the GOP. Sweet irony.
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    Prediction about Georgia's new election law

    So after losing the presidential election in Georgia after three recounts, after two democrats were elected as senators, the Hard Hearted Hannas of the GA legislature decided that sort of thing could not stand. So they passed a new election law that among other things, makes it illegal to offer...
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    GOP voter suppression award-winner, "I am not making this up" category

    Pending in the Georgia legislature is a bill, that among other elements to prevent people from voting, would prohibit the distribution of free food or drink to those in line. Hope it becomes law, and would love to move to Georgia be the first to get arrested and demand a jury trial for giving...
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