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    'The war has changed': Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe

    Another reason scapegoating unvaccinated people doesn’t wash. CDC wants this on the hush:
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    Judge won't let San Francisco school mural be covered

    Another plot to erase history foiled.
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    Fauci says fully vaccinated people 'might want to consider' wearing a mask indoors as a precaution against the Delta variant

    The Fauci creature has finally conceded and says it’s time for masks again! Everyone get those sewing machines warmed up!
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    Extremely eccentric minor planet to visit inner solar system this decade

    Cant emphasize enough how cool it is to have the opportunity to study an object from the Oort Cloud in detail. I hope the world’s space agencies start planning a mission soon. That an object of this size has been wandering into the inner solar system and we didn’t even realize it until 7 years...
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    Ohio House votes to expel former speaker Larry Householder

    Every now and then, Republicans do something amazing. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/ohio-house-votes-to-expel-former-speaker-larry-householder-6-16-2021
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    Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic foster care agency that refused to work with same-sex couples

    “The Supreme Court on Thursday said that Philadelphia violated the First Amendment when it froze the contract of a Catholic foster care agency that refused to work with same-sex couples as potential foster parents because the agency believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.”...
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    Asian American students have a target on their backs thanks to critical race theory

    The inevitable outcome of promoting CRT is the marginalization of Asians.
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    COVID-19 patients are put in a doctor-less room called 'the pit'

    Disturbing account from a nurse out of El Paso. The doctor’s wife gets “VIP” treatment. Everyone else goes to “the pit” where they’re left to die alongside corpses from the morgue overflow.
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    U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation

    This is huge news with massive implications on governance, criminal prosecution, taxation, and land use policies.
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    NYC Councilman tweets about potential contingency plan of using a NYC park for burials

    This is the first thing I’ve read about COVID-19 that disturbs me. If anyone out there isn’t taking this seriously yet then read this. Mass graves in NYC parks aren’t a reality yet but they are a sobering possibility.
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    Essential And Expendable

    Our experience with COVID-19 has forced our society to confront an existential question: What pieces and parts of our culture are “essential” and what is “expendable?” I’d like each of us to think about this question and I’m interested in reading what it means to you and what surprises you about...
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    Trump uses Defense Production Act to require GM to make ventilators

    Trump has finally done something right in this crisis. Shame on GM for offering help only to demand a billion dollars to retrofit their factories. Good on Trump for ordering them to shove it and eat the cost.
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    Exclusive: Chinese doctors say Wuhan coronavirus reinfection even deadlier

    Behold the consequence of cutting corners in clinical trials in the race to find an effective treatment.
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    Piketon school closes because of radioactive contamination fears

    So the gist of this is that some genius zoned a school within five miles of a weapons-grade uranium and plutonium enrichment facility. The water and homes in the surrounding area have also tested positive for plutonium, uranium and neptunium contamination. But it is a great example of why...
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    CPD: Vice officer shoots, kills woman after she stabbed him

    This is CPDs wordsmithed version of events. The real world translation is that a plain clothes vice cop grabbed a woman off the street whom he believed to be a prostitute and stuffed her into his unmarked car. She resisted and stabbed his hand in an attempt to get away and he responded by...
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    Donald trump threw starburst candies at angela merkel, said 'don't say i never give you anything'

    I know this is supposed to be terrible, but every now and then the stupid things Donald does are also hilarious. :lol:
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    Rules Governing Administering The Sacraments

    I recently read an article regarding a decree from the Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield Illinois baring priests from administering the sacraments - including the eucharist in the form of Viaticum - to unrepentant married LGBT individuals. I am a non-religious LGBT person - though I have...
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