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    Linking to your personal site or blog

    What are the rules for members linking to their personal site or blog? Say I write a blog post about politics on my blog. I want to discuss this topic with members of debate politics. So I create a thread with a link and excerpt from my blog article. Is this considered good form or no? Thanks,
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    Why health care in Ameirca is so expensive

    There are two primary reasons why health care is so expensive in America. The first reason is personal health choices. By that I mean the food we eat. How little or how much we exercise. We have an obesity problem in this country and it isn't because of our health care system. The second...
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    [NSFW] I've just become a country music fan!

    Jessie James Pictures - 1 of 8 - Maxim Girls Photo Gallery | Maxim.com Wow! If her album has lots of pictures. It should sell real well.
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    Has western media and politics contributed to the violence in post election Iran?

    Has western media and politics contributed to the violence in post election Iran?
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    Is it fair that American taxpayers...

    Is it fair that American taxpayers must work part of the year for Israel, Palestine and the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia? What do we get in return besides grief?
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    Health care reform and basic economics

    Commentary: US health costs out of control - CNN.com The above is an excellent article on health care reform. It uses basic economic principles and common sense to lay out a plan for reform. By trying to provide equal care for all Americans. We have destroyed the low cost health care that...
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    Control of the many by the few

    It amazes me how everything gets distorted in politics. Obama's "Yes we can!" platform should be more like "You vote... You pay... I decide everything else". Obama isn't interested in a partnership with the American people. He wants Americans to vote for him and send him money. Everything...
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    Obama to tell country to 'take responsibility' for future

    Obama to tell country to 'take responsibility' for future - CNN.com This really makes me mad. Instead of "take responsibility for our future". it should read "take money from our future". People who take responsibility for their mistakes usually pay for them. They don't steal money from...
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    McCain Who?

    You could say I'm neutral when it comes to the two major party candidates. I support Ron Paul and these candidates are nothing like him. So I've marveled as this election has played out. I've watched both sides frantically push for their candidate. It really has been an interesting year or...
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    Vote for the person or the policy?

    Here is the scenario. One candidate has policies that you largely do not agree with, but you admire them as a person. The other candidate is someone that you do not like at all, but their platform is appealing to you. Which candidate do you choose?
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    Early Voting Arkansas - Line out the door

    So I've been early voting this year. I'm not a big fan of crowds or standing in line. The two times I've early voted this year. There was nobody there beside poll workers. Well today early voting for the general election starts. I live in Little Rock. There are several places to vote. You...
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    U.S. Analyst Depicts Al Qaeda as Secure in Pakistan and More Potent Than Last Year

    U.S. Analyst Depicts Al Qaeda as Secure in Pakistan and More Potent Than Last Year If the greatest threat to America is AQ and a 9/11 style attack. Why haven't we done more to stop AQ? Wrap up Iraq, quit fighting Afghans that only care about attacking Afghanistan and focus on the threat to...
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    What is it?

    Good Luck With Your Hell Demons: Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk Some say it is a sea turtle without its shell. Others say it is a dog (mm, it has a beak). I say it is El Chupacabra. By the way... YouTube - El Chupacabra
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    Is belief true in the following instances:

    The below is taken from a washingtonpost.com article (may need to be a member of washingtonpost.com to read this article). The question and potential answers are taken from a recent fourth grade Saudi text book. So how many true believers do we have on this board? Check the article for the...
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    Americans' Faith in Afghan War Fades

    ABC News: U.S. Support for Afghan War Hurt by Country's 'Battle Fatigue' I'm not surprised either. People are waking up to the fact that nation building doesn't solve the "attack on America" problem. In fact the chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan has hurt the efforts to find those that want...
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    States' rights: Where and when to tap energy resources.

    I firmly believe that where and when to tap energy resources is a states' rights issue. The federal government has no business deciding this issue. The economical and environmental impact primarily affect states, not the federal government. Therefore states should decide when and where to...
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    Voters split over McCain, Obama on Iraq

    Voters split over McCain, Obama on Iraq - Decision '08 - MSNBC.com I don't agree with it, but there it is. The interesting thing about this is how woefully inept each party's platform is on Iraq. Republicans don't get that no matter what changes in Iraq. The public is done with this war...
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    Cindy McCain's Soft Spot? Operation Smile

    ABC News: All Smiles: Cindy McCain Works for Kids Click on the link to watch a short video. I don't know much about Cindy McCain. Both her and her husband seem a little cold to me. Still, it is good that she does these things.
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    Congressman admits Democrats "stretched the facts," misled anti-war supporters about

    Congressman admits Democrats "stretched the facts," misled anti-war supporters about supposed plans for ending War | Redstate YouTube - Rep. Kanjorski admits the Democrats Over-Promised on Iraq They are laughing at us. Anyone who really believes that Democrats (Presidential or other) will...
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    Is a policeman's life worth more than a civilian?

    Why is it that if a cop feels threatened they can open fire, but civilians that are threatened must submit? I respect the job the police do. I understand that it is dangerous. However, why must civilians give up their right to defend themselves. Why must civilians submit to every whim of the...
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