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  1. Master Debator

    Country Music's Cancel Culture

    Country Star Morgan Wallen Suspended By Label, Dropped By Radio, CMT After Using Slur Man white wingers, there might be something to this double standard thing. Poor Morgan here says the N-word once and gets dropped by his label, by pandora, pretty much everyone but his momma and this point...
  2. Master Debator

    KKK Karen confused over Confederate history

    It's such a shame that this poor woman (who I assume is a Democrat since we all know it was the Democrats who started the Confederacy and KKK and the parties never switched) has lost her job and is being publicly humiliated, along with her grandchildren. Maybe if instead of standing with BLM she...
  3. Master Debator

    [W:312]Bill Barr Twisted My Words in Dropping the Flynn Case. Here's the Truth.

    This op-ed by a former DOJ official is pretty straight forward. Almost all but confirms everything I've been saying for the past week. Barr and the Republicans have been cherry picking statements here and there because their base is too stupid to question context and too lazy to bother reading...
  4. Master Debator

    Cellphone video shows a Georgia jogger ambushed by 2 gunmen

    Absolutely disgusting. This is what real racism and police misconduct look like. Not a former General getting arrested for lying to the FBI repeatedly, but the police helping to cover up the murder of a black man who's only crime was to be out jogging. They should all go to jail. The father and...
  5. Master Debator

    Top Marine orders all Confederate symbols removed from Marine Corp bases

    Good on the United States armed forces continuing the fight against Confederate traitors. It's also reassuring and hilarious that even just showing up at a white hate rally will get you locked up and booted from the Corp. :lol: It's taken us a little to long to put the confederacy and its...
  6. Master Debator

    Judge voids UNC's settlement with Sons of Traitorous Racists

    Good job on this judge in vacating that ridiculous settlement. The Sons of Traitorous Racists have no right to demand anyone pay them to preserve statues of their older dead racist relatives. Hopefully the university can sic some loan sharks on these admitted sons of traitors to reclaim the...
  7. Master Debator

    Guns banned at pro gun rally!

    Virginia Governor Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Gun Rights Rally : NPR :lamo Just hilarious! So much for those strong 2nd amendment protections. I guess all we need to ban guns is evidence of a credible threat, and what right winger with a gun isn't a credible threat....? :mrgreen:
  8. Master Debator

    House to vote on impeachment inquiry procedures

    House to vote on impeachment inquiry procedures - CNNPolitics That thing that conservatives said Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff would never do appears to be happening on Thursday. Expect much ranting and raving from our dear Orange leader. Convenient though since reports are Trump is demanding...
  9. Master Debator

    Proud Boy costs co-workers their jobs

    Entire fire company shuttered because they wouldn't address member's Proud Boys connection :lamo Poor guy even tried to disavow the Proud Boys and resign but to his bosses credit it seems like they tried to stick by him. To bad all it did was lose the rest of them their jobs... :lamo You...
  10. Master Debator

    Georgetown undergrads back fee to fund slavery reparations

    Georgetown undergrads back fee to fund slavery reparations - CBS News This is a non binding resolution by the student body but another positive story that pushes the conversation forward and creates a national discussion and if we do that we win. Its going to become increasingly difficult for...
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