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    Of Course Iraq Harbored Terrorists.

    What does giving money to support terrorists in Palestine do? Does it send them to school? Doubtfully.... It helps them go blow themselves up...it's aiding the enemy... And Saddam openly admitted to doing so, he BRAGGED ABOUT IT. Now based on what Bush said shortly after 9/11, 2001....Iraq...
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    Crouching Bear, Hidden Dragon?

    I had emailed an old professor of Political Science of mine (public policy, holocaust and genocide, and Strategic Warfare are his main fields) what the options are for the US should Russia elect a Communist President and they begin to roll-back reforms. His response was very interesting, and I...
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    Why We Nneed Oil and Do Not Need Foreign Oil.

    This thread will carry the theme of "why we cannot transist at this time to a non-oil-based economy, and what we need to do about it". This thread is real politics, real issues, not fanciful imaginings of the dreamer. "Time is a stringent limitation. The US has relatively few years to convert...
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    Drilling for Oil in Antarctica

    How do we become independent of "foreign oil" so long as our economy is still oil-based? The sollution may be to drill for oil in Antarctica. First Source I am in the process of searching for more resources because this article is extremely brief and seems biased in suggesting that Antarctica...
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    North Korea, the Next Cold War?

    Over the years, it is often said "why haven't we done anything with North Korea"? My often reply was "are you crazy? You whine about 2,000 deaths in Iraq, imagine what fighting North Korea would be like!". But this is actually a good question. North Korea right now is unstable, they have no...
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    Why Global Warming and Ozone depletion is not human caused.

    Where to begin? I suppose the utmost basics would suffice. What is the Sun? Most of us would step into the light of summer and feel the heat and say, the Sun is hot, well, surprise, it's not. The Sun, like any other black body radiator, is defined to the rules that the hotter temperature the...
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