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  1. black wolf

    Are Evangelicals more or less aggressive than Moslems?

    inevitably leads to the desire to is the explicit goal of (at least) the Abrahamitic religions. It's in the book. If you don't conform to their rules, you're damned.
  2. black wolf

    Pledge protested by students

    I think it is crucial that pupils get informed about their right to refrain from reciting the Pledge. In many schools, the 'kids' dont't even know they have that right. The flip side of the issue is peer pressure and authoritarianism. There are more subtle ways to coerce minorities - namely to...
  3. black wolf

    What is faith?

    Faith is to knowledge, as fire is to wind.
  4. black wolf

    Does Islam require that Muslims create an Islamic society??

    I read that they would be allowed to switch to another religion 'of the Book', but never go unpunished for leaving faith altogether. As long as Western societies ignore this fact and instead support the building of more mosques and faith schools, they are tolerating an unacceptable and outspoken...
  5. black wolf

    The Fiction Of Church And State

    The Tower (Ziggurat) was built of bricks, which is mentioned in the Bible and is consistent with other archaeological findings from the time. The Ziggurat was about 300 feet in height. It is a few centuries younger than the Great Pyramid, which was originally 146.6 meters high. As there also...
  6. black wolf

    The Fiction Of Church And State

    A brick tower higher than the Pyramids (paganistic enemy buildings which were not cast down), or modern skyscrapers? nah. btw, several of the inscriptions on the supposed tower foundation clearly state that it was completed. Egyptians on zombie horses (they were killed by God before the exodus...
  7. black wolf

    The Fiction Of Church And State

    An ex-Mormon firend told me what she experienced in the congregation: The elders got some softdrinks one afternoon. She asked, 'but you preach that caffeine is to be rejected, and you specifically mentioned Coke'. They replied, 'yes, but this isn't Coke, it's Pepsi'. :spin:
  8. black wolf

    'Nazi' row sinks German TV star

    The Nazis' sole purpose was to create more of the master race to settle conquered Europe with and to serve as cannon fodder in the planned war. They didn't care about the family, all they wanted were as many children as possible to indoctrinate in paramilitary camps.
  9. black wolf

    6 Yr. Old Girl Raped, Murdered, Hung

    Death is no punishment at all for such people. Criminals like these do not value life, not even their own, they have parted with life some time ago. Life in prison is true punishment.
  10. black wolf

    The Fiction Of Church And State

    Who are 'his people'? Which books did they burn, where and when? Where did Lenin encourage book burnings? Besides, it were Lenin's books which fueled Stalinist and Nazi bonfires. People who regularly burn books today are Neo-Nazis, Christo-Fascists and Islamists, for religious and other...
  11. black wolf

    Does religion promote higher morals?

    Exactly. Apparently the founders of today's large religions realized the fact that we are rarely, perhaps purely coincidentally, truly selfless. That's why they put all the loving-god and heavenly-rewards stuff into their scripture along with all the punishment. They knew humanity wasn't mature...
  12. black wolf

    Does religion promote higher morals?

    Almost, yes. Donating considerable money to anonymous people on the other side of the globe isn't a selfish action at all, but it does result from selfish disposition. Altruism is a product of gene-pool-conserving-and-improving direction. In my opinion, religion is a misguided by-product of...
  13. black wolf

    Why is god such an *******

    Not so fast;) It is likely that she will confirm Voldemort's fictivity. But: perhaps she was divinely (potterly?) inspired without knowing it. Does that ring a bell? There's no way of ending the road of apologetic semantic relativism by decree. Sadly we can't ask the authors of the Bible where...
  14. black wolf

    CNN's God's Warrior's series

    And they will continue and expand their scare tactics as long as they get cover from well-meaning moderates.
  15. black wolf

    FL Religious Group: A vote for Rommney is a vote for satan

    There is no need to force religion on children. Children are strongly inclined to believe what parents and other authorities tell them. They don't know that critical questioning and disagreement are an option. Religious indoctrinators know this fact very well, and have abused it for millenia...
  16. black wolf

    The Fiction Of Church And State

    And the modern would-be theocrats gladly point to the Christian founders, stir the deists, agnostics and atheists in with them, and smugly hand the public the soup. The founders would be appalled at today's theo-absolutist efforts.
  17. black wolf

    India Bomb Blasts Kill 40, Minister Blames Terrorists

    Of course this won't happen. Terrorists aren't real muslims, so there's no need to protest. :roll:
  18. black wolf

    New Giant Hole in the Universe

    It is God by definition ;)
  19. black wolf

    What is the root of Islamic Terrorism?

    Extremist preachers are happy to construct perceptions of victimization among their followers. They make their gullible listeners believe that they are under attack and oppression everywhere (the Christian fundamentalists use the exact same strategy in the US). The trick is to make some...
  20. black wolf

    CNN's God's Warrior's series

    And the political caste worldwide bends over backwards to find excuses for indoctrinated fanatics following their leaders' ideology. Any ideology that can be used to incite violence will be used. They may call it false interpretation, but an interpreted source is still a source. Many politicians...
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