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  1. leejosepho

    Are Employers Now Theologians And Government Agents?

    Greetings to all. After arriving at work on 12/11/06, I noticed biometric hand scanners ... "The HandPunch Hand Scanners use RSI's field-proven hand-geometry biometrics technology ... [taking] over 90 measurements of the length, width, thickness, and surface area of the hand and four fingers...
  2. leejosepho

    What is a "troll", and am I one?

    To all: I know the term "troll" is used to describe an individual exhibiting some certain or particular kind(s?) of behaviour on the internet, but that is *all* I know about it. If you would, please inform me as to what is being alleged against me, and if guilty, I will admit that and accept...
  3. leejosepho

    Last Week Gaza, This Week Katrina?

    Slightly edited for length, here is an e-mail I have just received: ------- From: Jack Subject: Last Week Gaza, This Week Katrina Date: Thursday, September 01, 2005 10:39 AM Last Week Gaza, This Week Katrina Greetings my friends. Are the words of Hosea 8:7 appropriate for today.... “For...
  4. leejosepho

    Whew, and thank you!

    Here in my house, this has been a very enjoyable Sabbath full of discussion, and I thank each of you who has been part of it. Shalom.
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