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    Ahmed Mohamed Explains 'Really Simple' Clock on 'Nightly Show'

    I love how apparently the dangerous part of a bomb is now the timer rather than the explosive material. God knows how many lives have been lost from big rig accidents carrying a load of alarm clocks. This incident hopefully makes schools more aware of the hazards of lunchboxes. Just put a...
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    Was it right to block soviet expansion?

    Stopping Soviet expansionism was a legitimate goal, but it was mostly used as excuse for endless violence and theft. Vietnam, Guatemala, Chile, Iran, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Congo, Indonesia were all "justified" with lies about how the soviets were taking over. The reality is that people...
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    You should get your revolutionary finding published in Nature. "I can totally see genetics with the naked eye, look at this blue jay and lion". Apparently we have been wasting our time actually sequencing genomes, we should have simply been asking you to look at stuff. I haven't bothered with...
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    You might as well claim that you understand aerodynamics because you flew on a couple of Americans Flights. "Obviously the tray tables in the cabin shift the center of gravity of the airplane, that is why they always make you put them up before landing. Seen it with my own eyes". The most...
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    That is quite funny. You are doing nothing but parroting the political correctness of the society in which you grew up. Making stupid claims about race and genetics is the history of the south. If you don't want to judged by that history, don't keep spouting the same ignorant prejudiced nonsense.
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    Goshin, Science is about making accurate observations not sloppy generalizations. Trying to ignore the millions of people who prove your claims wrong by whining about the "average" would get your laughed out of the room. If you want to make claims about genetics, you need to actually publish...
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    Zulu and Korean are ethnic groups, not racial classifications. You claimed that race was based on continental genetic origin, I will prove you wrong. Check out this Indian actor. You damn well know he would be treated as black walking down the street in the U.S., regardless of his genetics or...
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    This of course instantly reveals you completely ignorant of how science works. Newtonians physics were ultimately proved wrong even after being able to describe 99.9% of how stuff moved because of some tiny discrepancies from bouncing beams of light off of mirrors. You just admitted that race...
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    The Pseudo-Science of Racism

    Nope. Remember in your state when black people used to "pass" for being white to escape segregation? Or the old "one drop of black blood" standard?
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    House votes to strike down D.C. law banning reproductive discrimination

    You have basically zero credibility pretending you hate big government if you support it sticking its nose into a women's uterus.
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    Why Men Won't Marry You

    Marry someone who has a job, spend equal time and sacrifice raising your kids, and you have nothing to worry about even if you get divorced. 90% of custody arrangements are resolved outside the courts. Men who actually want custody get it the majority of the time even if they have to fight it...
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    How will SCOTUS rule on SSM?

    You are putting way too much stock in oral arguments. Half the questions they ask are simply so they can spin a dramatic narrative about their ruling, not because they actually care about the answers. Kennedy clearly wants to create the impression of how carefully he weighed both sides in his...
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    Iran's Zarif fires back at Tom Cotton's tweets

    Cotton is little more than insecure teenager trying to impress his friends at the mall with how tough he is. He is perfect example of why U.S. foreign policy is so awful. The Iranian government is a repressive theocracy, but they actually under how diplomacy works. They don't have random idiots...
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    Interesting new PDW design... THOR A1

    I am quite impressed by the artistic design, marketing layout and technology in the said design. I have little faith in its ability as a practical military weapon however.
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    Tim's take on the "Iraq war was a mistake" narrative..

    Iran became interested in nuclear weapons precisely because we invaded Iraq. North Korea actually had nuclear weapons and was left alone. Saddam didn't and was deposed and executed. That sends a message that actually following the rules is pointless, as the U.S. will just lie and attack anyway...
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    Rift Grows in Democratic-Jewish Alliance...

    Its hilarious to watch how much prejudice can blind a person. Trying to pretend you are super concerned about Israel doesn't work when you use lines like this in the same damn thread. Then you follow with Once again, you fail to understand your pathological need to separate out the good...
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    Rift Grows in Democratic-Jewish Alliance...

    Kurmugeon, I must say I'm disappointed in your new wave white supremacy. Putting a laughably transparent cover over your Anti-Semitism to make yourself a little more mainstream when taking a dig at Muslims is quite lame. Your predecessors would be ashamed at how politically correct you have...
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    Do the majority of U.S. Jews support Netanyahu? [W:144]

    Re: Do the majority of U.S. Jews support Netanyahu? Oh look, more ignorant bombastic remarks from you about a strawman I never said. Bibi's biggest advantage isn't the seats he won, its that the arab list and zionist union are very unlikely to form a government together. Kulanu is thus much...
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    Do the majority of U.S. Jews support Netanyahu? [W:144]

    Re: Do the majority of U.S. Jews support Netanyahu? The majority of Jews in Israel don't support Netanyahu. Likud got 23.4% of the vote in the recent election. Bibi gets power because he has the advantage in building coalitions, not majority support. Only partisan idiots pretend that personal...
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    Has support for Israel become the new GOP litmus test? [W:249]

    Re: Has support for Israel become the new GOP litmus test? There are 25 Jewish democrats in congress, 1 Jewish Republican in congress and one Bernie Sanders in Congress. Obama received the majority of the Jewish vote during his presidential election. Netanyahu speaks for Likud (and Shelly...
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