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    Is this enough to convince you...

    The agents have to be as close as possible to the liar in chief. As for class trump has none!
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    IF a civil war really does break out?

    It is not anger just a simple acknowledement of how I see republicans taking away america from the real Americans.
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    IF a civil war really does break out?

    It is not anger it is a clear view of what they are and the danger they impose.
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    IF a civil war really does break out?

    I would like to see it happen so I can kill republicans at will.
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    I wish we all could leave California

    Feel free to go! I happen to love it here and from my experiances in floodida and other states this is the best place to live.
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    Trump threads

    So this guy trump does he give good head?
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    [W:622][W: 252] For those who think people who carry live in absurd fear...

    To me people who carry a fire arm are slightly out of balance with life. I have worked as a doorman in San Francisco and elsewhere and never felt any need for a firearm.
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    Ted Cruz’s Teenage Daughter Says She’s Bi, Disagrees With Him

    Rafael will disown her. The Cuban refugee has no business in politics.
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    Who is the Greatest President in your life time and why?

    I can tell you the worst was ray goon. The best was Ike.
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    I remember 1981 and it Wasn’t Pretty- CPI Report

    I partly agree with you. I will not be angry in November.
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    California, New York handled COVID-19 lockdowns the worst, Florida among the best, a new study shows

    Conservatives are far better at lockdowns as it is their method to do everything.
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    What is your viewpoint on transgender people?

    when I was 20 or so I went to a batheoomin a restaurant in San Francisco and in walks this gorgous women and I says this is the mens room and she pulls out a big dick and starts to pee. Ever since then I just don't care what a person does or is.
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    Are post-game prayers unconstitutional?

    They listen to your loud farts!!!
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    Are post-game prayers unconstitutional?

    To pray is a right our forefathers fought and died for. So if some guy wants to kneel and say a prayer who cares, I sure don't.
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    Firing squads

    Firing squads are not good. Then again death penalty is not my choice for any crime.
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    Where Is My Second Stimulus Check.

    I guess I am a oddball as I always loved work! Even when it was for $2.25 an hour. Now a days $25 an hour is the norm around here for starting positions.
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    Stand your ground: Shoot people without masks?

    It seems to me you have misappropriated responsibility for the shelter in place decree to liberals when it is cons who started it. Also as one of those who is a right to carry people I find your assumptions evil.
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    If CCW's were easier to get nationwide would crime go down?

    I doubt crime would go down. Out in the street crime might take a hit butt overall nothing will change.
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    Are the liberal states screwing the common man?

    You can have your huntsville as I will not go there let alone live there. California is how it is spelled.
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