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    North Korea reportedly fires at South

    All I can say is, "Crap...." I really hope this doesn't escalate. I've seen a few reports saying there are only injuries but I saw one say that there might be a death. I really really really hate the people who run North Korea. And I really really really hope this doesn't escalate, I have...
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    'Rent Too High' guy's $350M suit

    That guys like this give amazing facial hair a bad rap? As for the whole thing, I think this guy is taking it out of proportion and just being silly with the suing.
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    Obama, MythBusters to Test 'Archimedes Death Ray' in Push to Promote Science

    I think it's kind of silly for him to be going on Mythbusters. But He's the president he can do what he wants I guess. My only problem is that I'm afraid that episode of Mythbusters is going to be kind of lame and pointless since Death Ray has been done to death. I mean the closest I've seen to...
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    Movie Suggestions

    So I've basically let most if not many movies just pass me by because I rarely have an interest in movies. Until the past year or so I've started to get really in to them and I'm looking for some really good stuff to watch, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions. Here's a...
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    2 Investigators: School System Ignored Safety Concerns

    You cite one extreme positive case and suddenly unions are a good thing in every situation. Riiight :roll: Unions are always so fantastic. We had a case in our school where despite the fact that one of our teachers was highly intolerant of religion and mistreated students that had a religious...
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    Soda Is Target of New Assault

    I don't give a crap about Obesity and Diabetes problems. I DO care about people on Food Stamps being forced to use their money more wisely. Your on food stamps for a reason, and if you aren't buying legitimate food with your stamps then you should be taken off of them. Food Stamps are not a...
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    Is this what Mormons really believe?

    You really can't compare BoM and Bible in my opinion at least. If you don't have one then the other one isn't very effective. They have to work in Tandem. Mormons usually put more emphasis on the BoM because everyone and their dad already knows about the Bible. Jesus. Joseph Smith doesn't even...
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    Is this what Mormons really believe?

    WOAH Buddy slow down there and take a chill pill. I was just stating what I was thinking. Sorry for not fulling understanding what we are discussing. I never called you into question. Someone is a little cranky tonight.
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    Is this what Mormons really believe?

    I've actually always wondered how this got into the Church in the first place. I mean the people of the Church aren't perfect and we've had to give out notices and what not telling people that "No you are interpreting this wrong", but the skin part always confused me. In my religion classes they...
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    Is this what Mormons really believe?

    Just came into the discussion so sorry if I repeat anything. But basically this is the first thing me and my BYU Roomies said when we saw this Ad a few years back: "BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF IS THIS CRAP! Did they REALLY just say something so stupid?" I then showed them this remix and...
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    10:10 - Global warming 'no pressure' *Somewhat graphic*

    I just have to say WTF is that piece of crap propaganda in the 10:10 one. My gosh that is horrifying. What was going through the minds of the idiots who thought, "You know what would be a good way to convince people about the Dangers of Global Warming? We should make an ad about those who don't...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    There is no evidence that there was a recording. There was a livestream, it wasn't a mass distribution, only a limited number of people saw it. Both parties have admitted that only kissing took place on camera, if that is a sexual act then public areas just got a whole lot more risqué. The...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    Well isn't someone quick to throw two teenagers under the bus. So I'm guessing you assume they should take the full punishment for this as well? We don't know the full story and as people have pointed out it just doesn't seem to add up. There seems to be more at play here then just this...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    I assume most RA's are trained. Where I go the RA's have to take special classes along with their normal classes. They are usually if not always students, they do get paid for it though.
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    Why would the RA or College care though? I can't see the College saying/doing anything against him, especially not for anything so trivial as being gay. And if it was something else that pushed him over then it doesn't matter that his room mate was being a jerk and a perv so there is no sense in...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    Okay not as a waste of life, but as a waste of potential then. People commit suicide and they throw it all away and leave everyone around them with the pieces. It destroys them and then it can also destroy those that knew them. It's just such a waste of potential, and I just can't stand that...
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    US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

    From the Article: "Gliese 581, which is only 20 light years from Earth." In other words even if it is habitable we won't be getting there in any of our life times, unless we discover the warp drive sometime soon. If it does have intelligent life on the planet then the only way we're going to be...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    Yeah I seriously can't see this as the reason of his suicide. I mean heck they guy is even considering keeping him as a roommate after the first offence and then he is just pissed after the second. Not to mention he clearly states that nothing pornographic went out on the web, he gets rid of the...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    I'll defend him to a point. I wouldn't go so far as to say I don't have sympathy for them, but after someone commits suicide I just see them as a waste of time. I can sympathize and even empathize with them. Depression runs in my family, currently half of my immediate family is on meds for it...
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    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    *To the Tune of the Transformers theme song* Right-wingers: NAZIS IN DISGUISE!
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