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  1. Oozlefinch

    Terry Jones, RIP

    We recently lost Terry Jones. Now while he is mostly known for his work with Monty Python, he was also quite the academic. A graduate of Oxford with a degree in English, he is actually a respected documentarian, and has published several serious works based on the life and writing of Chaucer...
  2. Oozlefinch

    Who is Turkey at war with?

    One of the things I am finding most annoying in here is that people keep going on and on about what Turkey is doing, and nobody seems to give a damn about who they are actually fighting. Turkey is not fighting the Kurds. This is first and foremost something that has to be recognized. Who they...
  3. Oozlefinch

    Anthropology has just been radically changed

    Until this month, it was always believed that H. Sapiens Largely remained in Africa and Asia until around 40,000 years ago. And for various reasons, Neanderthal was the only humanoid in Europe. But now that thought is radically shifting. Over 40 years ago 2 skulls were found in an oceanside...
  4. Oozlefinch

    Army fun & games

    In case some thought that those in the military had no sense of humor, and their Drills had it removed surgically when they put on their hat.
  5. Oozlefinch

    The History of Computers

    Over the last few weeks, I have had several interactions with people who really have no concept of the history of computers, and think that everything that we have today is what we have always had. And they really have no concept how "new" all of what many of us use on a daily basis (including...
  6. Oozlefinch

    Rethinking Geography

    One thing that always amazes people when they look at a traditional map is how big some countries are, like Russia, Greenland, and Canada. And also how small some continents are, like Africa. Now how many of you know that is a lie? That the countries and continents you generally see on a...
  7. Oozlefinch

    Donald Trump and 9/11

    I am now wondering how long it will be until the CTers somehow tie in Donald Trump to 9/11 and how he planned this to manipulate the real estate prices in NYC and make his holdings in New Jersey more valuable. I mean, why not? After all, there is no way that the conspiracy could have been done...
  8. Oozlefinch

    Liberals and Walmart

    Here is something that got me thinking a bit ago. One thing I have noticed is that whenever a big box store like Walmart opens, a lot of the brain dead Liberals start to scream that it is going to destroy local businesses. This is repeated so often it is a cliche. They scream and rant and...
  9. Oozlefinch

    It's official, all jobs to be open to women

    Well, apparently the SecDef has made it official: Military will open all combat jobs to women, Defense secretary announces Wow, I hope they are prepared to dump several billion dollars into making the mandatory changes in the schools and units. Myself, I doubt this will last more then 14...
  10. Oozlefinch

    Is J.J. Abrams Evil?

    Ok, is J. J. Abrams evil or what? In 2013, he let a fan see an early release of the last Star Trek movie, and days later that fan died. Then last week he let a fan see an early release of the newest Star Wars movie. And sure enough, that fan has died also. Is he like really making a...
  11. Oozlefinch

    Homeless Veterans

    I have been thinking on this for a while, and today I felt like I just needed to put out some information for those who claim that they "really want to help" the "Homeless Veteran" problem in this country. Now first of all, let me show you all a real picture of a "Homeless Veteran" I took with...
  12. Oozlefinch

    Random events or conspiracy?

    Now many already doubt that the attack on a French train a while back is real, but I want to throw in a few other facts many may not be aware of. Spencer Stone, the Air Force Airman who was injured during that attack was the other day attacked by 6 individuals in Sacramento, leaving him in...
  13. Oozlefinch

    Citizen's Arrest

    This is something that came up at work once again the other day, and I wanted to throw something out in here. Now as a side note, all legal references I am going to make are in accordance to California Penal Code. There may be some differences between what I am going to say and where others in...
  14. Oozlefinch

    French Train Conspiracy!

    Amazing how people fell for this! Aangirfan: FRENCH TRAIN FALSE FLAG - UPDATED 23 AUGUST 2015
  15. Oozlefinch

    Marine Raiders reborn

    The first of the new Marine Raider Battalions have now been dedicated, 71 years after the WWII Raider Battalions were all disbanded, the name has now officially returned. A Raider Regiment has been created, with the 3 former Special Operations Battalions becoming Raider Battalions. For those...
  16. Oozlefinch

    Counting with pictures [NSFW]

    OK, the idea here is to see how high we can get, counting upwards with pictures. Each pictures needs to have in it the number 1 higher then the one before. I will start the first 2... let's see how high we can go.
  17. Oozlefinch

    Measles outbreak - boon for drug companies

    Just as many states were about to relax the requirements for mandatory vaccines for students, there is an outbreak of measles that is sweeping across the country. Now claims are that it started at Disneyland, in California. Which is also home to a great many drug and pharmacy companies. And...
  18. Oozlefinch

    Is the "Battleship" obsolete?

    Now first of all, I invite everybody to notice that the word "Battleship" is in quotations. And that is for a very good reason which will be explained further along. One thing that often confuses people is how to classify ships. For example, what is an "Aircraft Carrier"? Well, most people...
  19. Oozlefinch

    Military Fanboiism in relation to military equipment

    I would like to address something that I am finding all to frustrating when dealing with military equipment in these forums. And that is the high degree of "Fanboiism" in some of the threads here. So to try and make a comparison, I am going to use automobiles to try and make a clear...
  20. Oozlefinch

    Did you know it is real?

    One thing I love is when movies (especially sci-fi movies) mention something that "sounds to good to be true". Unobtanium, dilithium crystals, the list is endless. Things that sound like a joke, but really do exist. One of my favorites is from Star Trek IV, where Engineer Scott and Doctor...
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