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  1. TheBook

    Death Penalty: Do the Pros outweigh the Cons?

    This is true to a certain extent. Certain crimes simply cannot be effectively deterred, such as assault, murder, in many cases at any rate. It's simply due to basic human psychology. What sickens me most is situations where politicians try to mess around with attempts to prove an innocent man...
  2. TheBook

    Would setting term limits and wages tied to average wage help motivate congress?

    Then which, when it comes down to it, would you prefer? Hoople heads or no hoople heads?
  3. TheBook

    HUGE Turn-ONS

    *Cough* Although, most women don't notice my eyes until after they've spent some close 1-on-1 time with me. Probably because I wear glasses and squint though. But still, once they notice them, they can't look away. They're a Blue/Green mix that change colour depending on the light. For me it's...
  4. TheBook

    Would setting term limits and wages tied to average wage help motivate congress?

    This is an idea I keep hearing thrown about, and was wondering DP's opinion on it. Would setting term limits for congresspeople (4 for Representatives, 2 for Senators) as well as changing their wage to one in line with the average income of an American citizen help force congress to be more...
  5. TheBook

    What is your definition of resisting arrest?

    Perhaps a better question would be what level of resisting arrest justifies this level of retaliation. I could be entirely wrong, but I was under the impression that the policy with pepper spray (at least in that area) is that it is prohibited unless it is being used to directly prevent harm...
  6. TheBook

    Violence mars Black Friday

    Wow, I certainly didn't see these lines being drawn!
  7. TheBook

    Elders Scroll V: Skyrim

    The mage college has become a dragon graveyard in my game. I have to hop over their corpses to get inside.
  8. TheBook

    Violence mars Black Friday

    To be fair, Thanksgiving was specifically set to determine a long shopping period for the Holiday season. It used to be on the last Thursday of November, but some Novembers have 5 Thursdays, meaning on occasion it would occur just before December. One of those Novembers with five Thursdays...
  9. TheBook

    Glenn Beck likens Norwegian dead to Hitler youth

    Beck slammed for dead teen Hitler comparision | GlobalPost
  10. TheBook

    Anders Behring Breivik Identified As Suspect In Norway Shooting

    I have a few friends in the region and from talking with them, they have all shared roughly the same sentiment (to paraphrase): "It's such a shame that that man felt that the only way of dealing with his issue was this way." They mourn the victims, but they also mourn the perpetrator. It's...
  11. TheBook

    What to do once you're single again?

    Damn, it's just a lonely hearts club here at DP isn't it?
  12. TheBook

    What to do once you're single again?

    While I do think making that sort of list might feel a bit contrived, I don't know if I could be friends with an ex. I'm a somewhat jealous person who tends to over-analyze things, so I'm sure I'd end up making unfortunate comparisons in my head (why is the guy she's dating better than me?) even...
  13. TheBook

    What to do once you're single again?

    Hey DP people, my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and I just split up, and I'm kind of stuck wondering "what now?" Any tips on coping with a breakup and getting back into the single life?
  14. TheBook

    Offensive, Stupid, Valid...

    I remember watching a video called "eat dat watermelon" and didn't find it as offensive as this. Who buys into this kind of B.S.?
  15. TheBook

    Should English be declared the official language of the United States?

    We're a nation of immigrants. Our current laws and practices reflect that. I see no reason to change them.
  16. TheBook

    Rush Limbaugh launches his own brand of (patriotic) iced tea

    Not a very patriotic Ice Tea then.
  17. TheBook

    What do you dislike about Liberals?

    Tell that to my chin beard after my next poetry slam. :mrgreen:
  18. TheBook

    What do you dislike about Liberals?

    As I said, I raise you with *almost every 18-21 year old girl from almost any college campus*
  19. TheBook

    What do you dislike about Liberals?

    And more experienced...
  20. TheBook

    What do you dislike about Liberals?

    Yeah, and how they get all the cute college chicks.
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