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  1. Cameron

    Toxic Conservative Hatred Spreads to Wrestling

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/22/politics/political-tensions-wrestling/index.html Wrestling fans in Trump’s heartland of Appalachia have been so poisoned by right wing media discourse they cant control themselves and have to attack a fake liberal wrestler at events.
  2. Cameron

    Dems Still Need to Address Crime

    Election denial and Trumpism were not winning strategies for the GOP in 2022, but crime was. If not for fear of rising crime, Dems likely would have performed better in the Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Ohio senate races. It's the primary if not sole reason NY Dems underperformed nationally...
  3. Cameron

    Biden Should Encourage Primary Challengers for 2024

    Why not? Let’s see who the potential challengers are and make a reasoned decision about who is going to have the best chance against Trump or DeSantis in 2024? Biden’s low approval ratings and the constant concern re his fitness make it unlikely he is the Dems’ best candidate, but no reason...
  4. Cameron

    If the GOP Had Disowned Trumpism, 2022 Would Be

    Republicans seem poised to do well next week, at least if the polling is accurate or underestimates GOP support as has happened a few times recently. That said, there are close races in many many places where they shouldn’t really be. Given high inflation and food and gas prices, and Biden’s...
  5. Cameron

    What Bothers You Most About Student Debt Relief

    I didn't have room for an "other" so just pick the options that seem closest to your concerns.
  6. Cameron

    Seven takeaways from primaries in Florida, New York and Oklahoma runoffs

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/23/politics/florida-new-york-oklahoma-election-takeaways/index.html In three important elections in NY yesterday, moderate democrats beat Republicans or progressive challengers, arguably evidencing the broader appeal of moderates even in a liberal state. Sean...
  7. Cameron

    Prominent Conservative Lawyers/Judges Issue 72-Page Report Debunking Trump Election Lies

    https://lostnotstolen.org//wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Lost-Not-Stolen-The-Conservative-Case-that-Trump-Lost-and-Biden-Won-the-2020-Presidential-Election-July-2022.pdf Anybody who maintains the lies at this point is just a deeply shitty person at core or needs professional intervention.
  8. Cameron

    Can someone who was all up in arms about masks explain the abortion decision to me?

    The SCOTUS decision essentially says that a day-old fetus has life/liberty interests sufficient to compel its "mother" to serve as an incubator for 9 months. Even though a young fetus has no mind, will, or feelings of its own, it can hypothetically become a person in the future, and that gives...
  9. Cameron

    85% of men have never been sexually active outside the age of Roe

    If you are under the age of 65, odds are you have never had sex under circumstances in which a woman could not legally have an abortion. The criminalization of abortion in many states may have an impact on sexual practices and decision-making, including (if not especially) within marriage, even...
  10. Cameron

    Where will the $55 billion in pro-life fundraising go now?

    Inspired by another thread: According to Human Life International, pro-life groups raised $55 billion between 2000-2019. That's an awful lot of money which could now be transitioned into caring for the "lives" these people supposedly care so much about. So how much of that fundraising will...
  11. Cameron

    Dems -- What do You Consider Yourselves?

    Curious what adjectives Democrats feel best describe themselves.
  12. Cameron

    Biden vs Trump

    Lots of both Dems and GOPers would hate to vote for either at this point. But who would it be? Who could you see filling that role?
  13. Cameron

    CNN vs. FoxNews Front Page Comparison

    CNN on May 11, 2022: 1/3 of the articles are about Ukraine. Some factual and non-confrontational headlines about primaries, noting that a Trump-backed candidate won in WV. One bolded "Breaking" headline which could be viewed as Dem-agenda favorable on inflation. A few others which might be...
  14. Cameron

    The Merits of a Dislike Button

    Not sure if this is a feature even offered by the forum software. I guess the theory for not having a dislike button is that negative input is rude. However, I think we are far past that at this particular forum. I was thinking recently that a dislike button might actually be useful to cut...
  15. Cameron

    If you could totally remake rules for electing the House and Senate....

    For the Senate, I'd get rid of the 2-per-state rule and make it more proportional -- maybe expand the Senate to 150-250 if necessary for each state to get at least one Senator. Also, I'd require ranked-choice voting in all Senate primaries (on the fence of whether to ban those altogether) and...
  16. Cameron

    SCOTUS Ensures White (Conservative) Americans Will Lose Their Social and Political Majority?

    Oops MAGA. In each of Michigan, Tennesee, Arizona, Nevada, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, more than 60% of abortions are by racial minorities. Number of abortions since 1970s: 63 million Number of immigrants since 1970s: 36 million...
  17. Cameron

    SCOTUS gaslighting

    A "majority" of Justices--almost all appointed by Presidents who lost the popular vote and were confirmed by an unrepresentative Senate--is poised to eradicate an individual constitutional right that has existed for 50 years (20% of the nation's history) and is supported by upwards of 60% of the...
  18. Cameron

    The Link Between Abortion and Crime / Poverty

    62 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. Some people look at this number and think of the Holocaust. I look at that number and think about how I cannot imagine the social problems that would have been created by tens of millions of unwanted children existing in this country...
  19. Cameron

    Why Trump Thinks Putin is "Genius"

    Trump thinks Putin was "genius" to use the recognition of the two Ukrainian border provinces as a pretense for him to enter Ukraine as a purported "peacekeeper." In other words, it is Putin's attempt to reframe his invasion of a sovereign country as a freedom-supporting, peace-keeping mission...
  20. Cameron

    Why is Putin Potentially Going to Invade Ukraine?

    Curious as to your thoughts.
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