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  1. DifferentDrummr

    Does the right think scarcity and the left think abundance?

    For clarity, I'll use this first post to define the scarcity mentality versus the abundance mentality: Scarcity mentality refers to people seeing life as a finite pie, so that if one person takes a big piece, that leaves less for everyone else. Most people, particularly in the corporate world...
  2. DifferentDrummr

    Needed a break...

    So I took an unannounced leave several months ago, because my frustration with the far-right's ear plugging and singing "la la la" in the face of obvious and indisputable evidence had just become a never-ending hamster wheel. Now, of course, they'll be forced to be more creative, which should...
  3. DifferentDrummr

    Trump: Vote for me or the economy crashes

    This little gem is from his New Hampshire rally on 8/15: Aside from the fact that it looks like James972 is writing his speeches, it's become clear even to his supporters that Trump hasn't delivered on anything - except that the economy hasn't tanked (so far). Now that there are signs that it...
  4. DifferentDrummr

    What no American should ever say to another

    "If you don't love this country, leave." If you don't love this country, or what's happening in it, or its government, you SHOULD: Run for office Donate to a candidate you believe in Organize or participate in a lawful protest Contact your representatives Read newspapers instead of Twitter...
  5. DifferentDrummr

    What a Progressive Believes, (2 posts)

    This is an anonymous post that's been making the rounds on Facebook and elsewhere. Although the words aren't mine, I would have to agree with at least 85% of it. Mostly I'm posting it because the author did an excellent job of defining American Progressivism.
  6. DifferentDrummr

    President Harry Truman on Socialism

    Arguably the wisest quote every made by a president. It's no wonder he mentioned this in the age of McCarthy (1952).
  7. DifferentDrummr

    Trump supporters need to go back to where their ancestors came from

    So interesting to see “Conservative” Trump loyalists, whose ancestors originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously...
  8. DifferentDrummr

    Trump quoted Hitler at July 4th rally

    Before he started blaming the rain on the teleprompter, he came up with (or actually quoted) this little gem: "The future belongs to us." Seriously, folks, I was half expecting an evil laugh.
  9. DifferentDrummr

    Can a private individual or group do something unconstitutional but legal?

    The concept of unconstitutionality is generally applied to what a branch of government does, but what about those outside the government?
  10. DifferentDrummr

    Why does the right want to deny basic human rights to US Citizens?

    First, to be clear, I'm referring to the long-established UN Declaration of Human Rights, which the US (up until now) has been pressing other countries to accept. Why have conservatives and libertarians been so dead set against this? Allowing Americans to live so far below the poverty level...
  11. DifferentDrummr

    Mandatory severance pay from companies for laid off workers

    Investors in US stocks are hurting themselves by not supporting this. In Germany, there is already such a regulation, and in Japan, the requirement is 2 years. The idea is simple: if a large or mid-size business needs to lay off employees due to business necessity, the company required to pay...
  12. DifferentDrummr

    Conduct Unbecoming

    Okay, in this Trump-crazed climate, I can imagine the average brain-dead redneck putting up a sign like this, but a Marine? Truly appalling. Seriously, doesn't it dishonor the corps to be celebrating ignorance? Thank a Marine if you can't read Arabic??
  13. DifferentDrummr

    Why no Alternative Minimum Tax for corporations?

    Here are some of the largest profitable companies that paid no taxes in 2018: It's time to make them pay. Source
  14. DifferentDrummr

    A suggestion for a new subforum in the 'Political Forums' area

    I'd like to see a separate category for "Business and Finance Regulation". Related discussions seem to end up in the General section now.
  15. DifferentDrummr

    The Great Leap Forward

    Did Mao expect so many famine deaths as a result of the GLF, or were those deaths simply the result of a multilayered screw-up?
  16. DifferentDrummr

    Trump v. Hitler

    Who is/was the most malicious? Hitler at least believed that he was doing something to benefit Germany. Trump isn't the least bit interested in doing anything to help America, its people, or anything else. His interest never goes farther than getting more money and getting others to idolize him.
  17. DifferentDrummr

    Economics is the real blue tsunami

    There's a long-term blue tsunami out there, and it's much more powerful than any voter sentiment. It's simple economics. Liberals and Democrats are moving to red states in record numbers, and, unlike what the partisan hacks say, it isn't because the blue states are stagnating. It's actually...
  18. DifferentDrummr

    Question for conservatives

    One of the few commonalities among all conservatives is that they prefer the predictable and dependable over new experiences. Liberals, of course, have the opposite preference. So your question is: why do you feel such hostility to people who are more open to new experiences than you are?
  19. DifferentDrummr

    Trump is an accessory to attempted murder and terrorism

    The statements he's made at rallies and campaign events aren't just "rhetoric," as his supporters love to claim. They border on soliciting violence. Now one of his followers has built upwards of five pipe bombs in response. Impeachment has to happen now, and those who vote against it should...
  20. DifferentDrummr

    John F. Kelly wrote the NYT Op-Ed

    No, I don't have proof, but he's by far the most likely culprit. Here's why: 1. Most WH staffers, on getting this degree of attention, would be overjoyed to resign, write their memoir, and go on the lecture circuit. Kelly believes that he can't, because (and he's said this publicly) he...
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