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  1. Cameron

    Would You Change The Constitution?

    Get rid of right to bear arms and explicitly provide instead that the federal government and states have the right to regulate arms and there is no right to travel interstate with arms. Add Roe v Wade and Obergefell holdings. Ban partisan gerrymandering Require ranked-choice voting in all...
  2. Cameron

    Why do Republicans struggle in big cities?

    Everybody for themselves and screw poor people doesn’t work as well in urban environments.
  3. Cameron

    TRUMP Hotel DC

    No one wants to stay there now that there is no grift for doing so.
  4. Cameron

    Shame on the folks of georgia who voted for Walker.

    They should do it and then join the war on western values they so desperately want.
  5. Cameron

    Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post’s reporting

    The GOP really needs to get out of Hunter Biden's asshole and focus on things people care about.
  6. Cameron

    Another rough day for Joey B sign translator

    Everyone knows that's the same person though.
  7. Cameron

    Another rough day for Joey B sign translator

    You'd prefer the racist, rapist, corrupt, lying, cheating, incompetent, anti-democratic traitor dickhead loser instead.
  8. Cameron

    As Dems keep pushing more socialism, it's importnt to note...

    If a socialist system is voted into and kept in place through democracy that is free will. The more capitalism comes to benefit an extreme few and do harm to the many, the more it, and conservatives, will drive people to socialism. That is entirely natural. If we anssume that people have free...
  9. Cameron

    Should businesses be allowed to discriminate against Republicans and Christians?

    The answer to the poll is no, but SCOTUS is certainly tying it’s hands on the question in a negative way.
  10. Cameron

    Gay Wedding Cake Issue Revisited In Denver . . . Only Now It's Websites - Not Cakes

    Conservatives are laying the legal groundwork for their own exclusion from society. If Christians can refuse to do business with gay people, then another religion can refuse to do business with evangelicals and conservatives. And all you have to do to create a legally recognized religion is...
  11. Cameron

    Christian says masturbation is witchcraft

    Yer a wizard marky!
  12. Cameron

    Nonprofit Blood Donation Service Starts Matching Unvaccinated Patients With Donors

    Conservative media giving their idiot consumers yet another way to die -- from refusing transfusions from vaxxers. When are these morons going to wake up?
  13. Cameron

    Marjorie Taylor Green says masks don't work

    Sounds like we need to investigate Calvin Klein/Hanes and ban the wearing of underwear, because it is pointless. What a scam.
  14. Cameron

    How about a law that makes it a crime (treason perhaps) to question the outcome of duly administered elections?

    No thx. The problem here is repeatedly insisting an election was fraudulent and affirmatively trying to install the loser in office without any evidence
  15. Cameron

    Are the Democrats right to bump the Iowa caucus?

    I favor prioritizing swing states. Iowa might fall into that category except that the democratic base in that state (or at least the people that attend the caucus) seem to be strangely liberal.
  16. Cameron

    Left awfully quiet about Twitter's Hunter Biden supression

    When news of the laptop first surfaced, over 50 former intelligence officers said it had all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. There were serious questions about its authenticity, and also questions about how, if authentic, it was obtained. Add that to the fact that emails...
  17. Cameron

    When Faced with Evil, Only ONE Democrat Stood Up. Twitter Censorship Scandal.

    This is about the laptop? Jesus Christ. https://www.politifact.com/search/?q=laptop
  18. Cameron

    Are the GOP/McCarthy investigations an attempt to scare off investigations of their future illegal activities?

    The purpose of the investigations is to pander to the base. All non-insane people know the bipartisan Jan 6 investigation and two impeachments were warranted, and will not be fooled by anything these patently partisan committees release, and McCarthy himself knows politically motivated...
  19. Cameron

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) will be the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in all but name.

    All I know is I'm happy for the GOP to show how insane they are with control of one house of Congress while we still have control of the other and POTUS. It will only reinforce the public concerns that prevented a red wave this year.
  20. Cameron

    Kharkiv Mayor fined for speaking Russian!

    This is what upsets you?
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