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    Supershe island is not hateful, but discriminatory

    I was watching Jordan Klepper on The Opposition talking about SuperShe Island, where no men are allowed, last week. This island is a unique example of female male relations, although the inhabitants are generically female. I want to discuss why it is not a hateful concept, and what it means to...
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    Clown Mother Obsessed With Human Sacrifice

    There is not enough marijuana in the world to cure this psychotic teen mother. This is proof that misandry is real. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/05/02/teen-human-sacrifice-stabbing-partner-sex/574763002/
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    Abortion and the Earnings Gap

    There is a widely held belief that women earn less than men, which is true if we look at the aggregate over the entire careers of a man and a woman. However, a wage gap between men and women remains in favor of women, who out-earn men in their 20's. There are a variety of factors that cause the...
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    Pro Choice

    Why not just make sexually active citizens apply for a permit to raise children? You can still choose what to do with your body, but the state takes custody of the child if you exceed your legal capacity in child rearing. Happy now? Related question which I stole from another forum (found on...
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    Pence: Abortion will end in U.S. 'in our time'

    Women of the USA: why do you insist on entertaining the fantasy that forced motherhood is bad but forced fatherhood is good? The Vice President of the United States is calling to take away rights which allow you to choose what to do with your body. This autonomy on a physical level is part of...
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    Who would win in a fight, Rand Paul vs. Paul Ryan

    I have three hypothetical scenarios for your analysis. 1) Rand Paul vs Paul Ryan in a race for a seat in the U.S. Senate in every one of the 50 states, in the present day. If they could both appear on the ballots in 50 parallel, independent universes, what would the map look like? 2) Rand Paul...
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    Black Wealth & White Wealth

    I found a video from earlier this year which offers a compelling explanation for why poverty is so problematic in Black communities. I have to emphasize one point in particular, which is that boomers are the majority of African Americans who are financially stable (the "50th to 90th percentile"...
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    Equifax did not lose our data, the data was prepackaged and sold

    Companies have been collecting information on me, publicly and privately for about as long as I have been alive. Some metadata from my childhood prior to my connection to the rest of the world via the internet was likely recorded somewhere by my parents. As long as the data exists, it can be...
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    Cash is already pretty much dead in China as the country lives the future of mobile pay right now

    I'm not sure I would like to conduct only cashless transactions. So, it's a good thing I'm not Chinese. I guess it would make sense in a country that wants to centralize their economy. This sort of technology meshes well with data collection. But I'm not sure how this will affect the Chinese...
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    The Pharmaceutical Industry Puts People at Risk

    50 years ago marijuana was criminalized without any scientific data that showed it posed a threat. Police officers today know that marijuana is not as dangerous as certain drugs on the drug schedule which are below schedule I. I've heard that the pharmaceutical industry spends money lobbying...
  11. Celebrity

    Women today are boycotting the results of a free and fair election

    (Apologies in advance for the clipping audio) :applaud :wow: She said "everyone hates feminism" and that beta males have allowed feminism to strip them of their masculinity. Has feminism gone too far?
  12. Celebrity

    Is being born sentient a privilege?

    Some say that AI will never reach the height of human creativity because it is not self aware. But if machines use electrical signals like our brains use electrical signals until we die, then machines can be built to take record of sensations like we feel sensations.
  13. Celebrity

    Equifax Data Breach

    One of the worst data breaches ever was sustained by Equifax. I read a report on Friday that estimated the chance of anybody's personal info being stolen at 1 in 2. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/08/your-money/identity-theft/equifaxs-instructions-are-confusing-heres-what-to-do-now.html So...
  14. Celebrity

    Whose History? Not mine.

    The recent skirmishes between anti fascists and fascists have sent ripples across the world, and here in the United States we felt them predominantly emanating from the South, where Nazis fought to preserve "history." I see that white nationalists are attempting to communicate something, and...
  15. Celebrity

    Suicides in Teen Girls Hit 40-Year High

    It's the perfect time to tell your teens that you love them, because they are killing themselves more than ever before. Image: Chart for Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15-19 Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15-19 Years, by Sex -- United States, 1975-2015. 📷CDC Why are teens killing themselves? They...
  16. Celebrity

    Phil Scott 1st Sitting Governor To Win Vermont Stock Car Race

    Congratulations to Phil Scott for being the first sitting governor to win a stock car race (maybe anywhere in the US, but at least in Vermont). I hope that he will be in attendance at the governor's summit in Rhode Island. Justin Trudeau will give keynote address at US governors summit -...
  17. Celebrity

    Supreme Court lifts block on Wisconsin 'cocaine mom' law during appeal

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It looks like we are going ahead with the detainment of a pregnant woman in Wisconsin. As I understand the injuction, it will not grant courts the power to force pregnant women to give birth. It is possible instead that it is part of a broader "slippery...
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    Ask Barack Obama one question

    The guy played basketball on the White House grounds, he named Jay-Z as one of his favorite artists, etc. Even if you don't like him, he's approachable in person. One way to tell that is by how he approaches other people. I guess you already saw this in the news. Ok, I'll start off the...
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    Doomsday Vault In Space: Baby Mice Born On Earth With Sperm Stored On ISS

    Researchers have successfully preserved the sperm of mice which was freeze dried and sent into space in 2013. We now know this because a new generation of infant mice has been sired. Theoretically, the same is possible with human gametes. Thus, future space travel may now involve projections...
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    New rules heat up fight for child care centers staff

    In the State of Vermont, there is a lack of child care availability. A child care program in central Vermont recently closed because of a lack of staff, due to a shortage of funds to pay workers an adequate wage. This is consistent with the national narrative of forcing our citizens into their...
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