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  1. Ntharotep

    Alligator Drags 2 yo into Water Near Disney

    Alligator Attacks Child - Disney Beaches Closed Not a good week to be in Orlando it seems. This is a sad tragedy though the toddler is still being searched for. The only exception I have to this is that the father "dove into the water to save his son". When my little one was 2, she was never...
  2. Ntharotep

    Is Trump Really the Most Stable Candidate for Taxation or is this a Blatant Trick?

    So I know nothing about Vox. But I tried their little taxation calculator found here and it wants to tell me that, economically at least, my best bet is Trump. Now I'm about the farthest thing from a Trump supporter (and a Clinton supporter for that matter) but I have to say that I can vote with...
  3. Ntharotep

    Is Bill Gates on to Something with Promoting Poultry for the Poor?

    Why I Would Raise Chickens - Bill Gates So does Bill Gates' foundation have an idea here that could really help? Is chicken farming a solution or the start of a solution to the impoverished? Other thoughts?
  4. Ntharotep

    Who is emotionally stronger, women or men?

    So. Typically speaking, men are seen as the colder and more rational under pressure of the sexes. Women are seen as making better emotional decisions as they are more compassionate and more able to empathize. A few opposing thoughts on this: Women's Brains are More Sensitive to Negative...
  5. Ntharotep

    Physicist Stephen Hawking Baffled by Donal Trump's Popularity

    Stephen Hawking Baffled by Support for Trump Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking may have a good grasp on the workings of the universe, but he says he can't understand Donald Trump's popularity. Hawkings tells ITV's "Good Morning Britain" show that he has no explanation for the...
  6. Ntharotep

    When do YOU draw lines in the sand?

    So when do you decide to draw lines in the sand? I am thinking about DP but this can be in discussions with friends, family, coworkers, etc. Does it take a lot for you to draw lines in the sand and if you want to expound on why that's good to. Edit: Moral standing can be beliefs, etc. I meant...
  7. Ntharotep

    Captain America: Civil War

    Without spoiling things for another few days since it appears there are one or two Americans who still haven't seen the movie- it was rather awesome IMNSHO. It DID start out slow, definitely, but once it got going it got going. So much was packed into this movie. Non-Spoiler Pros • Spiderman •...
  8. Ntharotep

    Is Diversity Evil?

    Hear me out. :) I think there is a simple truth that as long as there is diversity there will be lines in the sand between culture, religion or lack thereof, economic class and the social circles they create, and many other facets in our day to day life. As long as there is diversity there...
  9. Ntharotep

    President Obama Defends Choosing a White Male for the US Supreme Court

    Reuters - Obama Defends Choice of White Male for Supreme Court "President Barack Obama on Thursday defended his pick of a white man to fill a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy against criticism he could have chosen someone from a more diverse background, saying Merrick Garland was "indisputably...
  10. Ntharotep

    eSurance's Electrion Insurance. A good idea or not?

    So. eSurance rolling out their newest insurance aimed at voters. Do you think this is really a good idea or does it promote bad choices and behavior in Americans?
  11. Ntharotep

    How Important is Customer Service to YOU?

    Inspired by This Thread, I was curious of how much people value customer service in this day and age and how it effects their being a customer. When discussing this with friends, coworkers, family- I hear a lot of different opinions. One of the arguments that seems to rise more and more (and...
  12. Ntharotep

    Batman V Superman, the good, the bad, and the wtf? Spoiler Free

    I was already lowering my expectations when the pre-release "sneak peek" reviewers were dogging the movie. And, perhaps, this made me enjoy it more than I would have but, IMHO, this movie was not nearly as bad as the critics remarks. I was in another forum and one poster said this was "the...
  13. Ntharotep

    If an Independent were elected president who would have the President assassinated?

    Would the DNC do it, the RNC do it, or would they just work together for the "betterment" of the country? This is kind of for fun, though I was thinking today that an independent seems the most likely candidate for assassination.
  14. Ntharotep

    Breaking News: President Obama Says That Defeating ISIS/ISIL is Top Prioity

    President Obama on Brussels Attack and Priority of ISIS Has this not always been a priority and if not why now? What new actions will the U.S. take if any? Discuss, Debate, Dictate...what have you ;)
  15. Ntharotep

    Hillary Clinton Supporters: Why Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders?[W:44]

    This is honest curiosity (for me at least). Hillary Clinton supporters and there seems to be a lot of you. Why did you choose Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination? This is not to judge Clinton supporters or cheer for Sanders (or disparage either candidate's...
  16. Ntharotep

    Should Zoos be Abolished?

    In the midst of running to and fro in the researching of political views, claims, etc. (it can be really hard to determine what you can take a political campaign's word for), I came across, completely by accident, what I will call "the war on zoos". I have posted an article against and an...
  17. Ntharotep

    Is it strange that the most Conservative frontrunner will likely win the Presidency?

    I am using the Webster definition of conservative as being cautious or resistant to change. I see, and feel free to disagree with me and demonstrate why with voting records, policies, etc, Clinton as the "status quo" Presidential candidate. She will likely swing even more centrist and set aside...
  18. Ntharotep

    Will a Trump Presidency be Different than what we have now?

    I can see a Trump Presidency as being a lot like an Obama Presidency revisited. The established Reps in Congress won't work with the man as they hate him. He will only pass new legislation through bullying. Democrats will cry that he's bullied all of his bills through the system much like...
  19. Ntharotep

    Let's Discuss Platform and Planning

    So. One thing that is important (to me at least) in a Presidential race is the concise and logical plan a candidate has, the goals they have set forth and how they plan to get there, for America. You can ignore the following breakdown and just jump in with why your candidate is more logical...
  20. Ntharotep

    Egypt: Officials Admit Mistaken Identity After Toddler Sentenced to Life

    Gee, Egypt...you think? 4 Year Old Was Facing Life Sentence Just in case you thought your country had a rough justice system...
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