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  1. Moderate Right

    AOC, Squad, Not Getting The Job Done

    Time for them to go as they are not fulfilling their promises and apparently aren't even trying. https://www.yahoo.com/news/hollywood-actress-susan-sarandon-joins-005200368.html
  2. Moderate Right

    Cuomo Panicking Over The New York Exodus, Demands Return To Work As Delta Cases Rise

    He and the left are real pieces of work. Just as Delta cases are rising in New York, he wants businesses to force people back to the office instead of zooming from home, out of state. Seems like just a year ago he was hero to the Fatherland as he poo-pooed virus cases, condemned people to die in...
  3. Moderate Right

    The Biden Rushed Vaccine

    Remember the days when Democrats spent an entire election year telling Americans not to get the Trump rushed vaccine? Now they are doing everything they can to rush full approval for vaccines as quickly as possible so they can mandate that Americans get the Biden rushed vaccine...
  4. Moderate Right

    The Supreme Court Is Exactly Where It Should Be

    A recent poll showed only 51% of Democrats approved of the Court while only 51% of Republicans approved of the Court. That tells me the Court is exactly where it should be, showing no bias to either side. During the term we also had many 9 - 0 decisions. If one side favors the Court a lot more...
  5. Moderate Right

    U.S. to keep international travel restrictions in place

    except for on our southern border where you don't need masks, vaccinations, or Covid passports. All are welcome with open arms and given free gifts for coming. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/37140db3-b4e3-38c9-9331-750f858c51c6/u-s-to-keep-international.html
  6. Moderate Right

    Should An Olympian Be Sent Home For Refusing to Compete Against An Israeli?

    To me, this is ridiculous. This has happened twice now. The games are meant to bring us together with friendly international competition. If individuals or even teams don't agree with what the Olympics are all about or approve of the member teams, then they shouldn't be there in the first place...
  7. Moderate Right

    There Is Talk Of Rushing Approval For Covid Vaccine

    Remember when all we heard from Democrats during the election was "Don't Trust the Trump rushed vaccine"? https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-may-grave-mistake-fda-185000105.html
  8. Moderate Right

    China Has Something On Biden

    It's pretty obvious that China has something on Biden. Maybe they have evidence on the Ukraine stuff on either Biden or his son. Maybe they have evidence of Biden molesting underage girls. After all, Biden is always stroking their hair and putting his hands on their shoulders. Who knows? But it...
  9. Moderate Right

    Biden Promised He Would Always Tell Americans The Truth

    Guess not. If the truth doesn't fit in with the lefty Biden agenda, then don't tell the truth. "Press secretary Jen Psaki suggested the public did not need that information" https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-declines-release-number-194805726.html
  10. Moderate Right

    Biden Is Kicking People Out On The Street

    Part of Trump's Covid plan was to help people by stopping evictions and foreclosures at at time when people were hurting. Now, with cases rising in every state, Biden is kicking the poor out to the curb. What is Biden's Covid plan anyway, attacking Facebook and forcing those afraid of the...
  11. Moderate Right

    The Misinformation From The Left Continues

    1. The left congratulate states such as California, the LA area, and the Bay area for their high vaccination rates as this is what is needed to stop the virus. And yet the virus is surging in California, the LA area, and the Bay area to the point that masks are now required again and they are...
  12. Moderate Right

    Get A Damn Job!

    The lefty media's lies never end and they don't even realize how stupid they sound. Here's an article about how Republican Governors cutting off extra federal unemployment benefits aren't really getting these people to go out looking for jobs. BUT these poor people are hurting and can't pay...
  13. Moderate Right

    Blacks Are Beginning To See

    how the left really don't care about discrimination and social injustice and how much the left are for taking people's rights away. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-cardinals-de-andre-hopkins-nfl-vaccine-policy-making-me-question-my-future-in-the-nfl-222155154.html
  14. Moderate Right

    The Election Was Stolen After All

    These things just keep on popping up everywhere. Now I'm not so naive to think that Trump will be back as president on August 13th, or whenever it was, but there seem to have been more than a few irregularities in several different states, and that's eliminating the bogus claims with no...
  15. Moderate Right

    Democrat's Spending Plans Don't Show Any Signs Of Sanity

    Could have written this one myself: https://www.yahoo.com/news/democrats-spending-plans-dont-show-090114526.html
  16. Moderate Right

    Thank You Donald J Trump

    for having the vision to save Americans from the Coronavirus with vaccinations...
  17. Moderate Right

    What Happened To The Left Saying The Justice Dept Should Be Independent From The White House?

    Garland's announcement came after President Joe Biden said he would not allow the Justice Department to seize journalists’ phone records and emails, calling the practice “wrong." https://www.yahoo.com/news/garland-formally-prohibits-seizure-reporters-153402186.html
  18. Moderate Right

    Rural Democrats Run From Party

    It's going to eventually get to the point that all big city areas are blue and all rural areas are red. This benefits Republicans because the left already own the blue areas so the right can't lose much there. While there aren't a lot of blue politicians in rural areas the ones who are there...
  19. Moderate Right

    Democrats Care More About Party Than People's Lives

    The Biden administration refuses to reach out to Trump to help in the vaccination fight against Covid. They would rather see people die rather than give Trump any credit for anything. https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-signals-reluctance-trump-183800073.html
  20. Moderate Right

    Vaccines Won't Be Fully Approved For Another Six Months

    Is this misinformation or the truth? And yet many on the left want Covid passports now, even though the vaccines are not fully approved. https://www.yahoo.com/news/full-covid-vaccine-approval-coming-035037179.html
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