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  1. Southern Dad

    Is the Trump Administration Literally Starving People to Death?

    Gitmo has, for many years, had detainees that go on hunger strikes. The military will then take the prisoner and force feed them by strapping them into a chair, and putting a feeding tube up their nose. The detainees have actually filed suits saying that force feeding is cruel. Now, the...
  2. Southern Dad

    Auto insurance bills skyrocket in Georgia but regulator powerless

    I get my renewal letter for my auto insurance. My auto insurance premium was going from $1275 to $1826 for a six month policy. Four cars on the policy, three drivers (including one teenager). You can imagine my surprise when I see this 30% jump considering that none of us have had any...
  3. Southern Dad

    Sous Vide

    I like to cook. Even better I like to eat. Due to adopting a lower carb diet last year, I eat a lot of meat. First, I was using a George Foreman Grill to cook my chicken breasts, steaks, burgers. Then I discovered the Instant Pot. Now I am looking at a different alternative. Sous Vide! I...
  4. Southern Dad

    Missing Man Table Setting (Fallen Comrade)

    All Chick Fil A, Dwarf House, Truetts Restaurants today have the missing man table setting. I am sure there are others that do, as well. For those that have always wondered about the symbolism of the items on the table, I typed them out. Table: set for one, is small, symbolizing the...
  5. Southern Dad

    Lynch: Justice Dept. to seek death penalty against Dylann Roof [W: 157]

    I thought the left was against the Death Penalty. Yet, here the Democrat Administration of President Barack H Obama is seeking the Death Penalty in the case of Dylan Roof. Why? Is it that the left is opposed to the Death Penalty with a few a few exceptions? Is there a deeper agenda in...
  6. Southern Dad

    White House on lockdown after reported shooting

    Breaking news that I wanted to get out there. They aren't saying who was shot yet, or why.
  7. Southern Dad

    Will Dashcams Cause Police Problems?

    Dashcams in private vehicles is catching on. The price of them is not that high and the quality is actually pretty good. Law enforcement have used dashcams for quite a while. We all know that having a government vehicle means you are not going to get a ticket but in this day of social media...
  8. Southern Dad

    Millions more workers would be eligible for overtime pay under new federal rule

    One of the things that I enjoyed myself when I was a district manager starting out in the newspaper business was the flexibility offered by my salaried exempt position. Were there weeks that I worked more than forty hours? You bet there were. When I took over my district, I worked in excess...
  9. Southern Dad

    Kiosks Eliminating Jobs

    You can't convince me that automation is not putting people out of work. I just renewed my tags at Kroger in about a minute. Happy birthday to me. Last year I waited in line at the Walton County tax office for at least 20 minutes for someone to do the same job. Sent from my iPhone 6s Plus...
  10. Southern Dad

    License Plate Readers Change the Repo Business

    Repossession is high tech now. It used to be the repo man had to sneak around in the dark, stalking a debtor's address, risking life and limb to recover the lender's asset. Not any more. Thanks to high technology, the recovery agent, as repo men now like to be called are able to just drive...
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