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    Military Grade

    That phrase often shows up in discussions of which firearms should be banned or strictly controlled. The implication being that weapons that fit military specifications are more lethal/deadly/powerful, or otherwise deserving of more or stricter restrictions than other weapons. Can anyone (who...
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    Politifact calls out Biden for the 3rd time for lying about the 2A

    You couldn’t buy a cannon when, in fact, the Second Amendment passed. This is the third time Politifact has called Biden out on this false claim. I think they should up the rating to “pants on fire” because he had to know it’s not true by now. And the Constitution implicitly allows private...
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    Republican or Not

    I think this one hits the nail on the head, covering Liberal smugness, Trump worship, but mostly the tendency of Liberals and Conservatives to overuse slogans, and allow one part to determine view of the whole.
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    Why does it matter whether or not a god is good?

    Assuming a god is an intelligent being, far more powerful than humans and capable of acting outside and beyond what we know of reality and capable of determining the fate of humans in an afterlife, why does it make any difference if that god is good or evil, benevolent or malicious? Either way...
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    Anti gun Santa makes 4- year old cry

    https://apple.news/ANsw80oq5Tk62xMMphlJ5dQ The mom told the Santa it was fine, but he still told a 4-year old boy he couldn’t have a nerf gun
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    2020 Democratic Party Platform on gun guntrol

    From Draft 2020 Democratic Party Platform Democrats will enact universal background checks, end online sales of guns and ammunition, 13 close dangerous loopholes that currently allow stalkers and some individuals convicted of assault 14 or battery to buy and possess firearms, and adequately...
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    Electoral College Reform (with actual poll this time)

    Currently, all states except Nebraska and Maine use a Winner-Take-All system where whoever with a the popular vote in the state receives all that states electoral votes. Nebraska uses a Congressional District method where a candidate record one electoral vote for each district won, and the two...
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    Electoral College Reform

    Ignore while I try again to attach poll
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    Happy Birthday, U.S. Army!

    245 years old today. I have served in: 99th Reserve Support Command11th Armored Cavalry Regiment4th Infantry Division3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment704th Military Intelligence BrigadeThe Pentagon
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    March jobs report: UE Rate 4.4%, employment -701,000

    First all the caveats: The survey period for the Current Population survey (unemployment level, rate, and other labor force data) was March 8-14 and so does not reflect later job losses. The survey period for the Current Employment Situation (nonfarm payroll jobs gained or lost) was the pay...
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    How to not be taken seriously in gun control discussions

    Claim that the other side actually wants gun deaths.Use the terms “assault rifle” and “assault weapon” as synonyms.Talk as though the term “assault weapon” had any real meaning.Use the word “clip” when referring to a magazine.Claim that there should be no regulation of any kind of weapon for...
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    My prediction for Mueller’s testimony.

    Both Democrats and Republicans will show they don’t give a damn about his actual thoughts or answers, they’ll just be pretending to ask questions when what they will actually be doing is stating their own opinions. The answers are irrelevant and no questioner will let Mueller have the final word.
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    Clarifying firearms terms that any-gun people throw around

    An assault rifle is a select-fire rifle that uses an intermediate level cartridge: usually 7.62 x 39mm or smaller. The main examples are the M-16 and AK-47 Automatic weapon: any weapon that fires more than one round for each pull of the trigger. Semi-automatic: an auto-loading weapon that...
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    The January unemployment rate will be underreported

    Starting on Sunday/Monday until the end of that week, workers from the Census Bureau will interview around 60,000 households asking about their labor force activity for this week (6-12 January). Anyone who did not work this week and who has looked for work since 15 December will be classified as...
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    Adam and Eve and the Fall

    Note for those who do not believe in a literal reading of Genesis: For the purposes of this discussion, we will assume that the Book of Genesis is literally true, though I am fine with an explanation of it as metaphorical truth as an explanation for perceived problems. I do not welcome dismissal...
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    What it would take for me to believe in a god [W:73:222]

    I posted this thread in a different message board, but given some recent threads, I thought it would be appropriate here, as well. Now, I'm only speaking for myself, as I know many atheists have said that they are not aware of anything that could convince them a god exists, but I've thought...
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    Should the President tell NFL teams what to do?

    Simple question. Yes, No, It depends, or the inevitable <insert empty political slogan of your choice>
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    How can Christians assert Absolute Morality?[W:380; W:686]

    First off, I don't get the concept of Absolute morality: that something is always wrong regardless of circumstances. And there's even odder idea that this absolute morality is abstract so that it exists irrespective of any other considerations. But Christianity has a particular problem with...
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    Changes in the Minimum Wage..the bottom line.

    Here's what happens when the minimum wage is increased: It Depends. For some industries/occupations that have few if any min wage employees: no effect. For industries that have a significant number of min wage workers, the cost per unit of Labor will increase but total labor cost could go up...
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    Why Jefferson wrote "separation of Church and State"

    Many people like to point out that the words "Separation of Church and State do not appear in the Constitution. Which seems odd to me, because I'm not aware of anyone who claims they do. But, just as "right to a fair trial" is not explicitly stated, but is still a fundamental cornerstone of our...
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