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  1. rhinefire

    Trump Organization Found Guilty in Tax Fraud Scheme

    Trump is living up to his motto "Make America Great Again" in losing Arizona's Lake and Georgia's (even though h lives in Texas) Walker bid to win a simple election. Trump, you are truly a man of your word!
  2. rhinefire

    Incumbent Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock will defeat GOP challenger Herschel Walker

    Candidates like Walker are a direct result of Trumpism. By that I mean Trump could say and do anything and millions voted for him and the republicans in office feared him like the politburo feared Stalin. This type of phenomenon of mass fear in our history has to be squashed and burned. There...
  3. rhinefire

    Arizona certifies 2022 election results amid threat of more GOP challenges

    Kari Lake do not look back. Doing so you will be turned to salt.
  4. rhinefire

    Trump says toss the Constitution

    Don't forget he suggested he remain president for life in front of a crowd of his goons. Name one president that would be viewed as crazier than Trump.
  5. rhinefire

    Where Is Heaven?

    All religions look to the sky or high places when worshipping. So where is heaven or hell for that matter? Another dimension? Another universe? Another time?
  6. rhinefire

    Money laundering to steal another election

    How many Trump backers are now in prison vs. Biden supporters?
  7. rhinefire

    Why Is Tucker Having Stalinists On His Show?

    Trump kneels to Putin so Tucker kneels to commies.
  8. rhinefire

    Elon Musk voices support for Trump rival Ron DeSantis if Florida governor runs for president in 2024

    And all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Trumpy back together again.
  9. rhinefire

    Trump's tax returns now in the hands of House Democrats after lengthy court battle

    Three years in trying to avoid this. Reminds me of Al Capone. Whatever became of him?
  10. rhinefire

    BBC: China Covid: Shocking protests are huge challenge for China's leaders

    Strange how China seems to be incapable of addressing the COVID issue there. Three years of lockdown. Small wonder there are protests.
  11. rhinefire

    Elon Musk says Trump to be "reinstated" to Twitter

    The more he talks the tighter the rope gets. Talk to us Trump. Lead us to the glory land.
  12. rhinefire

    Mary Peltola crushes Sarah Palin.

    My puppy could beat Sarah Palin.
  13. rhinefire

    Attorney General Merrick Garland expected to name special counsel in Trump criminal probe, report says

    Name one disappointment greater than the Mueller flop.
  14. rhinefire

    So trump (while President of the United States) TWEETED classified image from reconnaissance satellite

    Wrong! The president is never privileged to 100% of intelligence.
  15. rhinefire

    Biden's 'Made In America' Plan Is Bullying Homeowners Off Their Land to Build a Taxpayer-Subsidized Chip Plant

    Tuff stuff for white people and "their" land. - Every Native American living on next to nothing.
  16. rhinefire

    Why Is Tucker Having Stalinists On His Show?

    Why does Trump kiss Putin's ass and state he believes Putin more the American intelligence experts. Why does Trump send love letters to Kim Jong Un?
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