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  1. Ivan The Terrible

    Wow love the new look

    I haven't been here in maybe two years but I see many of you that I knew befor still post. Very well... I shall now take the time to reintroduce myself to those whom have yet to fathom that which is greatness. I am Ivan The Terrible. If you feel now overcome by the urge to get on you knees...
  2. Ivan The Terrible

    Interview with the Banned

    Hello all. Have you ever wondered what happened to those that were banned? Your Master has and ahs also decide to do something about it. My first guest was banned within ten post of his first appearance here at Debate Politics. So with out further adieu.... I give you NikEy! Ivan The Terrible...
  3. Ivan The Terrible

    The “P” Problem: A Civil Discussion

    Hello acolytes, allies, and friends. It has come to Your Master's mentally skilled mind that we are forced to bear witness to this...
  4. Ivan The Terrible

    Pay Pal

    Hey can someone take me off of the pay pal thing. I foundout it was auto and only wanted to donate once.
  5. Ivan The Terrible

    Daughter of Your Master Has Arrived

    Ivan the Terrible, Your Master, has arrived!
  6. Ivan The Terrible

    I do not understand....

    Ivan The Terrible has started the debate!
  7. Ivan The Terrible

    Ivan's Insane Asylum

    In the time that I've been on this site there have been some people here that just seem a bit off there rocker. No I'm not talking about Billo. I mean guys like jimmy jack. The guy you know will get banned with in a week. I've been thinking about this idea for some time now... I miss those...
  8. Ivan The Terrible


    FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH. This might be worth a try and it certainly won't hurt to test out this theory: GAS WAR - an idea that WILL work This was originally sent by a retired Coca Cola executive It came from one of his engineer buddies who retired from Halliburton. It's worth your consideration...
  9. Ivan The Terrible

    Jimmyjack is Right!

    Your Master has seen Queer eye for the strait guy.... And was shocked at what he encountered. Gay/homosexual men teaching others how to live. Despicable! Your master has downcast his face in shame at what has happen to his nation. As a conservative it is my duty to uphold the true values of this...
  10. Ivan The Terrible

    @girl's Ascension

    For the Brutal annihilation of Billo_Really(May his soul be tormented daily.) She has been promoted! No longer is she a mer human... Behold! Your Lord, @girl The Vicious, Demi-goddess of WAR!
  11. Ivan The Terrible

    Peadophilea is natural too?

    This question is something I have been thinking about for a while. Is it just a sick practice or is it genetic? What do you think?
  12. Ivan The Terrible

    Operation Monkey Squeeze

    For some time now Your Master has been watching... Strange and evil developments take place. No drought this plot was hatched by Cnredd. In an effort to raise his necro/homo lover Teacher from the grave, he has created a diabolical monster. One that craves bananas... Even now his power is...
  13. Ivan The Terrible

    Ivan" MVE Award!

    Greetings commoners! Welcome to The First annual Most Valuable Enemy Award! Given to those who are truly admireable adversaries. Pick who you think has been the most creative poster that has attempted to insult Your Master. Galen Rocks! Jailman aPs Comrade Brian Independent_thinker2002 Bill...
  14. Ivan The Terrible

    **** South Park

    Spy report: April 2, 2006 His Excellency! George Washington, was attacked by a group of liberals and an unknown homosexual assailant. http://www.debatepolitics.com/showthread.php?t=9240&page=14 Mr. President, May I suggest the activation of executive oder 1.2045. A full out assault on all...
  15. Ivan The Terrible

    Dinner With Cnredd!

    Last night Your Master was invited to dinner by cnredd. This is the account of what took place. The list of actors is as follows: Cnredd: Ivan The Terrible C jr.nredd: Ivan The Terrible Mrs.nredd: @girl Pnredd: @girl Mrs. Terrible: @girl Ivan The Terrible: Ivan the Terrible Man of Truth:Ivan...
  16. Ivan The Terrible

    Mod This Gunny!

    I see you forget to thank those who helped you.
  17. Ivan The Terrible

    The “Redd” Problem: A Civil Discussion

    Hello acolytes, allies, and friends. It has come to Your Master's mental skills that we are in a huge crisis. More powerful than a speeding China-man. More devastating than the Democratic party. And more terrifying than Homo-Marriage, Mexico, and French Canadians combined. Commoners... This is...
  18. Ivan The Terrible

    "Morality" does not exist.

    It has come to Your Master's knowledge that some humans on this site hold this postion. Do you agree with this? Vote and share your postion. Ivan The Terrible, Your Master, has entered the polling booth!
  19. Ivan The Terrible

    My interview with Gunny!

    Last night I got a chance to talk on the phone with Gunny! @girl met him at her job and got his number. Later that night she got us together on a phone. I had a great time! We talked about DP, the war in Iraq, our shared hatred of liberals. lol It was great!
  20. Ivan The Terrible

    cnredd's Lack of Man Juice!

    It has come to Your Master's knowledge that a great injustice has been made. Let me tell you, commoner, that first and foremost this thread is not about Cnredd. He is/or/because simply used as a scapegoat to vent my anger at most of the mods at this site. Your Master is seeing a hidden design...
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