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  1. BCR

    So why did Obama lose

    I'd call it a draw. I was dissapointed that he spent most of his time defending and touting what he HAS done and not what he is going to do. However, Romney has spread so much misinformation about his own policy and Obama's record that Barrack had to clear the air.
  2. BCR

    Unemployement Drops: Legitimate or Not?

    Of course the numbers are legitimate. The BLS doesn't dabble in politics, and it's ridiculous to think otherwise. The numbers were good too. The work forced increased coupled with an increase in full-time workers. However, if congress remains flat footed, the economy will stagnate, and...
  3. BCR

    Pew: Romney 49, Obama 45

    From what I've read, the debate gave Romney a bump that essentially eliminates Obama's DNC bump. What I find concerning is that Romney went in front of the public and told us what we wanted to hear. He didn't tell us what he actually intends on doing. Essentially, he spewed a lot of bull ****...
  4. BCR

    What do you believe is the chief role of government?

    I do think it's important that our government upholds the Constitution. I also think that government should see to it that every American is provided an attainable path to success, regardless of sex, race, disability, orientation, or class.
  5. BCR

    If Obama wins

    You're delusional.
  6. BCR

    I Actually Believe In Redistribution

    America's greatest economic boom was the result of the large redistribution of wealth that transpired during the recovery from the great depression. Since the middle and lower classes consist of the most people, it would make sense to keep these classes as strong and stable as possible.
  7. BCR

    Growth: Economy v debt

    Let's see if I can get through to those of you who are unwilling to place any of the blame on bush for our current economic mess. Bush waged two was, Afghanistan and Iraq. These wars were very expensive, and long. One would think that logically, to pay for such mischief, government would want to...
  8. BCR

    Fed Announces New Round of Bond Buying to Spur Growth

    Bernard and the fed have exhausted every thing they can do. It's up to congress to see to it that this recovery revs up again.
  9. BCR

    Romney Slams Obama Over Embassy Attacks [W:156,W:236]

    Re: Romney Slams Obama Over Embassy Attacks From what I understand, an official at the U.S. embassy in Egypt tweeted that they condemn the video and sympathize with the Muslim people and don't condone religious intolerance, blah..blah..blah. Regardless as to what your opinion is on the matter...
  10. BCR

    The Need for Regulation: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

    I often side on government staying out of matter's such as what we eat, and at this current juncture I think they should remain idle. However, if this problem continues to grow I think the best course of action may be a sin tax. Obesity is more dangerous than Tobacco, and we implement a sin tax...
  11. BCR

    Obama Spending Lowest In 60 Years [W:166/819]

    "It's just some stupid analysis filled with liberal biases"..This is what a Republican friend of mine said when I presented this to him. It's data from the CBO, I couldn't believe my ears.
  12. BCR

    For Obama voters only!

    He should be a shoe-in. I've got no idea what the GOP's strategy for this upcoming election is, I'm pretty sure they, themselves, have no idea. The GOP keeps pushing further to the right, when they need to lean to the center to attract the undecided, independents, and moderates.
  13. BCR

    Mitt Romney Supports “Life Begins At Conception” Amendment

    This aptly sums up what a joke the GOP has become. There are many other feasible issues that need solving in this country. Mitt's abortion amendment would never be realized. He's just catering to his party's ideological beliefs.
  14. BCR

    Jack Daniel's Faces More Taxes From Cash-Strapped Hometown in Tennessee

    Wealthy people/companies typically generate revenue off of the classes below them, then bitch about raising taxes to help the said classes that made them rich.
  15. BCR

    Cain's 9/9/9 Plan: Pros and Cons

    Pros- So simple a caveman could understand it. Cons- He took it straight out of a video game (See sim city 4)
  16. BCR

    Perry and Paul: Texas-Sized Feud?

    Perry can take his 1.9 GPA and shove it up his ass.
  17. BCR

    Question for Atheists: You are Going to Die, Soon. Does that Bother You?

    Sometimes I worry but this quote by Mark Twain comforts me. "I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."
  18. BCR


    absolutely nothing!! Do you guys sincerely believe a single cell organism has an afterlife, I sure don't!
  19. BCR

    New Testament Forged?

    Crap digsbe, you changed your avatar. I wouldn't have even bothered posting that if I would have known it was you.
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