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  1. FluffyNinja

    Why wont Trump apologize?

    A serious question for Trump supporters, or obviously for anyone else who wishes to weigh in. I promise to try my best to not become too inflammatory with my words here, but I sincerely want to know why you feel Trump will never apologize for anything that he says? The common defense by Trump...
  2. FluffyNinja

    Trump now hates Bloomberg because Bloomberg was mean to him.

    So, then there are Trump's remarks after Michael Bloomberg's thrashing of him at the DNC. After stewing on it for a night, shockingly, he was provoked to tweet some comments worthy of a teen angst story and to make some threatening, childish comments in a speech the next day about wanting to...
  3. FluffyNinja

    All gloom and doom?

    So, here's the gist of the poll.....according to Trump's and Bernie's campaigns, and especially in light of the very dreary picture of America the Donald painted yesterday in his acceptance speech, in which he's assured us by the way that he's the only single person in America who can fix this...
  4. FluffyNinja

    Palin's High-strung Endorsement

    Simple question. In your opinion, did Sarah Palin's energetic (Howard Dean-esque) public endorsement of Donald Trump help or hurt his bid for the GOP nomination?
  5. FluffyNinja

    AP PHOTOS: Mob in Pakistan torches Christian homes

    AP PHOTOS: Mob in Pakistan torches Christian homes - Yahoo! News Ah.....Islam.......ever the religion of peace! And these were even Sunnis.......who are supposed to be the "least fundamentalist" of the two main branches of the faith. :shrug:
  6. FluffyNinja

    Blue Dog Democrats

    Just a simple question. Do you believe that the Blue Dog Coalition in Congress among Democrats will ever witness a re-emergence? Presently there are only 14 active members as I believe 23 were defeated in the 2010 elections. While my lean is conservative........I was (and still am) a strong...
  7. FluffyNinja

    The Hobbit

    I don't know if anyone else can relate but I'd just like to share that as a young boy (maybe 3rd or 4th grade) the first really "substantial" book that I remember reading was The Hobbit. I was completely hooked. I was amazed by the scope and style of the tale. From that point on, I became an...
  8. FluffyNinja

    Would you support a Muslim for President?

    Allow me to begin by saying that Obama's presidency has nothing to do with this poll. I am in no way implying that President Obama is in anyway personally affiliated with the religion of Islam. I was inspired to create it after posting in a couple other threads which directly tied religious...
  9. FluffyNinja

    Missing Members Forum?

    Just curious as to why we don't have some type of "Missing Members" forum? You know, a place to inquire about friends/members who have not been around here in a while. I myself, have posted questions regarding long lost members in other forums and have seen others do the same, just thought it...
  10. FluffyNinja

    Best Tasting Coffee

    Ok, all of you java hounds out there, while reading another thread here at DP I've decided to seek the opinions of the pros. Which "on the go" (fast food) brand of coffee is the best. I read a blind taste test study about a year ago that said professional taste testers overwhelmingly chose...
  11. FluffyNinja

    Where's Jerry?

    Hey, anybody heard from Jerry in a while. He used to post regularly and I really enjoyed reading his dry wit and "common sense" responses. I see he's only posted a few times in the past several months. Just wondering if he's been busy or maybe found a new home? :confused:
  12. FluffyNinja

    Anti-Facebook Movement?

    Just wondering if I am the only weirdo here who hasn't joined the ever-growing ranks of the Facebook Loyalists? I did have a Myspace account at one point, but being a high school teacher, I soon realized that my students were quite a bit more web saavy than I, as some of the more "creative" of...
  13. FluffyNinja

    Most Dominant Athlete?

    Okay, I hope you guys (and gals) aren't getting tired of sports polls, but here's one interesting question that I picked up last night on a Talk Radio sports show. Which modern-era athlete was/is the most dominating in his/her respective sport and why? This would need to be an athlete...
  14. FluffyNinja

    Most Unbreakable Sports Record

    Which professional sports record do you believe is the least likely to ever be broken and why? Feel free to add your own if your choice is not included in the poll. My vote goes to Nolan Ryan's Strikeout record. No pitcher today has even come close to matching Ryan's durability and...
  15. FluffyNinja

    Was the Mexican War Justified?

    After listening to some of the controversy surrounding the recent Absolut Vodka ad that ran in Mexico, I began to reflect on the Mexican War of 1846 and its validity. My question is, was the Mexican War justified? And, if not, do we owe anything (land, reparations, apologies, etc.) to the...
  16. FluffyNinja

    World's New Tallest Building?

    The Daily Mail reported today that Saudi Prince al-Walid bin Talal, one of the richest men on Earth, has unveiled plans to build a tower that will be 1 mile tall (5,280 feet) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - dubbed the Mile-High Tower. This plan, recently revealed, raises all sorts of new...
  17. FluffyNinja

    U.S. - A "Christian Nation?"

    The Muslim Fundamentalists have obviously identified the United States as a "Christian Nation," as we seem to be one of the primary targets of their jihad. However, I would like to pose two questions: #1 - Was the United States FOUNDED upon Christian principles? With the recent growth of...
  18. FluffyNinja

    Human-Induced Global Warming: Fact, Fiction or Somewhere in between?

    I realize that many threads similar to this one have been started on this forum, but I'd like to try and approach this controversial topic from a different angle. First off, I am no scientist, I'm just an innocent observer who'd like to pose a few questions. here goes: Please correct me if...
  19. FluffyNinja

    Let's Rewrite the Bill of Rights!

    The Bill of Lefts With the recent (past 50 years) infiltration of modern American Liberalism into our Public Schools, Universities, judicial system and the news media, I have been wondering; to what degree has our cherished Bill of Rights suffered under this Left-wing onslaught? Has modern...
  20. FluffyNinja

    The Best Republican Candidate?

    After viewing a previous thread, my curiosity was aroused. Many Conservatives are obviously disappointed in the Republican nominee for the Presidential Race. Since so many feel that McCain was not the best choice as a viable GOP candidate, I was wondering, in YOUR opinions, who would have...
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