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  1. StandUpChuck

    This user has changed their name

    It would be lovely if there were a place in said person's profile that listed their previous name. Or by clicking on the changed name icon, if the old name were there. :thanks: for considering.
  2. StandUpChuck

    Michelle Obama looks positively beautiful

    ... at a state dinner in India on Monday. I'm not terribly thrilled with all the pomp and circumstance right now with US citizens having so many financial problems, but I'll give credit where it's due. The First Lady looks positively beautiful. This is the prettiest she has ever looked IMO...
  3. StandUpChuck

    I dislike our giggle smiley

    :giggle: He looks like he's got dry heaves. Is one of these not cuter?
  4. StandUpChuck

    Google Redirect virus

    also redirects Bing searches so one cannot search for the answers on the web. :doh This badboy is eating my notebook alive. :shock: Malaware found 132 infections - fixed and was told to restart Malaware found 34 infections - fixed and was told to restart Attempted System Retore - error...
  5. StandUpChuck

    "Processor fan not detected"

    *groan* Son turned on the desktop today and there was that warning. I told him to shut down the computer right away, but he said dad's been ignoring that message for weeks. So I figure I need to get it fixed ASAP or my motherboard could fry, right? :unsure13: I'd drop it off at the computer...
  6. StandUpChuck

    When one word appears twice

    This keeps happening to me, and I haven't seen it happening with others. In some posts, one word will show up twice. For instance, in this post, I only typed dumbells once, and here it is twice ... :crazy3...
  7. StandUpChuck

    What are your favorite jeans?

    I've been on a quest for the perfect fit. I'm going to try Seven because I've heard good things about them, but for now I've found that for bumming around jeans, Lucky Brand is very good. When I need to count on fit, I still go for Levi's. What do you like?
  8. StandUpChuck

    The 20 something generation is kind of gross

    Not all, but a lot of them. I've been noticing at the beach this summer, all the people who *should* be in their prime physical condition walking around with doughy moobs and muffin tops. I cannot believe all the man teets I've seen this summer on otherwise good looking guys. And the young...
  9. StandUpChuck

    DVD programs like Insanity and P90X

    These things really bug me, and I'm not exactly sure why. :thinking I am thinking that they are just too extreme. Do people really keep up with that kind of intensity when the 90 days are up? Is working your body that* hard good for your heart? Is it really all that wise to keep pushing your...
  10. StandUpChuck

    New sig lines don't show up in older posts ...

    ... which is an oddity of the uprade. Generally, that sort of thing doesn't bother me, but since I want everyone to know how much people value my incredible debate skills, I was kind of disappointed. :boohoo:
  11. StandUpChuck

    Please come see the mii my son made

    You know who it is, right? I'm so proud of his talent. :lol:
  12. StandUpChuck

    Oversized, men's t shirts make women look fat

    Stop wearing them!!! :crazy3:
  13. StandUpChuck

    This thing

    :alert is upside down, no? :unsure13:
  14. StandUpChuck

    Increasing weights

    Please don't laugh or snicker at how weak I am. I've always had an incredibly weak upper body and am currently working on that. I started working out with weights earlier this year by using 3 lb dumbbells (told ya I was weak :3oops:). After a few weeks, I was able to increase that to 5 lb...
  15. StandUpChuck

    Sarah Palin's New Fox TV Show Marred When Nude Photos Surface

    :censored I really liked this woman, but this is just too far over the line IMO. And no, a liberal didn't start this thread. :( Huffington Post - Palin Nude Photos Surface
  16. StandUpChuck

    Does anyone know how to save ...

    entire files from Outlook Express? I don't want to save each individual document since that would be way too time consuming. Is there a way to save them out of Outlook Express? Thanks!
  17. StandUpChuck

    20 Worst Restaurant Foods in America

    A friend posted this on another board a while ago, and I've been meaning to share this here. Read through it. It will make you sick. The 20 Worst Restaurant Foods in America | Eat This, Not That
  18. StandUpChuck

    What does "Come All Ye Faithful" mean?

    I'm talking about that song. It was sent to me recently in quite a miraculous way, and I'd like to understand the deeper meaning beyond the whole Christmas thing.
  19. StandUpChuck

    DOMS - power thru it? Go lightly? Or actual rest?

    I recently decided to shake up my exercise routine. Although I love it and have been pleased with the results, I figured it was time for an overhaul. So for the next month or two, I'm doing entirely different things though still working the major muscle groups. Though intially pleased with the...
  20. StandUpChuck

    Are we suppose to take Andrea Mitchell serisouly as a reporter?

    Mocking Sarah Palin? :roll: Come on Andrea. Leave that kind of crap for Olbermann or Rachel Madcow. You're suppose to be an unbiased news reporter. Seriously, this is what news is reduced to?
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