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  1. Lita456


    k, I know this doesn't belong here, but I have a question....on the arcade....I'm trying to challenge Shep to a game, and I know you used to be able to challenge someone, but I don't see it, anywhere.....can someone help???
  2. Lita456

    Officer suspended for giving 'DWI' cop water

    I am outraged with this case. This cop kills an innocent woman because he WAS drinking - admits he was drinking to officers at the scene - refuses a breathalyzer test, (I know it's not in this article, but I just saw it on TV), the cops giving him water, gum, they have to get a warrant to get...
  3. Lita456

    Saudi sex braggart gets 5 years, 1,000 lashes

    Ouch! 1,000 lashes? Is that all at once? I don't understand some Saudi's lately. I've seen numerous reports of Saudi men and women breaking their own rules as far as sex and speaking about sex..... A Saudi court on Wednesday sentenced a man who caused uproar by bragging about his sex life...
  4. Lita456

    Man sues Bank of America for $1,784 billion trillion

    Septillion?? Holy crap!!!! America has its share of ambitious people. But it is almost guaranteed that none in its lengthy history have filed a lawsuit against a bank for more money than Dalton Chiscolm. If my math is correct, Chiscolm is suing Bank of America (BAC) for over $1.78 septillion...
  5. Lita456

    Best Halloween movies

    I love scary movies......and I thought it was appropriate if we had a fave Halloween song thread, that movies would fit right in....... A couple of my faves: 1. Exorcist 2. Night of the Living Dead 3. Rosemary's Baby - old I know, but it's scary 4. Amityville Horror 5. Nightmare on Elm...
  6. Lita456

    Italian Boy's Confession

    AN ITALIAN BOY'S CONFESSION 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl'. The priest asks, 'Is that you, little Joey Pagano ?' 'Yes, Father, it is.' 'And who was the girl you were with?' 'I can't tell you...
  7. Lita456

    Babies Born Today Should Live to 100

    I find it surprising with how health concerns nowadays are at a rise, that people would live longer....... LONDON (Oct. 1) -- Most babies born in rich countries this century will eventually make it to their 100th birthday, new research says. Danish experts say that since the 20th century...
  8. Lita456

    Woman fried, ate goldfish amid fight with ex

    :2rofll: PASADENA, Texas — Authorities say a Houston-area woman who was burned up at her former common-law husband fried their pet goldfish and ate some of them. Pasadena police say it's a civil matter and no charges will be filed. The seven goldfish were purchased together by the couple...
  9. Lita456

    Canadian Gets Life for Driving Drunk

    SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD, Quebec (Sept. 9) — A Canadian man has been sentenced to life in prison for mowing down a woman in a wheelchair as he drove drunk. It was his 19th drunken driving conviction, the court said. The life sentence handed down by a Quebec judge was the first for a drunken...
  10. Lita456

    Police: Ex-Cop Snuck In High School

    Pretty scary that he could get into the school, let alone sit in a classroom! Guess he was right.............. WATERFORD, Conn. -- A 52-year-old former police officer was arrested after police said he tried to pass himself off as a high school student. Police said Christopher Schildt, 52, a...
  11. Lita456

    Top 10 Bad things that are good for you...

    Now this is a sigh of relief................:mrgreen: 1. Beer The newest bad kid on the block, beer has long been overshadowed by its healthier alcoholic cousins. While no one's suggesting you switch that glass of antioxidant-rich Pinot Noir for a tall glass of lager-there's still that beer gut...
  12. Lita456

    Dumbest Cop Ever

    YouTube - Dumbest Cop Ever
  13. Lita456

    Exes Three-Way-Smackdown Three-Timing Man

    Guess he won't cheat again...... Beware a scorned woman. Or in this case, three scorned women. So goes this classic tale: Married dude courts three ladies. Ladies find out. Ladies lure dude into hotel room with promise of massage. Once inside, ladies glue dude's private parts with Krazy Glue...
  14. Lita456

    Finders but not Keepers

    So what do you think about this? Don't know how this lady could prove it was her ticket? (July 27) -- Michael and Amanda Stacy won 30,000 British pounds after hitting the jackpot on a lottery ticket late last year. The only problem with their good fortune was it wasn't theirs. The ticket --...
  15. Lita456

    Man takes phone call complaint a little too far

    Don't we all just get sick of telemarketers??? Ohioan Charles Papenfus is cooling his heels today in a St. Louis jail, unable to raise the $45,000 bail, after a bitter exchange with a phone rep of a company that hustles car warranties. Papenfus, infuriated by the company's actions...
  16. Lita456

    Kids Deny Abuse After Dad Serves Time

    Well you hear it all the time, someone spends time in prison for many years and is innocent. However, how many of them were accused by their own children of abuse and it wasn't even true.....? I don't know if I could talk to my kids again for lying like that, I don't know how I would...
  17. Lita456

    Banned fireworks give Midlands soldier a PTSD flashback

    Awww, poor guy.....does PTSD stay with you forever? COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - When you're living with post-traumatic stress disorder, things like fireworks can bring back painful memories for veterans home from war. This past July 4, one soldier thought he was safe from the explosions since...
  18. Lita456

    No Balls Allowed In Canton Park

    This is ridiculous and they wonder why kids are hanging out in the streets with nothing to do, now they can't even play frisbee???? That's messed up. CANTON, Ga. -- The city of Canton, Ga. passed a law banning active sports in two parks. Violators could be arrested for playing with balls or...
  19. Lita456

    Smart Cars - what we will be forced to drive quite soon

    The Smorvette The Smaudi A3 AWD The Smamborghini
  20. Lita456

    Naked Friday: British Marketing Co. Works In the Buff

    Question: Would you ever go to work and get naked with other colleagues? Like a scene from the 'The Office,' the employees of British marketing company onebestway came in to work one Friday and proceeded to get NAKED. The idea came from David Taylor, a cheeky business consultant and...
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