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    Tucker is the first person to listen to in these dark times

    No matter what you think, no matter where you want America to go, this needs to be the first stop...... because he is saying things that almost no one else is willing to say, and because he has in recent years been proven right far more than most. And this man is at the top of his game right...
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    Front line docs say that vents are being over used

    With ventilators running out, doctors say the machines are overused for Covid-19 Ventilators are overused for Covid-19 patients, doctors say - STAT I have been seeing this questioning of ventilator protocols for over a week. We need to get to the bottom of this fast, as we are running out of...
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    Is there any use for humility in the West now?

    By humility I mean what passes for humility now...the not speaking up....not standing up......not speaking truth to those who dont want to hear the truth because to do so is to make the willfully ignorant morons feel bad about themselves....it causes them to have "bad" emotions about their...
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    Will COVID-19 kill the EU....Kill the dream?

    I mean come on.....there is no bandwidth for another problem...and this is a colossal complex problem.......and there are astonishingly few leaders worth a damn around. And then too there is almost certainly as well the COVID-19 Depression What Say U?
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    The global borders closing is going to be a problem

    German vegetable prices may rise as coronavirus disrupts crop work - lobby German vegetable prices may rise as coronavirus disrupts crop work - lobby - Reuters There is a typical so-called journalist failure in the headline, as factually "may" is actually "will".
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    Why age is not your friend with this bug

    What explains Covid-19’s lethality for the elderly? Scientists look to ‘twilight’ of the immune system What explains Covid-19's lethality for the elderly? - STAT Well that explains a lot. We do see some very old people surviving this thing, so I suppose we should try to have some hope if...
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    Mitt Romney

    Has he had a "Come To Jesus" moment, finally figuring out that the Democrats in Washington tend to be bad people who dont give a damn about the Constitution? He seems different of late...I think it was the Washington D's being obsessed with a sham politically motivated impeachment as the...
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    I am so confused

    With this bug is it better to have a robust immune system, or it it rather to not as we watch so many die of sepsis, which is the immune system going wild? Four months into this bug we dont even know this much. Where is the GD data that we need to guide us? THE INTELLIGENTSIA SUCK!
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    Watching the pandemic "journalism" is there any doubt but that Journalism is Crap now?

    I say no....I mean I have known for a long time that they dont have any interest in journalism..... that all they are interested in is Shoveling Propaganda For Utopia to their inferiors ....but now we all can see this.....RIGHT?
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    Pandemic Streaming Practices

    Whaddya doing? We are back to watching cooking shows that we had long done but been off of for well over a year, and at least one movie per day. We also just finished The Crown which was awesome. The Hound really likes TV time. 4-6 hours a day.
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    If U Imagine that U R not a Dummy

    Pay attention to the death rate: Coronavirus Death Toll and Trends - Worldometer And as well the number of people that our health care professionals are working 15 hour days to keep from dying: Coronavirus Update (Live): 435,366 Cases and 19,618 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak -...
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    Problems with CDC coronavirus test delay expanded U.S. screening

    Problems with CDC coronavirus test delay expanded U.S. screening - POLITICO Filed under : The bungling of the elite turns deadly. What we need is a fast cheap easy test, which we dont have and there is no hint that we will have one soon, but our health leaders can not even do the expensive...
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    The Crown

    Let me say that I run down Netflix constantly for spending gobs of money on mostly crap because they dont give a tinkers damn about quality....but this I like. Does anyone have a problem with the level of truth in this series? tyvm
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    The ethics of being a healthcare worker during a pandemic

    Let us say for example that we have a new corona virus with an R0 of three....the medical system in America is collapsed because it can not function without supplies from China, and they have declared a national emergency and are keeping all production for themselves. I mean come on, the...
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    What is wrong with Ottawa and Ontario?

    I am railfan since pretty much birth and a transit guy since my teens, and I look at the complete Cluster F that is the Confederation Line, and the anger that the citizens have and yet they still dont call for a complete housecleaning in spite of this demonstration of complete incompetence at...
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    Does no one eat sherbet anymore?

    Seems to be getting harder to find, and I cant imagine why. Once upon a time I could count on a store to have at least three flavors, now I have trouble finding one.
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    The most important reason for the impeachment action?

    It is been a thing to figure out why the D's in he House did impeachment. Some say that they are so delusional that they thought that they could win but then we saw that the House managers did not give a tinkers damn about changing any minds on the jury, this was conducted as a PR stunt or was...
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    The Navy's lack of shipyard capacity

    This problem has been developing over a couple of decades, and of course nothing was ever done to fix the problem because our intelligentsia fails at almost everything now generally, and Washington now functions almost not at all specifically, and even more specifically our officer corps at the...
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    Is this BUG out of China going to get you?

    I am 50/50......and headed South. WHAT SAY u?
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    Your Last Meal

    You are in fine health, you can eat what ever you want, anything you request is yours ....but this is your last meal....there no doubt about that...... WHADDYA WANT? Me: The best German country bread which includes rye and looks almost burnt, Dannish Butter, Radishes with Ghost Pepper...
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