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  1. Erod

    [W:1607] ***2022 General Election Thread***

    So Lucerne County ran out of ballots hours before the voting deadline? LOL, how very convenient.
  2. Erod

    [W:1607] ***2022 General Election Thread***

    Massive red wave. To be repeated again in 24 months in with an even larger wave. Democrats defunded, pronoun'd, and Covid'd their way into obsolescence for the next decade. Roe v Wade gone. Affirmative action gone. Twitter no longer under their full control. Crime, border control...
  3. Erod

    Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

    Unfortunately, once again, liberals are acting like just what they are. This is them. Always.
  4. Erod


    i used to love Denver, especially downtown around 14th street. Now it's a dangerous cesspool of drug addicts wandering about.
  5. Erod


    Beto has no chance. These polls are a joke. Republicans just won a House seat that Democrats have held for a century in an 85% Hispanic district. Texas is getting redder by the minute.
  6. Erod

    [W:5949][W:1030]***Official January 6 Public Hearings Thread***

    Thank you for the poster for Democrats.
  7. Erod

    [W:5949][W:1030]***Official January 6 Public Hearings Thread***

    No, he wasn't. That was political circus for the lowest common denominators in the country.
  8. Erod

    [W:5949][W:1030]***Official January 6 Public Hearings Thread***

    LOL, just poking my head in to see the zoo animals in full hysterics and circle-jerk overload. Meanwhile, amidst the fabrication.... Roe v Wade will be reversed soon, inflation is near 9%, the market is about to dip below 30K, and November is going to be an absolute bloodbath for Democrats...
  9. Erod

    [W:5949][W:1030]***Official January 6 Public Hearings Thread***

    Translation: Your third failed attempt at trying to implicate Trump is blowing up in your face again, and you're grasping at everything in desperation. You've lost. Again.
  10. Erod

    [W:5949][W:1030]***Official January 6 Public Hearings Thread***

    If you call rubber-necking this car wreck as paying attention. LOL
  11. Erod

    [W:5949][W:1030]***Official January 6 Public Hearings Thread***

    No one is is paying attention to this manufactured drivel. However, they are paying attention to the highest inflation rate in 40 years. Minorities are flocking to the GOP in droves. Hispanics especially, and Democrats are in full panic. These silly diversionary tactics don't work when...
  12. Erod

    [W:#389: 420, 790]Texas elementary school reports 'active shooter' on campus

    Wow. Truly sick people on this forum. Still. Which is why I rarely frequent.
  13. Erod

    [W: #405] Twitter reportedly nearing deal to sell itself to Elon Musk

    Imagine a Twitter with open discussion, free of bots and narrative algorithms, and run by a green-energy liberal who actually acknowledges the Constitution. Whatever will the wacko liberals do?
  14. Erod

    Trucker rally fizzles out in Washington, D.C.

    Because of Ukraine. They could see that it wasn't the right time. Unlike Democrats, who chose to buy oil from Putin while preaching climate, and now have $5 gas and still think everybody should have a Tesla by the weekend.
  15. Erod

    Former Keystone Pipeline worker says US energy crisis is result of Biden's policies: 'We tried to warn you'

    It's hilarious that this trumped-up lie about global warming is what is ultimately going to turn the Democrats into the Bull Moose Party.
  16. Erod

    AP Source: Biden taps Ketanji Brown Jackson for high court

    Who wants to be the nominee when 98% of the reason you were chosen was because of your genitalia and skin pigmentation?
  17. Erod

    Biden administration freezes new oil and gas drilling leases after court rules against key climate tool

    When you're exporting more than your importing, yes.
  18. Erod

    Trump on Putin plan to recognize breakaway Ukraine regions: 'This is genius'

    How stupid. LOL No, MIkey, we don't "side with Putin." We can see, however, that your Weekend at Bernie's stiff of a president is getting schooled by Putin on every front. Such has been the case with literally everything Biden has touched this entire first year, which will go down as the...
  19. Erod

    Trump on Putin plan to recognize breakaway Ukraine regions: 'This is genius'

    Laughable, because the truth is the opposite. The obsession and inability to cope with Trump from you soft invertebrates is what just boggles the mind. It must be a challenge for you to get out of bed and brush your teeth everyday. Parenting quite clearly failed you.
  20. Erod

    Prosecutors Leading Trump Fraud Investigation in NY Resign

    Another nothing burger. Those documents didn't reveal what they hoped for. They got played. Again.
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