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    Napolitano to "secure" border. No, not ours.

    Talk about the blind leading the blind. Janet Napolitano is has gone to Afghanistan to help secure the border between that country and Pakistan. Are you kidding me? That inept piece of female slob couldn't secure the borders of her own yard. You can't make up stuff this stupid.
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    Bloomburg admits gov. snow removal faillure

    No, really? :shock: This is the sad truth about all government. Whenever there's a crunch, it can't be counted on. Look at any emergency, the oil spill last summer, Katrina in New Orleans, you name it. Do all you liberals really think big government is the answer? Who wants New Orleans' mayor...
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    What the ACLU stands for according to its founder Roger Baldwin

    Wrong again. The ACLU is only concerned with legalizing every kind of drug and deviant sexual behavior known to man or animal. They spit on free speech.
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    Another congressional end-run

    What charade are you talking about? Here's what your guy Earl Blumenauer the D. from Oregon had to say about the resurrection of death panels. Democrats love sneaking around in the dark. After learning of the administration’s decision, Mr. Blumenauer’s office celebrated “a quiet victory,” but...
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    Is the US constitution carved in stone?

    And with good reason.
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    Is the US constitution carved in stone?

    I guess they didn't teach you about constitutional amendments before you dropped out of school. That's the way the constitution is supposed to be changed, not by activist judges or a communistic president. Of course the tricky thing about amending the constitution is that you have to get two...
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    N.J. lawmaker questions absence of Christie, lt. gov. during blizzard

    And where is your fearless leader while a blizzard pounds the north east? Must all politicians camp in their office waiting for an emergency? What exactly is your point?
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    Sneaky Democrats

    Why are Democrats so sneaky? They seem to hate the light of day. Take Earl Blumenauer, for example, trying to hide his glee over the reprieve of death panels. And what else do you need to say about the "con"iving of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed? Al Gore keeps pushing his global warming agenda in...
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    Social Security Is Not 'Insurance'

    Yeah. What about Gore's "locked box" approach? It's one more example of how badly government "works" for us. But liberals sitll cling to the idea that bigger and bigger government is the answer to all our problems. No, big government IS the problem. Especially when they snieak around in the dark...
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    Blumenauer D of Or. "keep it quiet"

    If "Death Panels" are Ok, why the secrecy? This isn't about "councelling" this is about telling people how they're going to die. Here's what Earl Blumenauer a Democrat from Oregon is saying. After learning of the administration’s decision, Mr. Blumenauer’s office celebrated “a quiet victory,”...
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    Another congressional end-run

    Cap and Trade got rejected by congress so that all there is to that, right? Welllllll, no. Just like Death Panels, Cap and Trade is going to be an end-run around congress too. And God knows how bad global warming is getting on the East Coast. Oh, wait a minute. The East Coast is all snowed in...
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    The Superior Generosity of America's Top 1 Percent

    Oh, Spud my boy. Nothing at to do in kangaroo land today, eh? Well, whatever the likelyhood is, they don't. Here's the major difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals think it's the governement's job to take money from people and give it away "as they see fit". Taxpayers have no...
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    Statism: An Unfalsifiable Religion

    First the government proves it's totally incompetent (name any agency or department, say the DMV for example) then it's given more responsibility over a larger segment of the population. What could go wrong with that? When Obama gets done, everything will be like going down to get new licence...
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    It's baaaaaack!

    I dunno. Why did they put Jack Kevorkian in jail for assisting in suicide? Communists have no problem ending people's lives. They do it all the time. Millions died under Mao from starvation. Who cared? He sure didn't. He said China has plenty of people. Is that your philosophy too? How're you...
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    It's baaaaaack!

    I have a very simple mind. Why is the government bugging old people about the "end-of-their-lives" in the first place? I guess this is some of the schit Nancy Pelosi said we'd find out about after they passed the law. Would you expect people who hide under outhouses, like the ACLU, to come right...
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    It's baaaaaack!

    Oh, I see. So you think there's really no possible way this will ever get pushed in through a side door or "pole vault over the wall" as Nancy Pelosi said they were going to do with health care? Well then, why do the **** roaches keep bringing it back up, especially the day after Christmas when...
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    It's baaaaaack!

    The story that just won't die. Guess what has popped up again, the day after Christmas? Death panels are back in the news as of today. What Obama can't get through congress he end-runs around congress with administrative regulations. OK liberals, what's your excuse this time? When a proposal...
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    What the ACLU stands for according to its founder Roger Baldwin

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry about my point because you won't get it anyway. What does "stated goals" mean? Gee, that's another tough one but try looking up the policy numbers of the ACLU like #4, #210 & #211. I gues you're like Clinton and don't even know what "is" means. Let me guess, you...
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    What the ACLU stands for according to its founder Roger Baldwin

    Oh you can bet on it. I plan to keep on knocking over the outhouses your scum bag liberal organization hides under. Shining a light on them is as deadly as throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West.
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    ACLU attack on decency

    Well, you've got the devil part right anyway. So, in your book, taking a couple cases to camouflage themselves makes up for advocating child porn and any other kind of deviant sexual behavior? You're easily fooled.
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