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    Will it help or hurt Trump more politically to pardon those convicted of seditious conspiracy?

    I would hope that if he is still talking about 1/6 during the 2024 campaign people will totally turn him off. You would think that Republicans will not be lemmings and follow him off the cliff.
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    Elon Musk is right about Apple

    But it is not a phone.
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    Elon Musk is right about Apple

    The question I think is whether or not Apple is using monopolistic practices. Due to their large share in the smartphone market.
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    Oil Prices are at their lowest level in a year

    China staying closed seems to be the main reason for oil prices sliding. I guess the calls from many to break up the oil monopolies was a bit misplaced.
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    [W:911] Documentary exposing the hidden history of Israel's founding

    So Netanyahu holds up peace talks more than Hamas and Abbas. Interesting thought.
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    Man is arrested after throwing up Heil Hitler salutes and screaming of a race war

    Is he a relation of Kyrie Irving by any chance?
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    Biden takes his unconstitutional gun control rhetoric up a couple of notches

    Democrats need be careful lest they fall into the trap Republicans just found themselves in. Like the dog catching the bus, Republicans stacked the courts and much to their chagrin SCOTUS overturned Roe. This turned one of their signature wedge issues into a big negative in the 2022 elections...
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    Civilian owned firearms make American society safer: True or False

    I made a change to the wording for my vote. That is IMHO although I do not own a gun it makes homeowners safer. Especially in suburban and rural area, where police response time will not be fast enough if someone breaks into my home. Actually thought about getting a gun during the riots of 2020.
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    Private Equity firms are killing us

    Please be more specific. Not sure the biggest private equity funds are doing this.
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    CEO-to-worker pay gap is now 351-to-1. In 1965, the ratio was 21-to-1

    A couple of things to consider. First the market rises about 7% annually on average so a mediocre performance will get you that. Then there is the issue that many CEOs now get not stock options but restricted stock. Even I as a non-CEO got some of those. The beauty of restricted stock is you get...
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    Should we have corporate R&D tax breaks? Or the child tax credit? Or both?

    There are many differences between book income and taxable income. Remember when the last spending/taxing law was passed. Part of that was to insure that companies with book income above a certain level paid some corporate taxes.
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    Can the government require you to have an ID to exercise your rights?

    I thought we have that. If not what is the social security number.
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    Ex-Trump Org. CFO testifies Donald Trump, sons involved in tax fraud

    That would be hard since I don't watch it. CNBC and sports, maybe some cop/fbi shows. I mentioned it because it is true and is something that bother the heck out of me.
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    Ex-Trump Org. CFO testifies Donald Trump, sons involved in tax fraud

    Inane response. The fact that others commit the same crime does not take you off the hook. Although some might look to the 14th amendment.
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    Ex-Trump Org. CFO testifies Donald Trump, sons involved in tax fraud

    Guess you and the people who liked your post couldn't or did not read MY post. I said the Trump organization was probably guilty. Not sure what you or the others who agreed with you do not know the difference between a personal tax return and a corporate tax return.
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    Ex-Trump Org. CFO testifies Donald Trump, sons involved in tax fraud

    Sounds like the Trump org. lowered their expenses thereby increasing their profit and tax liability. Sounds like the CFO cooked the books. Wonder the percent of corporate execs, purchasing managers, military contractors could have the same charges made against them. Who fills those $2,500 box...
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    2024 Senate Cycle--Is Georgia’s Runoff the Opening Battle?

    No. This year's races were based on 2022 issues IMHO. Democratic voters were largely focused on the overturning of Roe and Trump ( including 1/6). So the biggie as of right now will be if Trump runs in 2024. If Trump sits it out or backs the Republican nominee versus Biden 2024 could be a hard...
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    Not all the election news is good - Israel has gone right-wing

    Can peace be made with Hamas and Abbas? Would you rejoice with a second holocaust?
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    Not all the election news is good - Israel has gone right-wing

    Actually I was thrilled when peace was made with Egypt. When will people like you tire of war and death?
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    Not all the election news is good - Israel has gone right-wing

    Well its only the lives of 6-7 more Jewish lives, what's to worry. Certainly not Hezbollah with perhaps 100K missiles and counting from Iran. Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Israel has not one day in its existence without being at war (including prior to 1967).
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