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  1. Trippy Trekker

    Rigged U.S. Supreme Court

    How do you feel about the U.S. Supreme Court? I consider Justices Thomas, Alito and Kavanaugh as scumbags. I also don’t have a good opinion about Justices Gorsuch or Barrett. Amy Coney Barrett and her husband belong to a religious cult. Clarance Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh faced serious...
  2. Trippy Trekker

    Palace Intrigue; Kevin McCarthy’s quest for the Speaker’s Gavel

    To the Winners go the Spoils! Coming soon, confirmation the GOP flips the House. It remains unclear by what margin, beyond a disappointing one for the GOP. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/11/14/house-gop-leadership-elections-2022-elections-00066664 Odds favor Kevin McCarthy becomes the next...
  3. Trippy Trekker

    Great White Hope Ron DeSantis leads a Red Paint Party in Florida!

    DEMs woke up to a bearable national political landscape. Thank God! Meanwhile, in my home state of Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis(R) led a red paint party. Obama won the state in 2008 and 2012. Trump won the state in 2016 and 2020. No longer can we consider Florida a battle ground state. Give the...
  4. Trippy Trekker

    Did you make Election-related plans to go somewhere tonight (Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022)?

    My political allegiance tends to align with the Democrats. I register as a DEM; first registered in 1974 in Pinellas County FL. In my local elections, party affiliation holds less sway for me. This election cycle, back in Spring, I met a 35 year old Haitian-born lawyer and GOP candidate for a...
  5. Trippy Trekker

    Hate Crime? WARNING! Adult Humor

    Dated humor for sure (2008). Halloween-related and still very funny!
  6. Trippy Trekker

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis & His Family

    Please review “The Loft Guidelines” before participating in this thread. How much do you know about Ron Dion DeSantis (R), elected Florida’s 46th Governor in 2018 and now poised to win re-election in November? I aim to flesh out a more thorough profile. In my mind he leads all contenders right...
  7. Trippy Trekker

    Which of two statements Rings more True to You?

    Among American voters, which of the two statements rings more true to you?
  8. Trippy Trekker

    Florida Senior Senator Marco Rubio (R) aims to mislead

    Senator Rubio faces Rep. Val Demings (D) in the upcoming U.S. Senate race in Florida. He has stated Rep. Demings supports the right to an abortion up to the last day of a full term pregnancy. I say “Quack! Quack! Not true.” What say you...
  9. Trippy Trekker

    When the Dark Shadow of Gun Violence knocks on your Door

    Catch a quick glimpse of the late Karl Davis, age 32, who died in a hail of bullets near the French Quarter in New Orleans on July 8th. Karl, with a cousin and her daughter, pose for photo in one of my Pinellas County FL homes: My Godson, Karl’s older brother, lives in that home. That same day...
  10. Trippy Trekker

    Father’s Day Trip June 19, 2022

    Motivated by an invitation to attend a relative’s MBA Graduation Party scheduled on Father’s Day in Trumbull CT, I decided to fly up unannounced and crash the event. My cousin who hosted the party says I did not crash the event because she sent me an invitation. My wife blessed my trip. I...
  11. Trippy Trekker

    Keith Urban opens up his 2022 Tour in Tampa FL

    Last week, Wife scored Champaign Tickets on a Beer Budget for tonight’s Keith Urban concert! Higher Power stuff! Open act Rocked! Ingrid Andress from Colorado. Knew almost nothing about her before tonight. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/keith-urban-tour-dates-2022-1265002/...
  12. Trippy Trekker

    Bad Hombre Rep. Greg Steube (R) FL shows off some of his Guns

    Greg Steube’s dad use to serve as Manatee County FL Sheriff. Greg went to Unversity of Florida undergrad and Law School. Do not mess around with Greg or his family! I don’t particularly like Greg. Do you? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Steube
  13. Trippy Trekker

    Victor Wang: the Real Life Chinaman portrayed as Chester Ming in Wolf of Wall Street

    Leonardo DiCaprio portrays convicted Securities fraudster, Jordan Belfort, in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street“. Actor Kenneth Choi plays a character in the movie called Chester Ming, based on my friend Victor Wang. I never met Kenneth Choi. I know Victor pretty well. I met him for the first...
  14. Trippy Trekker

    Something Ain’t Right About Senator Tom Cotton

    Tom Cotton reminds me of the Unabomber. Do you remember Ted Kacznski, Mathematics prodigy, convicted murderer and author of Industrial Society and Its Future. Tom grew up on a small farm with an older sister and parents in small town Arkansas. He needed speech therapy throughout his preteen...
  15. Trippy Trekker

    #GOPMustGo New video by PAC MeidasTouch

    This new video by MeidasTouch caught my attention this morning. I hope some of you enjoy it and/or make comments.
  16. Trippy Trekker

    Bigly Right Wing Nuts choose Sarasota County

    https://www.sarasotamagazine.com/news-and-profiles/2022/03/sarasota-florida-right-wing-capital-us Sarasota County Bigly Right Wing Nut residents: Do any of these names ring a bell? Michael Flynn, Cyber Ninjas Doug Logan, Russian Agent Maria Butina’s lover Patrick Byrne, Turning Point USA...
  17. Trippy Trekker

    Some of the “less told stories” in 2021 in Florida

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/florida-man-2021-headlines In 2021, you probably heard about Rep. Matt Gaetz facing possible indictment over allegations of cavorting with a minor. You probably read about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis opening up Florida for business in spite of Covid. You definitely...
  18. Trippy Trekker

    Murphy (D), Declared Winner in NJ 2021 Governor Race

    Phil Murphy (D) declared winner, reelected in New Jersey 2021 Governor Race. Can we expect to hear his opponent, Jack Ciattarelli (R), graciously concede? Congratulations to Team Murphy!
  19. Trippy Trekker

    Shoutout to Some of Our 5-Year DP Members

    Shoutout to @lurchadams - Bruh’, you hit the 5-Year Mark a few days ago! You joined 10/30/16; I joined 10/26/16. No way, no how can I keep up with your posting pace (you26,500+; me8450-) or high reaction score (you49.42+%; me35.70%). I feel connected to you! Thank you for sticking around through...
  20. Trippy Trekker

    Jason Aldean’s Back In The Saddle 2021 Tour

    The Tour ran from August 5th to October 30th, 35 nights in 34 cities: Virginia Beach, Holmdel NJ, Wandagh NY, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, Atlanta, Orange Beach AL, Rogers ARK, Dallas, Houston, Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Mountain View CA, Irvine CA...
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