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  1. Channe79

    How the republicans can win in 2024.

    The GOP will control the House for the next two years. This will hamper a lot of Biden's agenda. That buys the GOP two years of time to get their crap together, reasses their goals, and actually become a viable party that will appeal to young voters and non-Whites. Here's how they can. Step...
  2. Channe79

    “If they’re Black it’s a gang. If Italian, the mob. If Jews, it’s a coincidence.” - Dave Chappelle

    What do you guys think about Dave saying this during his now viral SNL opening ? It was in regards to Kanye’s statement that Jews do run the American media and culture.
  3. Channe79

    DeSantis is a neocon, not a nationalist. Wake up.

    DeSantis is not a “more articulate Trump.” He is a neocon like Bush. If you are bailing on Trump, that’s fine - BUT DeSantis hasn’t proven he is a nationalist. He is a self described bread and butter Republican, a zionist, and an establishment player who is loved by the very neocons who...
  4. Channe79

    The Pagan roots of Judaism. Facts > your feelings.

    Judaism is nothing but a creation of disenfranchised Canaanites who blended their faith with nearby ones to create the foundation of the faith. The Torah has literally borrowed lines and myths from early Canaan theology. The Torah even invokes a couple of Canaanite gods. Wake up, people. All...
  5. Channe79

    Votes from counties with big cities should count for less !

    When you look at the-county vote, Trump won 2547 counties and Biden won only 509. The reason Biden won the election was because the big cities voted in huge waves for Biden. And whoever gets the most votes gets the State. But is this really fair ? Let's look at a state like Illinois. The end...
  6. Channe79

    My fellow MAGA supporters should embrace Single Payer, here's why.

    My fellow MAGA, I've worked for a major hospital system for 14 years and I fully support the idea of Single Payer in America, and so should you. If we in MAGA believe in responsibility, today's health care insurance system is an utter failure. I have seen with my own eyes how corrupt and...
  7. Channe79

    * Breaking: Rishi Sunak set to be UK’s next prime minister.

    Rishi Sunak was the only person formally nominated to become the Conservative leader, meaning the planned week-long contest no longer needed to continue. Instead, Sunak will spend Monday preparing to take over at Downing Street...
  8. Channe79

    Voting should be one day and in person, here's why:

    It would give a true picture of where the nation is on one particular day and in unison. Early voting ensures people make a decision before new information is presented. Voting by mail is suspect because of the logistics - this applies to both parties. If you're away on vacation or business on...
  9. Channe79

    What's the negative if America ended all financial aid to every nation and organization ?

    The WHO, UN, NATO, etc ... get billions from the US every year. The following nations get billions annually from the US as well. Israel ($3.2 billion) Jordan ($1.72 billion) Egypt ($1.46 billion) Iraq ($960 million) Ethiopia ($922 million) Yemen ($809 million) Colombia ($800 million) Nigeria...
  10. Channe79

    Zelensky's approval rating among Ukrainians went from 73% to 22% in two years.

    So Zelensky won the presidency in 2019 with 73% of the vote, but just two years later only 21.8% of the population said they would re-elect him. Everything about Zelensky's rise to power is suspicious. He refused to do interviews with journalists after announcing his candidacy, most of his...
  11. Channe79

    37% of Independent Are Open to Supporting Election Deniers ! (poll)

    1/3 of Independents are willing to vote for election denying Republicans. In a New York Times/Siena poll released Tuesday, 37% of independent voters said they were “somewhat” or “very” open to backing an election denier. I'm one of them. Biden won but I have no issues with voting for...
  12. Channe79

    Trump is 100% right about Jewish and Hindu leftists in America !

    Trump recently said leftist Jews in the US are at odds with Jews in Israel who have high opinions of him. He also hinted at the fact Jews in the US, despite voting left, seem to have no issues with Israel having a strong border and a sense of ethnic nationalism. Trump also spoke similarly of...
  13. Channe79

    The world was safer under Trump - there's no denying this.

    Ask the people of Afghanistan, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Armenia if they're happy Biden is president. Under Trump, the world was stable and our enemies feared and didn't act on their ambitions. Under Biden, we've become an unstable world and America has turned into a pathetic joke. Biden and his...
  14. Channe79

    Major case on race-based college admissions is going to Supreme Court next month !

    Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College Oral argument scheduled: October 11, 2022 Issue at hand: Issue: Whether the Supreme Court should overrule Grutter v. Bollinger and hold that institutions of higher education cannot use race as a factor in admissions...
  15. Channe79

    Honest question: Michelle Obama is a woman. BUT where is Michael from the photo now ?

    There are photos of Michelle Obama as a kid. The idea she's a trans woman named Michael LaVon Robinson is wrong and disrespectful. My question is - WHERE IS THIS MICHAEL GUY NOW FROM THE PHOTOS ?! He should just come out in public so this stupid right wing rumor can be put to rest.
  16. Channe79

    The UN needs to be defunded !

    Putin is gonna annex four major sections of Ukraine.. Bush illegally invaded Iraq in 2003. There are dozens of conflicts going on that the UN "doesn't approve of." The UN is a clownish joke. Nation states will do what's in their best interest. We need to stop funding the UN and let it die.
  17. Channe79

    The famous Turkish UFO footage has been debunked .....

    Turns out what the world thought was one of the best pieces of UFO and alien footage around ..... was basically the camera lens being stretched and contrasted in the outer rim, and overlapping the frame ..... All credit to Gilles Fernandez and others.
  18. Channe79

    I have decided to move away from Trump .....

    The last few weeks have seen Trump choosing q-anon over the majority of his voters. This is not a winnable strategy because q-anon are paranoid conspiracy theorists. Trump has also been very foolish not to concede 2020 was a legitimate loss for him. The collusion between the dnc and media is the...
  19. Channe79

    Sweden's PM concedes election defeat to right and far right parties.

    The leader of Sweden’s incumbent Social Democrats conceded defeat in the country’s knife-edge election on Wednesday, handing victory to a loose bloc of rightwing parties that includes the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD). “Now the work begins to make Sweden good again.” - SD Leader Jimmie...
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