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    Both parties in danger of splitting apart?

    The Bernie insurgency is highlighting some differences among Democrats, for sure. But probably the Republicans are closer to such a split - echoing the split back when the Whigs became two parties: Republicans; KnowNothings. The issue in both cases is a populist movement. Brought on by the...
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    Romney Third Party Candidacy??

    Mitt Romney met privately with William Kristol to discuss third-party candidate - CNNPolitics.com One can only assume that such a run, by a widely-recognized main-stream Republican, would split the R vote. Thus assuring Trump of a loss, and Hillary of a victory. I like it.
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    A different path to enacting change

    Grieving could offer a pathway out of a destructive economic system | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian A more profound way to commence.
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    Helicopter Money - is it time?

    It is my own impression that we were a bit too timid, too frugal, when we constructed our fiscal stimulus in response to the Bush Recession. It's hard to know for certain because it seems historically that recessions springing from the financial sector - as this one did - tend to be stubborn...
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    More intro - an economic diagnosis for today

    I introduced myself earlier on a 'say hi' thread... but the following is a fuller look at the background and bias/perspective I bring to the group -- An Economist Pontificates. A friend offers the following – At its best, conservatism as shown by a line of American conservatives from George...
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    New Member - economics background

    I'm trying this forum for the first time. I come looking for informed debate on economics, politics, religion, and current events. My undergraduate work was in general economics. Graduate work in economic development and economic history. Liberal leaning, but coming from a rural, redneck...
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