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    I need some online advice: My autism/ADHD is starting to get on my last nerves

    It's been a whole year or two since I last posted on this website. Anyway, I came on here because I need some advice. Please don't go "Google is your friend" or "use Yahoo! Answers" because Google is not always reliable and Yahoo! Answers is dead. As you see, I am diagnosed with Austism, ADHD...
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    Should Obama visit New Zealand?

    Obama eyes New Zealand trip It appears that Barack Obama is about to plan a visit to New Zealand soon and I think the New Zealanders will be in for a little treat once that trips comes to mind. oh, did i mention that Key is Obama's golf buddy?
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    Are me and my classmate cousins?

    I got a serious question: Yesterday, three of my teachers (one is a guidance counselor) visited me at my house to do a pre-graduation ceremony (because my mom has four-state cancer). My two aunts was there. Here is thing, though: for 19 years, I thought I always had one aunt. a few weeks ago...
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    What do you think of the Russian Constitution?

    What do you think of the Russian Constitution? The Constitution of the Russian Federation Just curious link to Constitution
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    How would you change Canada's Constitution?

    How, in yor opinion, would you change Canada's Constitution? If I had the opportunity to change Canada's Constitution, here how Canada's government would run: -Canada would have a President and a Prime Minister. The President would be appointed directly by the people and will have a two...
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    help! principal might call the police on me!

    Help! In the past school year, I've posted a tweet that said Somebody buttrape toyette' and my principal just found out about it today and he's threatening to call the police on me...
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    Biden in 2016?[W:99]

    Do you like the idea of Biden running for President in 2016? Why or why not?
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    Why is the Vice President of the United States elected?

    I just got a curious question. Why is the Vice President of the United States elected? Why can't the Presidential Nominee just select his vice president and have him approved by the United States Senate? The President still wouldn't be able to fire him, but it will ensure that the presidential...
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    Question about the 25th amendment

    I got a curious question regarding the 25th amendment. Let's say the President died of cancer and that the Vice President would have to take over the Presidency. Does he legally required to take over the presidency? What would happen if he doesn't?
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    What grade would you give Obama?

    What grade would you give Obama? Just curiously asking.
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    Would Joe Biden do a good job as Acting President?

    Let's say Obama suffered from a stroke and could not carry out his duties for Friday. Would Joe Biden do a good job as Acting President? Also, what would Biden do as acting president?
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    Do you believe that the Senate Confirmation Process is broken?

    Yes and no.
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    What factors should the president consider when choosing cabinet members?

    Because basically of how of our President could choose cabinet members, they could: -choose someone with no experience in their selected department -choose someone despite their age (technically, the president can choose a 16 year old high school dropout despite their young age) -choose someone...
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    The problems with food pantries....

    I am very stressd and unhappy with the services me and my mom is receiving. Because we are in a deep situation (little to no food in the house, going to Mcdonald's to get free food is getting difficult as the year passes, constantly having to call a relativ to bring me food, on the edge of going...
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    Why is it that....

    In most TV shows, it's ALWAYS the antagonist or a badly-treated character that gets in trouble, unlucky, bad treatment, and/or bad luck. Yet, the good, popular, and well-treated characters are lucky, gets treated fairly, and gets little to no pain. I find it even more funny how 'sweet'...
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    What do you think of this video?

    nevermind close this thread
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    Those of you who saw my blah thread

    Those of you who saw my recent thread, I want to apologize as that was made by mistake. I was testing something and I thought I had cancelled the entire thread. I never realized that it would still post the thread if I close the browser or change web pages. This is the thread that I...
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    Why cant store these days do any sort of loans?

    Why can't someone walk into a store, get something, and then offer to pay it a later time? Title for Reference
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