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  1. faithful_servant

    After Inquiry, Dennis Richardson Says He Won't Accept a Security Detail

    After Inquiry, Dennis Richardson Says He Won't Accept a Security Detail | Jefferson Public Radio Some excerpts from the article: One of the few "good guys" in Oregon politics.
  2. faithful_servant

    Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart sued for refusing to sell ammo to Oregon man, 20

    Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart sued for refusing to sell ammo to Oregon man, 20 | OregonLive.com So do we support or fight discrimination??
  3. faithful_servant

    Whats worse - school shooter or neo-Nazi?

    Which do you think is worse - a school shooter or neo-Nazi? Use the impact they each have on our society as your standard.
  4. faithful_servant

    Condoleeza Rice for President?

    Who here thinks that Condoleeza Rice would make a good President?
  5. faithful_servant

    Beautiful morning

    A couple days of rain down here and snow in the mountains meant that for the first time in over month I got to see my mountains on the way to work (the rain knocked down the smoke). Freshly dressed in white and just getting the first touch of the sunrise. The next few weeks will mean driving...
  6. faithful_servant

    Do you support Antifa?

    https://www.debatepolitics.com/breaking-news-mainstream-media/294898-anarchists-storm-rally-berkeley-post1067578559.html#post1067578559 There's lots of discussion about Antifa, so let's see who supports them and who doesn't....
  7. faithful_servant

    Positive thoughts on President Trump

    With all of the unending litany of non-stop hate being spewed forth here, I thought that I'd try a little experiment. I'll be upfront about what I'm doing, just so there's no confusion about it. It's my assertion that we have certain members here who are unable to discuss the President without...
  8. faithful_servant

    Urine and feces filled balloons thrown during dueling demonstrations

    More liberal violence carried out in the name of silencing ideas they disagree with. This is what fascism looks like and it got a Dem. voter registration card in it's purse/wallet.
  9. faithful_servant

    What if Pres. Obama did wiretap Trump?

    I'm putting this in CT because as of right now it's purely theoretical: Let's say that tomorrow, absolute proof positive came out that Obama wire-tapped Trump. We're talking about physical evidence, multiple witnesses and a note saying "Wire tap Trump and send me everything. - Barack Hussein...
  10. faithful_servant

    Just pulled these beauties out of the smoker

    These are pork cushions, injected and brined for a week and then smoked for 5 hours. The best ham ever!!
  11. faithful_servant

    Its' time to start calling out the leaders on the left about the violent protests

    Just sent the following message to Sen. Ron Wyden: I'd like to suggest that we all take the time to send out a similar message to all our Democratic Governors, Senators and Representatives and see if they will take a stand against the violence.
  12. faithful_servant

    Trump is gong to destroy America and bring global anarchy!!!!!

    Some Voiced Concern About the Soda on President Trump'''s Desk -- America Responded with a Trip Down Memory Lane He put a glass of pop on the Resolute desk!!! Pres. Trump has no respect for America!!!
  13. faithful_servant

    A respectful welcome to Pres. Trump

    Keep it respectful, folks.... Welcome to the Presidency, Pres. Trump. I hope that your term of service serves our country well.
  14. faithful_servant

    A resepectful farewell to Pres. Obama

    Keep it RESPECTFUL, folks... Thank you Mr. President for your 8 years of service to this country.
  15. faithful_servant

    Trump Presidency claims...

    Post all your claims of what you think that the Trump Presidency will accomplish. Then (if we remember to) in 2-3 years, we can all look back and see which ones have happened and which ones haven't. Let's put together a repository of everything we ALL think is going to happen. Without comment...
  16. faithful_servant

    Inauguration Day riots

    It's pretty much guaranteed that there will be riots on Inauguration Day. Personally, I think that they could be substantially minimized if the current Dem. leadership and Hillary Clinton took a stand in opposition to the rioting. If they would simply go to the press with a public request to...
  17. faithful_servant

    Hacking issue

    Can someone explain to me why this is suddenly getting laid at Trump's feet?? The standards of not allowing gov't officials to set up their own email servers is predicated on preventing this kind of thing from happening. Whether it was the Russians, Anonymous, or Bob in Wagontire, OR who...
  18. faithful_servant

    Safety pins

    I keep hearing that wearing safety pins is one way that the left is protesting Trump. Good for them, but I think that those of us one the other side of the fence need our own pin. My suggestion: A small five petaled yellow flower. Let's see who gets it....
  19. faithful_servant

    Sheriff Clarke Just Got Some Amazing News from President-Elect Donald Trump

    Sheriff Clarke Just Got Some Amazing News from President-Elect Donald Trump A great choice if this is accurate.
  20. faithful_servant

    Where are the Dem. leaders??

    Where are the leaders among the Democrats when it comes to these riots/violent protests?? Why aren't they stepping up and loudly and publicly denouncing this stuff?? These protests are being done in part as a form of support for them, so if they don't support these kind of actions, then why...
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