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  1. Poor Debater

    "BOMBSHELL" BUSTED! So-called "whistleblower" admits: NO DATA FRAUD

    Well that was fast. Last Sunday, the so-called newspaper Daily Mail on Sunday wrote a breathless article claiming that "manipulated global warming data" had duped world leaders at last year's Paris climate change summit. The article was written by serial climate disinformation specialist David...
  2. Poor Debater

    Yet another way to tell that humans are causing climate change

    It's been done statistically. It's been done empirically. It's been done theoretically. And now, further proof that climate change is being caused by us, in another new way: Information theory. Stipps et al. On the causal structure between CO2 and global temperature. Scientific Reports 6...
  3. Poor Debater

    Sea levels rising at fastest rate in 28 centuries.

    A new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences confirms that global sea levels are rising faster today than any time during the last 28 centuries, and that human-caused climate change is responsible for at least half of that rise.
  4. Poor Debater

    Truthsquadding Ted Cruz

    Gotta love this:
  5. Poor Debater

    China plans 110 nuclear reactors by 2030

    A report from Global Times says that China plans to have 110 nuclear reactors operational by 2030. That would give China more nuclear power than any other nation, surpassing the US with 99 operational reactors. China currently has 27 operational reactors, with another 25 under construction. To...
  6. Poor Debater

    Exxon proves climate models are right

    Pulitzer prize-winning Inside Climate News has been publishing a string of articles this week (in conjunction with PBS's Frontline) on the work of scientists at Exxon to understand and predict the effect of CO2 on climate, back in the 1970s and early 1980s. Using both public sources and internal...
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