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    Quail egg breakfast

    We raise quail for eggs and meat. Decided to try making something I seen on a food show. Took a mini muffin tray and lined a dozen of the pockets with prosciutto (like a cupcake paper), cracked and put raw quail egg in each pocket, then I did 6 with a fresh piece of basil topped with a thin...
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    New bratwurst

    So, my wife and I being home brewers, I do the beer, and she does hard cider, hard lemonade, and hard rootbeer, changed up our brat recipe. Aside from the spice bill, I usually put two classes of whatever homebrew is on tap at that moment into the 15# batch. Last night we substituted the beer...
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    And you want to feel the bern?

    Not really a resume I would consider, but if your bar is low. Blog: Bernie Sanders before political office
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    I need a bit of advice from a trucker.

    I am pondering the thought of purchasing a dry van (trailer only) somewhere in the 42' length. I see some pretty good deals on Craigslist. I need something that could make four round trips from so cal to southern idaho. I'm looking for mechanical advice but mostly looking for advice...
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    Hello everyone!

    Just wanting to wish everyone a good Easter. I've been a visitor on this site and finally decided to join. I'm looking forward to taking part in the discussions.
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