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  1. Howler63

    Are they in collusion? Are the Clinton's using Trump? Or is Trump an idiot?

    I am not a man given to wild speculation. I am firmly planted in reality with a healthy level of cynicism in the tank. However, after these past few months, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Trump campaign is either a Trojan horse meant to hand the election to Hillary on a silver platter...
  2. Howler63

    Ok, I was WRONG.

    I posted earlier today that 1200 deaths last year from police shootings was horrendous and that is represents a bigger problem of police militarization. I was wrong. The numbers do NOT bear that out. http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cpp08.pdf According to the Justice department, there were...
  3. Howler63

    US gives Iraq $2.7B credit to buy military equipment

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/us-gives-iraq-27b-credit-to-buy-military-equipment/2016/06/29/cbe64044-3e02-11e6-9e16-4cf01a41decb_story.html#comments Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea? Are we not yet done screwing the ME up? I mean, for the love of the...
  4. Howler63

    Why permit refugees into your country?

    I don't understand the rush by certain people in Western civilizations to permit refugees to enter their country on permanent basis. It appears to me the net effect is a drain on social services, a rift in community cohesion and the transplantation of foreign culture inside ones own borders...
  5. Howler63

    White House Demands Protection For Unborn Children After Celebrating Supreme Court...

    ... Ruling On Abortion White House Demands Protection For Unborn Children After Celebrating Supreme Court Ruling On Abortion - Breitbart You can't make this stuff up folks... First he says this: Then he says this: Same freaking news conference. I mean Jesus...pick a side and stick to it...
  6. Howler63

    Are mass shootings and higher gun deaths an acceptable part of a free society?

    We live in a country in which we are guaranteed the right to bear arms in order to defend ourselves and our property. In order to maintain that right we sometimes must deal with mass shootings. Are these shootings a necessary part, or an inevitable side effect of that right?
  7. Howler63

    Do victims bear any responsibility for sexual assault if they are 'blackout' drunk?

    This is not about 'victim shaming' but rather about responsibility for one's own safety. Are you responsible to keep yourself OUT of such situations?
  8. Howler63

    I am so looking forward to November and December.

    I'm very anxious about two things...what do the Trumpsters say when he loses and what physical condition Hillary is in when she's inaugurated. Neither will be good I predict. I think the sites like Breitbart and InfoWars will come unglued and all the angry, so very angry, Trump supporters who...
  9. Howler63

    I'll give a nod of approval to President Obama.

    I had claimed earlier that he would apologize to Japan for the A-Bombs, but he did no such thing. He was a perfect statesman today without being a toady of the politically correct contingent. Sympathy for victims but no apology as Obama makes historic Hiroshima visit He expressed sympathy...
  10. Howler63

    Ivanka Trump's scarves, made in China, had to be recalled.

    Seems they were a burn risk. Ivanka Trump scarves recalled over 'burn risk' - Apr. 7, 2016 Wait, they were made where? China? The same place that Donald Trump's 'Signature Collection' suits are made? Oh, say it isn't so Donald.
  11. Howler63

    What if we held a GOP Convention and nobody came?

    In addition to the Bush's, Mitt Romney and John McCain refusing to attend the Convention is July, Paul Ryan is declaing that he can't support Trump *at this time* either. Paul Ryan: 'I'm just not ready' to back Donald Trump - CNNPolitics.com Is it possible that we have a GOP convention with NO...
  12. Howler63

    Anyone know who Trumps new 'Finance Chairman" is? George Soros does.

    Trump Names Steven Mnuchin As Finance Chairman | The Daily Caller Meet the new 'boss'...same as the old 'boss'.
  13. Howler63

    Where is the 'intelligence' in the CIA?

    According to the NY Times today the CIA is aiding the arming of Syrian rebels. What a great idea. After all, it worked so well for us in Afghanistan didn't it? What could we possibly have to gain from these shenanigans? Is the American need to export 'democracy' so great that we would...
  14. Howler63

    Hello Everyone.

    I've been lurking here for a while now, and I like the robust debate you guys have going on. As a refugee from the old Slate boards, I've been looking for a new place to call home. I'm an Independent who leans right on fiscal issues, left on social issues, and Libertarian on foreign policy...
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