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    Concealed carriers double in 4 years

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/americans-guns-carrying-doubled-study 22 states now do not even require permits to conceal. 6 million now carry daily, millions more regularly but not daily. Lots of stories lately of peeps being killed by good guy. Awesome.
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    Modular nuclear

    I think this will be the future once people get past their irrational fears.
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    This gives me some hope

    Great Ted talk from a former wind and solar advocate who lays out the reasons why its a loser to nuclear. Its a no Brainer when all the issues are factored in.
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    Fascinating talk with jordon peterson

    Ita about global trends. And it cuts against many liberal narratives. It's not for everyone. It's long. But if you are interested and think you can challenge any of this. I would like to hear it.
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    So if Desantis wins the primary

    Voter turn out will be down. The trump rednecks will go fishing gon election day. And redneck females will play with the kids at the trailer park. But a good number of beta males will get their hair done on election day as well. And a number of histerical females will go to relief therapy...
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    Go desantis!!!

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/conservatives-cringe-trump-attacks-desantis I think this could be the biggest mistake trump has made politically. He will never losse his base, but those who tolerate trumps personality for the sake of his policies are being more and more pushed away by his...
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    Early predictions

    Yes I know. It's way too early. Trump wins the nomination. I think this is a given if he runs and the field is divided. Only in a case where desantis alone challenges him could he possibly loose. But if others jump into the Frey and take votes from desantis trump wins. In the general...
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    Trump is such an ahole.

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/donald-trump-ron-desantis-rally He just gave dedantis a childish nickname. He reminds me of professional wrestling where they put on a show of hating each other to draw the crouds. It's one thing to call Jeb bush low energy. That is not going too far or too...
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    The electoral college

    We all k ow that if political winds shift as they often do, and Republicans eere to gain a strong natio al general popularity advantage in coming years, the left will utterly flip flop on this issue. This is politics after all.
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    A little ironic

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/wind-farm-germany-coal-mine Tearing down a wind farm in Germany to make room for a coal mine. Good idea?
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    Something seems fishy about the pelosi breakin.

    How in the world does the 3rd in line to leader of the free world not have better security? Or could it be they knew each other? He says he is a friend and knows his name on the 911 call. And if no surveillance video surfaces, it smells like a cover up. We will see. Ultra rich...
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    Pelosi break in was crazy far leftist lol

    https://www.theblaze.com/paul-pelosi-hammer-attack-david-depape-update A nudist, pot smoking green party voter. But hey, I am sure right wing rhetoric set him off lol.
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    Your vote doesnt matter.

    This is a mathematical reality except for incredibly rare exceptions. The odds are millions to 1 that you sitting home on election day make any difference at all to the outcome of elections, with the exception of the local dog catcher election, in Which case the odds drop to thousands to 1...
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    Obama speaks: criticizes dems

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/obama-democrats-winning-elections-2022-midterms Says dems focus too much on identity politics. What a hypocrite. And he is just saying that cause they are down. If they were up in the polls he would be sporting the same nonsense they are.
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    Abortion issue no helping dems

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/poll-democrats-abortion-obsession-not-a-top-issue-for-most-voters-now-turning-to-republicans-over-economic-woes I think i dependents are ambivalent on the issue. Inflation will move them.
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    Woke hypocricy

    So biological males still have to register for the draft even if identifying as female. But not vice versa. Where is the liberal outrage on this? Where is the woke mob with pitchforks going after hate mongering bigot Joe Biden for persecuting transgenders?
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    Musk Twitter predictions

    I suspect he made a bad deal. We will see. But, we all know this could have political repercussions. Not having Twitter back the dems could potentially swing close elections. That is undoubtedly the hope of the right and fear of the left.
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    Rank disgusting abuse of power

    FBI raids man's home with 15 to 20 agents pointing guns with shields and the whole works. Why? Someone at an abortion clinic got in his 12 year old on's face and he shoved him. The man's lawyer already told police he would come in if they decided to arrest him. The local police had already...
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    Carlson nails it

    Ok I did not agree with everything, but he makes a lot of very valid points to here. I know he is evil incarnate to a lot of DP, but if you are honest you have to admit he has some points here. He goes over the misplaced priorities about the Ukraine war and how Europe is going to feel some...
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    More left hypocrisy

    Trashing desantis for what their side has been doing without a Peep. Chicago mayor has bussed illegals out of her city and not a word is said. Bide. Has shipped illegals to unprepared rural areas without resources to care for them. Not. Peep...
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