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  1. Crakhobarbie

    With Musk at the helm... New names for Twitter....

    Now that Elon controls Twitter, perhaps a shiny new name is in order.. https://www.newsweek.com/new-name-elon-musk-twitter-people-have-suggestion-1756773
  2. Crakhobarbie

    Bill Burr gives intelligent well thought out response to right wing Jethro.

    I've always loved Bill Burr. And this clip confirms that my thoughts about him are justified.
  3. Crakhobarbie

    Attorneys for duped migrants call for charges to be filed

    Attorneys for the duped migrants illegally flown to Martha's vineyard are calling for charges to be levelled against DeSantis and those involved in the political stunt. Here's hoping Justice is served against all those involved...
  4. Crakhobarbie

    MTG says global warming is good because "people die when it gets cold".

    MTG and Boebert have to be the stupidist people to ever grace the Halls of Congress. This week, Dear Marjorie claimed that global warming is good because "people die when it gets to cold". I guess she's unaware that people die when it gets to hot as well. I do love how she is falling into the...
  5. Crakhobarbie

    Trump, once again, demands to be reinstated

    It's amazing. Yesterday Donald Trump insisted that he be reinstated immediately as POTUS or a special election be held. This act of idiocy proves without a doubt, that he is actually as disconnected from reality as his followers. He, of all people, should by now know that there is absolutely no...
  6. Crakhobarbie

    Over 1/3 of info shared by GOP candidates is misinformation.

    Researchers have found that more than one-third of Republican candidates' online communications this election cycle contained some form of misinformation, intensifying questions about politicians' role in perpetuating inaccurate or sometimes false narratives in the national political discourse...
  7. Crakhobarbie

    Legally armed woman kills man with AR15 who opened fire on party

    A legally armed woman with a concealed carry weapon successfully shot and killed a man who had opened fire with an AR15 at a party she was attending. Thank goodness she was there and had the wherewithal and skill to remove the threat. I was an avid target shooter and reloader for over 40 years...
  8. Crakhobarbie

    Trump dances after mispronouncing names of dead kids

    MAGA cult leader Donald Trump proves, once again, what a total piece of dog excrement he is. "The 75-year-old recited the names of the 21 Texas mass shooting victims at the NRA but stumbled at a few places that did not go down well with the social media users. Each name was interspersed with...
  9. Crakhobarbie

    Marjorie Taylor Greene wins Georgia primary

    MTG has won the Georgia primary with 70% of the votes. Im left speechless. How f**king stupid is America? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/rep-marjorie-taylor-greene-wins-georgia-primary
  10. Crakhobarbie

    [W: #66] Mayor Pete lays out the truth about Republicans

    I'm starting to absolutely adore Mayor Pete. In an incredibly insightful speech, he lays down his sage condemnation of the conservative mindset. It's beautifully crafted. Well said Mayor Pete. https://www.comicsands.com/buttigieg-why-republicans-attack-lgbtq-2657287726.html
  11. Crakhobarbie

    Mayor Pete truth telling

    I'm very impressed with Pete here and agree with him 100%.
  12. Crakhobarbie

    DeSantis stupidly bit off more "anti-Gay" than he can chew.

    Looks like DeSantis didn't go over the fine print before he stupidly retaliated against Disney for speaking against the so called "don't say gay" bill. By law, Florida cannot end it's contract with Disney until it fulfills the terms of any agreements made with Disney. According to the The Reedy...
  13. Crakhobarbie

    MTG endorses insurrection, then lies about it today.

    Congresswoman Greene endorsed coming to Washington DC on Jan. 6th and "not allowing the transfer of power peacefully". She has most assuredly put her foot, heel and all, firmly into her own mouth here. She is proof positive that MAGA is a dangerous cult and she must not be allowed to run for...
  14. Crakhobarbie

    Biden administration sued over Cannabis and Guns

    Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, plans to sue the Biden administration Wednesday to try to block a federal rule that prohibits medical marijuana users from buying guns or maintaining concealed-carry permits. "The lawsuit targets a federal form that asks whether the gun buyer is an...
  15. Crakhobarbie

    Belief in Trump's big lie a "tribal pose"

    "Some 35 percent of Americans—including 68 percent of Republicans—believe the Big Lie, pushed relentlessly by former President Donald Trump and amplified by conservative media, that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. They think that Trump was the true victor and that he should still be...
  16. Crakhobarbie

    Looks like Ralph's has been gouging me.

    I had my suspicions. Since we shop all over I'd seen how the Kroger Family stores had much higher pricing on certain staple items we use. For example, the type of water we buy had gone from $.99 per gallon to $1.30 per gallon, yet I can still buy it for $.99 at Target and Smart & Final. And now...
  17. Crakhobarbie

    Irish MEP gives her opinion on Ukrainian/Russian sanctions

  18. Crakhobarbie

    Pro Choice Trump in 1999

    A video of Donald in 1999 is making the rounds where he, very adamantly, declares he's pro Choice. I'm wondering what the MAGA morons will make of this. https://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/trump-in-1999-i-am-very-pro-choice-480297539914
  19. Crakhobarbie

    Democrat majority Congress passes Cannabis decriminalization bill. Will GOP Senate block?

    The Democrat majority Congress just passed a bill to decriminalize Marijuana. Will the Republican majority senate block it? After all, right now, the Republicans aren't supporting anything the Democrats are supporting...
  20. Crakhobarbie

    MTG inserts foot in mouth..... Again.

    Marjorie feels threatened by trans-women. She tweeted: “As a woman, I feel threatened because biological men are aggressively replacing women,” Taylor Greene wrote on Twitter. “All of my life, as an American women, I’ve been equal in every place to men, but not anymore.” Does this mean Marjorie...
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